Doctors face huge bill for exam tactic

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    Doctors face huge bill for exam tactic
    Jill Stark | January 28, 2008, Brisbane Time
    OVERSEAS-TRAINED doctors who circulate answers to Australian medical exams face legal action and costs of up to $300,000.
    The Australian Medical Council issued the warning after two overseas-trained doctors were caught posting answers on an Indian exam preparation website. Foreign physicians must pass the multiple-choice test to gain registration to practise in Australia.
    The chief executive of the council, Ian Frank, said the two doctors escaped with a warning because they did not realise it was a serious offence. Anyone caught cheating in future would face penalties including being barred from sitting for further exams and being reported to state and territory medical boards.
    "This is serious. It is breach of copyright and if we catch people doing this we will take legal action," Mr Frank said. "They could be charged and they could have their candidature terminated, which means they can't proceed to registration."
    Mr Frank said it cost the council about $3000 to plan and research each exam question. "There are 100 questions, so that's about $300,000 and we will pursue that and recover the cost of those questions because it adds to the cost of the exams and therefore to the costs of the individual students who sit those exams," he said.
    The council is monitoring overseas exam preparation websites and is compiling detailed analysis of answers given by candidates in the test.
    Mr Frank said that when answers were circulated, exams had to be scrapped and new ones formulated.
    "It compromises the questions we use in the exams, but also because [those who post answers] often get it wrong when they put the answers on the websites, many people memorise the wrong material. So otherwise capable candidates are getting questions wrong because they're being prompted by a website that's got incorrect information on it."
    Medical students often club together to memorise questions from exams and use them as a study tool. The practice, often known as the "black curriculum", is not illegal but publishing or broadcasting the material is a breach of copyright.
    The Age article: page 3, Monday 28th January 2008 (The Australian Day) "News",
    "Medical authroities set to curb internet cheat sheets" by Medical
    Reporter Jill Stark
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    oh my God is this ur personal recalls?i mean. yhave taken sep exams and have passed ami right?how do u recall all these or u have inner connectins with amc :)
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    Sho oooooooooooooo! secret mate.
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    Dose anyone have the answers for them?
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    AMC and exam questions

    What is wrong with this guy, Mr Ian Frank? He is contradicting himself.

    Firstly he warned that all OVERSEAS-TRAINED doctors who circulate answers to Australian medical exams will face legal action and costs of up to $300,000.

    Later in text he said that candidates who post answers, often get it wrong when they put the answers on the websites, and many people memorise the wrong material. So otherwise capable candidates are getting questions wrong because they're being prompted by a website that's got incorrect information on it.

    What did you want to say Ian ? Are those questions good or not ?
    Obviously you have a problem to recognise them. How you can say that they are AMC property ? Do they have an AMC logo or stamp or something ? Is it all about a future increase in exam fees ?

    I think that publishing recollection papers is not illegal and does not respresent the breach of copyrights because the material published here is crude recollection although there is some similarity with the AMC exam questions. So AMC has to prove that those question are their property. Again, the question are similar but not the SAME.

    This is not breach of copyright or plagiarism.

    I think that the AMC should question own staff with the access to exam papers as they could be involved in circulating these questions, in exchange for certain rewards, eg money.

    There are many web sites on the Net, a different colleges, Universities etc and on the forums the members discussing the recollection question , expressing and sharing opinions. This is not illegal and Mr Frank's warning is absolute rubbish. He has to prove that question is exactly from the AMC Exam.

    Another issue is that those " retards" who publishing the AMC questions on the web site doing a significant damage to other candidates. Those questions anyway circulate among candidates studing in different libraries accross Australia and if you keen you can get the papers.

    Hey Ian,

    Instead of whingeing about questions you should abolish this discriminatory AMC Exam and give everyone equal opportunity through the Competent Authotrity Model so everyone can apply for job Down Under. Not only Pomms or Kiwis .
    What we've got here is double standard - one for docs from the US, UK, Canada and NZ and another for the rest of the world. However I am glad to see that NON European Union -Aussie docs are marginalised and considered now "the rest of the world" .
    Cheers Ian
    Big up yourself.
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    Dear AMC candidates,

    Do not be intimidated by AMC hollow threats about prosecution of candidates who post their recollections on this web site,
    This is nothing more than bullying.

    The AMC can monitor this web site but the server is in India not in Australia. We have to congratulate the AMC due to publicity they gave to this excellent web site. I think that AIPPG NET should be proud of AMC recommendations. Obviously the quality of questions and discussions posted on this web site causing the concern in AMC headquarters.

    Please continue to post your recollection as often as possible.
    The AMC exam is disriminatory and should be abolished.

    A few tips when you posting the recollection questions:

    1. Do not use your real name, use you nick name

    2. Use the public computer ( e.g. work , Internet cafe) when you posting questions therefore they can not trace yopur IP.

    I am sitting the AMC exam , so expect my feedback soon.

    Message for the AMC and Mr bagman, Ian Frank:

    Mr Frank,

    I am born in Jakarta, but studied medicine and dentistry in India .I came to Australia from South Africa before graduated in Brazil.
    My AMC Number is 3364XOXO and I have two legs, two arms and two eyes. Guess who am I ?
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    Having a lunch break is a sign that an exam is too long.

    I know that fewer exams makes travel time shorter for those bound to pass them all. It probably makes it longer infinite for those who could otherwise pass shorter chunks at a time.

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