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Discussion in 'MRCP Forum' started by dubai, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. dubai

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    does anyone know the eligibility criteria for giving MRCP 1 in Dubai ?
    I read in the MRCP site that either you have to be a resident or working in that they mean foreign residents as well...I have not done my house job , is it necessary to have doen so before giving part 1?
    please help....
    thanks in advance
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Dear Dubai !!
    i may help you if you give more information regarding position,country..etc...
    Unfortunately...3 days till now one replied !!!!
  3. DUBAI

    DUBAI Guest

    Dear DR. O.A

    I hope you reconsider helping me.
    I am a foriegner residing in Dubai with resident visa.At the moment I am not practicing medicine as the hospitals in U.A.E only allow their citizen doctors to practice and as I am a female my parents dont want me to go to another country and practice.
    So I decided to give my MRCP but I dont know if they will allow me to give as I have not done a housejob and so far only 10 months have passed from my graduation.My concern is do they really want us to have doneour internship to sit the exam and do we need to be citizen of Dubai.

    Please help.

    Thanks alot in advance
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Dear dubai
    unfortunately ,i saw many many pifalls :
    1-to sit the MRCP part I; 1.5 years must have elapsed since your graduation date .this is one ..and you did not pass this period .
    2-Dubai and abu Dabi centers ONLY accpet doctors who are working there..and you are not ..
    3-your only chance will be to register DIRECTLY in one of the 3 royal colleges in UK...Remember the VISA always !!! difficult to obtain.
    4-to you ..honestly..without practicing medicine and training at any place..entering the MRCP examination will be totaly useless .
    5- I would suggest looking for a job first and see the medicine in reality ..and when passing the 1.5 year period required for the MRCP ..then apply.
    I dont know a have a feeling that u r an Iraqi citizen living there..
    any how ,GOOD LUCK and dont hesitate to contact me for any help.
  5. Dubai

    Dubai Guest


    Thanks for the quick reply and for your cooperation.
  6. Guest

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    any time.
  7. Guest

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    i am working as an sho in paeds in uk..1 month of experience,jus hoping to workin dubai,if you could please guide me what exams i need to give,and how can i go about it ,i have full gmc registration,but i am on a work permit in uk
  8. Guest

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    hello, wanted to know... if i clear MRCP part one and get settled in UAE.. how difficult is it to get into their system? can i get an 18mo training wth sum supervisor easily in uaE?
  9. dr.baig

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    please guide me,i have done 9months of house job.i have cleared plab1 and planning to give plab2 also..i want to settle in dubai or abudhabi as my husband is working there..i dont know if giving plab2 would b of any help or do think i should give mrcp instead..???how are the residency programs in uae??plz guide me asap

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