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    Some businesses observe that people who just finished the college have a hard time interacting with colleagues in working as a team. What is your suggestion to address this problem?

    The concept of “tem” implies things that make a group of people who share their work or interest to function well as an entity. In my opinion, it is necessary members to have a high level of professional skills. Apart of this, they should be willing to interact to each other and, there should be even a great degree of empathy into the team. I think the best thing a businessperson can do small experience of new graduates not to affect teamwork and harm the personality of workers is to improve work environment.

    First of all, any boss would like to have a professional staff as good as possible. They try to engage the most suitable person for each position. However, I doubt that the professionalism level is the key factor that makes a team to be good. Nevertheless the interactions between teammates create a solid team allowing it to be competitive.

    On the other hand, when it comes to speaking about the new graduates, businesses have to accept that, at the beginning, they face up with new circumstances that college offered. It might happen that past students not to manage well interaction between their “new” colleagues. From this point of view, this “beginning” can be seen as a new stage in their professional development and it might be guide by the boos.

    Furthermore, I do think that a perfect team is a utopia. It is possible some people not to find “their right place” in a team. If they are new graduates, I think a specific experienced person named by the leader of the team should assist them. They should be treated with patience and understood at least for the early beginning.

    In conclusion, I would like to underline the fact that a work environment is created by team and for itself. This is the mainly reason why businesses should be very interested in improving the cohesion of team helping new graduates integrate into team as smoothly as possible.

    I am looking forward for any comment and sugestion

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