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    1. All are true about sinusitis except
    a. bld stained discharge
    b. diplopia ?
    c. Nasal blockage
    d. Facial odema

    2. Latest PQLI + HDI rating of India
    3. otosclerosis affects ( single choice answer)
    a. Round window
    b. Oval window
    c. Utricle
    d. ossicles
    e. T.M.
    [Answer is a. it can be right if they are thinking of otoscleuosis of cochlear origin but mc. is stapedialtype ; so don’t U guy’s think it should be oval window. (Ref: Dhingra)]

    4. Narrowest part of middle ear
    a. epityrpanum
    b. hypotyrpanum
    c. ant.tyrpanum
    d. mesotympanum
    Answer given is (d) but shouldn’t it be (b) (Ref: Dhingra)

    5. Pulsatile otorrhoea ia seen in
    e. glomus tumour
    f. CSF otorrhoer
    g. ASOM
    h. Fistula
    Answer given is choice (c) but don’t u think it should be CSF otorrhoea.

    6. Cone of light is formed by
    i. Ant malleolar fold
    j. Handle of malleus
    k. Antero inf quadrant
    l. Pars tensa & flacide
    [Answer given – choice is (c) but shouldn’t it be (b). Actually I am confused, some time choice is umbo – plz tell me in detail what to mark where.]

    7. ethmoidal sinusitis is more common with
    a. Fire worker
    b. Wood worker
    c. chimneysmoker
    d. None

    8. Commonest cause of hearing loss in children
    a. CSOM
    b. ASOM
    c. Chronic adhesive O.M.
    d. Glomus tumour

    9. Primary aetiological factor for contract ulcer of larynx
    a. Syphilis
    b. TB
    c. Viral
    d. Vocalabuse
    [Answer (b) or (d): Will answer change if they ask for contract ulcer of vocal cords.
    Also plz tell me which is more common TB or vocal abuse]

    10. Commonest cause of deafness is childhood
    ASOM / CSOM?
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    1. otosclerosis TYPICALLY affects PROMONTORY, ANT MARGIN OF OVAL WINDOW, bcos of FISSULA ANTE FENESTRUM [a vestigeal cartilage remnant prone for otosclerosis
    2.contact ulcer-TB. voice abuse produces nodules. also tb larynx is rare.
    3.commonest cause of cond hear loss is CH ADHESIVE OTITIS MEDIA ,GLUE EAR IN KIDS[ref ghai] and SHL is MENINGITIS.
    4CONE OF LIGHT is ANT INF QUAD bcos only part to reflect light from mirror . tip of handle of malleus is umbo and COL projects ant inf from umbo

    5.adenoca ethmoid is seen in WOOD WORKERS. [although sq cell ca is mc]
    snuff is assoc with nasal cavity ca
    6BLOODY DISCHARGE is usually NOT assoc with sinusitis. [suspect ca . diplopia assos OF SINUSITIS IN KIDS [complication]

    all ref from logan turner/ schwartze
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    pulsatile otorrhea can be found i asom as a part of coalescent mastoiditis. glomus tumour has pulsatile tinnitus

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