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    What is the common examination/draping flow?

    This is what I think:

    Patient is sitting

    1. May I examine your lungs from the back? Untie gown, listen lungs.
    2. May I examine your lungs and heart from the front of your chest? I need you to lay down, OK? Pull the gown down to expose the chest. Listen it. Pull the gown up to shoulders. I don't think here we need to ask the patient to sit up just to tie the gown - if we are going to examine the abdomen next.
    3. Pull the drape down, and pull the gown up to expose the abdomen. Examine it.
    4. Pull the gown down, pull the draping up. Ask patient to sit and ONLY THEN to tie the gown.

    Please, somebody answer, do you think it's the correct order?

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