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    1 achondroplasia is not associated with mental retardation"march 97 q4"
    2 severe pregnancy induced hypertension is characteristically associated with:hypernatraemia"march 97 q34"
    3 cerebral palsy may only be attributed to intrapartum events if:the neonate exhibits signs of moderate or severe ischaemic encephalopathy with hypoxic injury to other organs "march 97 q 50"
    4 an increased risk of fetal malformation is associated with:smoking 20 cigarettes or more a day"march 97 q 101
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    cancer of the endometrium characteristically metastasises to the paraaotic lymph nodes"march 1997 n 233"
    characteristic features of adenocarcinoma of the endocervix include pyometra "march 97 n 254"
    vaginal ultrasound will routinely detect
    submucous fibroids of grater than 5 mm diameter
    "march 97 n 297"
    submucous fibroid "march 97 n 298"

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