erbs point injury?

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    A young boy who was driving motorcycle at a high speed collided with a tree &was thrown on his right shoulder. Though there was no fracture, hisright arm was medially rotated and forearm pronated following facts concerning this patient are correct.except?
    1.the injury was Eb,s point.
    2.A lesion of C5 and C6 was present.
    3.the median and ulner nerves were affected.
    4.Suprapintus, infraspinatus.
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    Its an except question. Since the forearm is medially rotated & pronated,answer should be median & ulnar Ns.

    Plz. correct me if i'm wrong.
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    Its bcos Erb's palsy has C5&6 injury which is not the root value for ulnar( Ulnar's root value is only C7 to T1)

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