Estrogen receptor activity

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    Q. The patient undergoes a breast biopsy, which demonstrates breast cancer. Estrogen receptor activity is clinically useful in predicting?

    a- The presence of ovarian cancer
    b- The presence metastatic disease
    c- Response to chemotherapy
    d- Response to hormonal manipulation
    e- The likelihood of development of osteoporosis
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    Answer: d. (Schwartz, 7/e, pp 586-588) the likelihood response of a breast cancer to hormonal therapy us dependent on the presence of hormone receptors in the cytoplasm of the breast cancer cells. Receptors for corticosteroids, progesterone, prolactin, and estrogen have been identified. Eighty percent of patients with tumors that exhibit receptors so both estrogen and progestrone respond favorably to hormonal manipulation. Estrogen receptor activity has no predictive value in diagnosing ovarian cancer or metastatic disease, forecasting the development of osteoporosis, or determining the likelihood of a beneficial response to chemotherapy.

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