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Discussion in 'PG Entrance Message Board' started by Anand dayma, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. Anand dayma

    Anand dayma Guest

    Hi everyone,
    Somedays back I had posted a forum regarding my admission in GMC Nagpur for 1st MBBS and my thought of giving a 2nd attempt for the PMT's. Thanx to all those who had posted their replies......!!
    Actually the case is such that am a kind of guy who always dreams of popularity, fame forever and a lavishing lifestyle for my future And i am just crazy about that. And I always believe in doing and achieving something exceptional ........ something different from the others.....!!!
    Now, the thing is that during my preparation I had always dreamt to get a seat in top medical colleges such as AIIMS, Seth GS ( KEM ), etc.. and I had put my whole heart in my preparation. For the whole 2 years - I did nothing except studying amd In my first attempt itself- I got the ranks as follows
    10th rank in Maharashtra In MGIMS, Wardha.
    1323 rank in CBSE AIPMT.
    ANd I am the lone student from Maharashtra who cleared CBSE entrance this year. But at this rank I was so frustrated that inspite of working so hard there was no way I could get into my dream college. So, I took admission in MGIMS ( Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences ) wardha. But then I left MGIMS ( I couldn't spend another 5 1/2 years just studying and leading a ashram life and all that stuff ) so that I could try my CBSE counselling and had a thought of taking Stanley Medical college Chennai.( ranked 17th In Bio- today magazine ) But at the day of counselling a lot of people there said me that it was not that good college. So, I decided to opt for GMC Nagpur.( I had to change my decision in last 5-10 mins ) so, i was still disheartened. I wasnt happy at all.
    But when I read your forums I was consoled a bit. And now whenever I think to leave all those thoughts behind and concentrate on my studies anyhow, I try to console myself that GMC Nagpur is a good college. But then I have another frustration that why did I leave MGIMS which was always a good college than GMC moreover I had a PG seat secured at MGIMS. So guys , I want you to help me ou of this situation. I am totally confused and frustrated. What I have achieved by studying for CBSE. And I havent yet begun my MBBS studies ( coz now whats the difference between studying and not studying when you cant get what you dream of ? ) .
    For a moment I think 2 give a 2nd attempt but then I would have that repeater tag. So, whats better- a fresher at GMC or a repeater at AIIMS or Seth GS? Neways if you guys had a choice MGIMS, GMC or stanley- what would have you opted for and why ?
    Ok tell me is it possible to achieve all those what i have always dreamt for ( as mentioned earlier ) in GMC Nagpur ? Everyoone says YES. then one thing strucks in my mind that why are those colleges then called the BEST. Why there is so craze for that ? WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A GUY GRADUATING FROM AIIMS, SETH GS and GMC NAGPUR ??
    So, to conclude please tell me what should i do in such situation and what should be my focus points in first MBBS and my future plans? What should I set out to achieve during my MBS and be a HAPPENING GUY and one of the BEST....!!

    Thanks a lot.
  2. gmc doc

    gmc doc Guest

    Hello Anand, do not think of preparing again..or spend your time musing what could or should have been... as i had told u in your earlier post i have passed from GMC ngp and incidentally i had opted for stanley ,chennai in my first counselling...but i was unable to adjust i took up gmc and spent happy 5-1/2 years there.while enjoying considerable popularity :D
    If you are interested in standing out of the crowd,,,there are ample options available at GMC..there is a Music society,Dramatics society..Sports events..inter college..inter university events..where u can shine..Be a part of the Organising commitee in annual gathering in feb or ganesh festival celebrations.when u r in third year u cud be a part of the student council..

    Study well from now itself..get your Basics right..dont go for the small guides to sail through routine part completion tests..instead read your will help you in the long run...i will only add that Knowledge is power..and nobody will stop you from being the best in any field if you put your mind to it..
    All The Best. :)
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Come back to the real world

    Dear Anand,

    Please stop thinking that you have worked so hard and yet you find that you did not get into the college you wanted. If one does not get what one dreams of even after all the hard work , then what is the use of working so not have this way of thinking...because in future in the field of medicine you will find that at every stage the returns you get for your hard work will be much less than what you expect.

    Coming to the choice of college......grow up doesnt matter where you graduate from....if you really think you have it in you to make it.
    Take one day at a time, and do your present studies well , rather than wasting time thinking of a hypothetical future and the consequent problems,

    Best of luck,

  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    There are 83 differences

    3 differences are because of the college
    80 differences are because of the guy
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    True Bruno

    That was exactly the right thing to say Bruno,

    In today's scenario where the future of doctors is very shaky and just by passing out of the best institution does not guarantee that a doctor will make it big...I think it is only the personal effort and direction which will make the difference.

