expected cut off in aipg mds 2008 exam

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  1. ria oberoi

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    hi can anybody please help me with expected cut offs in aipg (mds) 2008 ??? please do help... fast...
  2. Guest

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    it may be around 170
  3. khusboo

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    Hey dont listen to all bluddy stupid the cutt off would never be more than 65 % what ever the paper it was....Its the people who r dreaming in the days as cutt off will go around 80% i.e 160 question....is it possible.....? Till the date i heard from last 20 years even topper never crossed more than 72%....! How these fuking people spreading these rumors as cutt off will go more than 80%...!
  4. Guest

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    see the cut off in any competitive examination will be determined by paper
    our pg paper was looking easy but wasnt hence dont ever think that cutt off will go so high ihave seen a lot of questions and answers are wrong from mr kapil dagrus hence mr please rectify it
    no1 in question mineral loss was asked ans will be 30-40%
    in radiograph all options were given 10 20 30 40 it depends which is right
    refer white and pahroh
    no2 the ans to pharma quest is warfarin was used as roedenticide
    hence ans will be it is not highly protein bound
    no3 group discussion on common intrest topic refer park
    no3 it will be chaperone
    no4 it willbe fibrous dysplasia
    no5 it will be ovate
    no6 it will be streptococcus mitis
    no7 it will be 38%
  5. Guest

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    hello kusboo, tell meone thing then have you any time inpast seen such a repeat paper in huge numbers if so then tell me which paper itis ...
  6. hrushikesh

    hrushikesh Guest

    cutoff in aipg 08

    hi all..think the cutoff will be around 130 to 140...
    this has been the avg cut off since last ten years..
    all aspirants dont pay attention to all those who say there score is above 150 ..
    there r 10 to 15 questions still the ans of which we dont know 4 sure..
    it all depends on their key...
    summing all up cutt of 130 to 140 +/- 5 marks
  7. khusboo

    khusboo Guest

    Hey all i am giving you the example of aipg-2007 medical side, there were 62 question were same repeated from aiims nov-2007 and cutt off how much gone...? only 1.6% higher than usual cutt off.... for medical it is usually 54% enough to get a seat and in dental 65% + is enough to get you seat.....! And excuse me how many question were repeated....? Just 92 question and all are not from same paper.....42 Q from aipg-2006 ,14 Q fr aiims may (Dr.N.K.Choudhary aiims & aipg book),6Q fr aiims-nov-2007(same author book),!2Q fr aiims -nov 2005 (same author book) ,6Q fr NBDE -1980 paper pedo....only this much were repeated and i am making sure that even topper had made minimum of 12 mistake in that repeated paper because it was unexpected paper...! One more thing you all remember only 2 or 4 question will very in aiims answer key not all....They follow the books only....Its not only that they have their own answer keys....! So who are crossing above 135 in this paper they will surly get the seat , just you should follow the text book for answer...! If you have dought then right the question here i have corrected the paper by Auther Dr.N.K.Choudhary answer keys which is i think shortly going to release......!
  8. Guest

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    some body can tell me about nabers probe
    whether used only for horizontal bone loss
    or for both
  9. khusboo

    khusboo Guest

    Its both vertical and horizontal....!
  10. Guest

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    can anyone tellme where to find answers for aipg 08
  11. Guest

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    that navin k chaudry is an ass hole... dont follow him he had bluffed a lot
  12. Guest

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    Cut off wontbe more than 140 BCOZ many wrong answers in many books.For e.g childmortalityrate is 0-5 and not 1-4(PARK).Also drug inhibiting steroid synthesis is ketoconazole and not amphotericin-b.etc etc
  13. target film distance

    target film istance 6ft not 5ft
  14. target object distance

    target object distance is 5ft+object film distance is 18cm so target film distance =5ft+18cm but the right option not present 1.4ft 2.5ft 3.6ft 4.6and half ft can anyone help. dont say answer is 5ft bcoz it is in some mcq guide
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i think we need to check the following answes
    138 percent
    2 250
    3 0.5
    these are right answer
    then group discussion
    desmoplastic flat bones
    acth fibrous dysplasia
    mach band are right answers
    anybody wants explaination contact me
  16. crosss sec occ rad

    for cross sec occlusal radiographs every reason points to the ansswer sailoliths in sub mand duct . but not mentioned in question whether max or mand and acc to pharoah the cross sec occ rads are max and mand further in indications it says this techniq is especially used for impacted canines and 3rd molars so the answere is ?
    percentage of mineral loss ? 30 or 40 ? can u help khusshooboo
    strep mutans can be differrentiated by lab test from other oral strep by?
    1.fermentation of sorbital and mannitol
    2.production of extracellular polysaccharide
    acc to ananthnarayan and paniccker oral strep can ferment sorb and mannitol but only strep mutans lab test is fermentation and also production of dextrans and levans sooo both options present. then the right answere is ?...
    in 8 yr old boy perm max 1st molar is ectopically erupting toward mesialy in an intact arch with out excessively resorbing roots of 2nd prim molar .treatment of choice is?
    1.disking the prim molar
    2.wait and watch procedure
    3.distalise with brass ligature wire
    i know its repeat nbd but in original question 8yr old not mentioned and the option wait and watch not there. moreover i thought 60% of ectopically erupting 1st molar correct themselves and opted for wait and watch.what a blunder!!!
    pls refer sharma and sharma pharmac it says although all azoles inhibit steroid synth but their mech seems to be another it is .... but remember 4th option terbinafine which inhibits steroid synth directly and only mech of action. pls correct me if im wrong
  17. cut off

    i think if the repeat questions which are from guides and their answers match the aippg key then cut off may be high btw 150-160 or little less but no one knows and if the aippg key is from standard texts then it may be less...and im sure aippg people are not fools to copy the same answers from guides even if they are not appropriate... if they do so then they do not follow standards and waste of studying standard text books and wasting time.
  18. dr vb

    dr vb Guest

    i hope you guys are right about the cut off i am expecting 145+ right out of 168 attempted.
  19. Guest

