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Discussion in 'Residency Matching' started by Abu George, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Abu George

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    Dear colleagues....

    I have graduated in December 2004, passed the PLAB and as you may be aware they changed the rules in the UK and it has become very difficult indeed (if not impossible) for an IMG to find a training program in the UK..

    Therfore I have decided to take the USMLE! BUT before starting the process I would really want to know one thing because I can't afford another fiasco (if it happened it'd be the end of my career)...

    Since I have never been to the US and I don't have any postgraduate clinical experience ...

    What are my chances of getting a residency program if I score high marks bearing in mind that I would need another two years of full time studying to do that.

    Just for the sake of argument if someone scored 99/99 but he/she has nothing else on the CV would it be possible to find a training program in the US?.....or I'd rather say, is it guaranteed?


    Thank you guys
  2. Abu George

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    Thank you very much mate ..that was helpful.

    So you're thought is, high marks don't guarantee a match...right?

    Because it would be really disheartening to study when you know that even if you score the highest possible mark, you're not guaranteed a proper training.

    My idea about the usmle was that marks carry the heaviest weight as regards shortlisting, maybe it is not the case anymore...

    I'll see what I can do..

    Anyway, thanks a lot for your input, I really appreciate you help.

    All the best
  3. SIP

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    Marks are not every thing. what matters is your attitude. Unfortunately in our INDIAN system of education which is based soley on memory and marks we being in medical education are of the staunchest believers in marks.

    I realise that there are people who made it in to residency inspite of decent marks and those with great marks could not get in.

    The truth is that your personality is assesed during interview and if you have great marks then it will complement better.

    They are looking how good can this person work in a given situation. How will he deal with other people. How good are his interpersonal communication skills.

    Good marks definitely are important but other things on your CV like research, audits, recco letters are equally important.

    These are very important if you ask me.


  4. USMLE

    i have been thru the correspondence regrding USMLE. Wud it possible to enlighten and advise me in my present position?
    I am a practising ENT surgeon in Delhi, India after having completed my Masters in ENT in 1998.
    Is it possible if i take and clear MLE, for me to work in my speciality?
    what are the options for it ? I mean is there a facility of Paid fellowships in ENT and head neck surgery so that i can sustain myself while being there and get some refinements in my skills?
    Or do I have to do residency again in ENT ?
    How practical is it to get ENT residency there?
    I am single and am in a position to take this step.
    I would invite an honest information. Is there any other avenue which I may not be aware of that can get me there in my speciality?
    Dr. sangeet Poddar
  5. Hello All,
    I am seeing a trend in the residency interviews:
    All interviewers invariable bring up the topic of poor English.
    For better interview skills, e-mail clemson29j@yahoo.com. I coach for interviews over the phone and in person. :)
  6. Sorry about the typo: invariable should be invariably!
  7. fragile

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    It is compulsory to finish the MS degree in US or one can apply for Residency and drop the course in between??

    I am on F1 so please advice on that....
  8. USMLE help!

    USMLE help! Guest

    residency and then?

    hi all,
    i wanted to know what happens after residency ..i mean after i get into residency in the speciality i want how long will i be a resident ..whats a postgraduation called in US?is it like in india? MD or Ms?(orMRCP \MRCS) when would one be a consultant in US..and if i come back to india when that should be ? is it after residency? and will that be equivalent to a postgraduation? ..please help me ..
  9. Guest

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    I don't think that anyone would feel comfortable telling you that residency is gauranteed even if you receive the highest of scores. With that said, it is hard for anyone to be that confident that far in advance that they would get those kind of scores. If you are nervous about being in another disheartening situation, I would suggest taking a more secure route. Best of luck!

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