  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Absolutely. Just forget about which college you could join.Just concentrate on your studies and excell in your field
  7. anand dayama

    anand dayama Guest

    83 ( 3+80) differences.......??
    can i know them , bruno ??
  8. BJMC guy

    BJMC guy Guest

    Hi anand,
    gr8 yaar...!! rarely ne1 from maharashtra clears CBSE coz in 2004 no one had cleared and in 2003 only one. Its really gr8...!!
    But what the hell was the government of maharashtra doing when it keeps shouting that its CBSE seats are being captured by out of state students. They should have given u a seat in KEM, Mumbai .....!! Anand, do one thing go staright way to the health ministry for your appeal. You may get what you want. Hope for the best......!! What do you think guys ??
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Trust me, all these people are right.
    u have been in confusion for quite some time now...
    looks like u have made a half hearted decision to stay, but ur heart's not quite in it.
    just dont let ur indecisiveness mess with your studies.
    Nagpur is a Fab place.May be not as cool as Mumbai, but I am sure with time u'll appreciate the merits of studying in GMC.
    the only problem u might face when u move to a bigger city is the change of pace. that u can overcome quite easily. Studywise u are not missing out on anything. About Extracurricular activities, thats totally in your hands.
    Do keep us posted about how you are getting along
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi anand...
    i too am a gmcite ... final yr....
    ur dilemma is quite obvious...but lemme tell u ...tat ...
    gmc is one good place 2 be in ..
    i agree aiims kem have got its share ...of goodies ...but gmc ...isnt far behind..taking into consideration the recent changes that have taken place...
    the study standard has also risen ... and as far as extra curricular activities are concerned .... i think gmc offers u a wide variety ... i myself am a member of music society cricket,badminton and swimming teams ...
    if u require any sort of help or guidance u can meet me ..............
    rm no 47 4..
    or u can call me at 9823221913
    best of luk
    vivek lall
  11. sarita

    sarita Guest

    it's reply

    HAT'S OFF to u anand; the fact that u've clear'd CBSE itself is enough to express u'r potential to u.n let me tell u that yes institution does play a role but not more than what u have to. it seems u'r livi'n a moment guy ;so just throw out the worries off u'r life n concentrate on u'r studies n just keep coooooooool to u'r heart.
    this is an aspiring doctor-sarita
  12. buddy

    buddy Guest

    GMC Nagpur

    I graduated from GMC nagpur in 1996. Things might have changed now but I doubt it. I had a terrible time in Nagpur. I dreampt of lots of things just like you, I guess it is the age and the hormones!.. and needless to say all my dreams were shattered in uncountable pieces.

    Nagpur as a city has been pretty backward, especially GMC area. I had visited the city recently and found that it is much better now.. the roads and buildings... not quite gloomy as it used to be, I guess. However, the mentality of ppl probably has not changed at all. Beware! .. of the ragging and 'culture shock' esp if you are a city kid. It would be for your own good... for studies, future career and mental health... to live outside in Dharampeth or Laxminagar or some place else and commute on a bike everyday. Yes! tell your father to buy a bike right away! VERY IMORTANT to live out of the campus and not in the hostels! NEVER! Hostel atmosphere is really shitty out there. You would find a LOT of violence in that place.... everywhere!

    Entertainment wise, some theatres were ok. There used to be one pub, 3 clubs and lot of dhabas. Girls, like the boys, are generally very backward and dating culture seems to be lacking esp when compared to some of the pvt medical colleges in south.

    Training wise, I would agree with what you said! It does not matter too much on the long run from which institute one has graduated. It is up to the person to get adequate knowledge and professional maturity. The thing is that, the chances of a PG seat are the highest at your own institution. So, in short, you are looking at spending 5&1/2 + 3-4 years at your institution unless you would be content with a GP on MBBS, which, reading about your dreams, I doubt!

    So, you have to decide for yourself.. I don't know the situation at other places you mentioned and like I said things at Nagpur might have changed but I would definitely not recommend GMC Nagpur, if you ask for my honest suggestion. But I guess, it is possible tol have a decent life and a good educational experience.. maybe meet the girl of your dreams... You just need to be prepared and aware of all the things at stake.

    It is difficult to narrate my experience of 5&1/2 years there in a single e-mail but I sincerely hope that this info helps. Please feel free to communicate with me if you wish to know more. My email is

  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    MunnaBhai MBBS

    do u know ---college does not bullshitting matter---in mumbai JJ doctors are better at private practice than KEM fellows.
    no one is goin 2 ask u which college ur from--all that matters is ur PG seat has a MCI recognition or not----do u know ---ppl from KEM/AIIMS have a harder time getting in England/UK thru PLAB

    AASHRAYA Guest

    I'm from Bombay too. Cleared cbse pmt with 2334. Not happy with rank. Scored 10 rank in WArdha (maharashtra). and 166 rank in Manipal
    I am confused help.

    AASHRAYA Guest

    how is MGIMS wardha for mbbs
  16. guest12

    guest12 Guest

    hi quais

    how is st johns in bangalore
    are u enjoying life there

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