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    see correct answers are
    1by sorbitol and mannitol will identify by colour of colonies mucopollysaacharide signifies its virulence and differntiates from other streptococci
    but lab method is mitis salivarius agar medium
    2ans 30 to 40% but initial evidence is from 30%
    stupid options
    3wait and watch is right dont worry
    group discussion is more authentic
    horizontal is by nabers probe
    salivary amylase in glcogen content increase
    flat bones erythopesis
    venou s return
    body temp
    real time pcr
    ovate pontic
    accepted magnification 6 -7%
    contact me if want more explaination dr navin mishra patna dental college
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i think u will be topper is geeting 145 congrats in advance
  21. strep mutans

    strep mutans can stick to glass in lab test bcoZ of production of extracellular polysaccharides.u tell me mutans-strep group ferment
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    few corrections:--
    Correct order ic Protocol,selection,randomisation,intervention and then analysis(PARK)
    Caries to be detected is 40% not 30 %,30%is for bony changes
    Nabers probe both vertical and horizontol
    charactrstic of Dysplasia is Tear drop rete pegs
    NOT true of warfarin--cannot be given safely in pregnancy.
    Geniculate ganglion with 1)lacrimation and 2)taste but better option among two is lacrimation
    Artery which arises at border and give deep and superficial.....is suBmental branch
    Drug causing postural hypotension is Prazosin
    Child motality rate is 0 to 5
    Haemopoesis in Flat bones

  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i know many persons who in 2007 attempted 190+ but were no where in rank list and also know person who attempted 162 and was in top 10 and also one who attempted 170-175 and again in top 10.....so the moral of the story is....
  25. DR.RAJa

    DR.RAJa Guest

    this was the first time there were so many repeat qstns.so no doubt the cut off will be more marks than every year.it will definetely be not below 150.
  26. dr vb

    dr vb Guest

    i agree with dr raja ... three of my batchmates expecting above 150 and this from a very small sample of people i know . last year the guy who got 4th rank dr ankur gupta he attempted 192 questions... thats what he claims on orkut.
  27. cut off

    nobody can be sure of cut off . everyone say the paper was easy and the cut off will be high.if i say in chennai top score is 186 and in bangalore 196 can u believe,only fools can believe. even the 1st ranker cant be sure of getting in the list. its all einsteins relativity.u may have done better than me and others might have done better than u and me.even im expecting cut off to be low. after hardwork and dedication we have done mistakes and scored xyz so everyone will do. why no correct news from one who are in coaching centers.im expecting good score but aippg rank list will dissappoint. so let the best one win.
  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    see in white and pharoh it has been written in chapter of dental caries that
    30 -40% demineralization results in radigraphic evaluation
    my friend for cortical bone loss it is 13 % not 30%
    because 30% is seen in long bones ct scan 9%
    secondly in question differentiation between mutans and other strepto was asked not quantifying only differnt species of mutans ans will be by noting fermentation and colour change is the best dr navin mishra patna dental
  29. dr.sunil

    dr.sunil Guest

    hey guys.. when s the result of aipg08 gonna be declared..??
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    my dear who ever has written my name please for god sake
    stop this after all we are all doctors i have not underestimated
    anybody"s learning and for sake dont tell that as a bihari
    i am writing .this is a platform where we as dental surgeons can share our
    knowledge.i have not written anything besides answers.sorry whoever
    has written my name should not do again .if he doesnt know
    about me how he can say that i have written this ridiculous statement
    i am proud to be bihari .i f anybody wants discussion with me
    i am always ready regarding studies.my advice to that person who has written this bloody statement that dont ever indulge in blaming anyperson
    or institution without any evidence.i am proud of my institution and bihar
    ofcourse i am an indian.lets hope nothing like this happens anymore
    work for welfare of people and our country
  31. mksyeed

    mksyeed Guest

    wait for the results.dont take ur frustration on others.it reflects ur personality.becoz khushboo and navin mishra both have said the mistakes in the book of navin kumar choudhary , it all started. i dare things , but u are coward and remain a coward for the rest of ur life. learn manners first then talk about being an indian. not all are like u. i will serve my proffession , irrespect of religion , nation.im an indian and remain indian. how much ever u shout...u psycho...
  32. dr_do_little

    dr_do_little Guest

    hey all the best for the all india pre pg exam results people...even if the vehicle breaks down midway, the road still doesn't end...so don't get carried away if u r unable to make it this time...there's always a next time! GOOD LUCK
  33. shrugs

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    hey cut ka no one nows....just hope jisne para hai......he goes thru........best of luk to all
  34. Dr.RAJA

    Dr.RAJA Guest

  35. guest2

    guest2 Guest

    the result is here...now can any1 taalk about cut off?????
  36. DR.RAJA

    DR.RAJA Guest

    anone who got the rank,please post ur expected score along with the rank////////
  37. dr.sachin

    dr.sachin Guest

    can anybody tell me correctly the cut off aipg{M.D.S}?????

    hey can any body tell me correctly the cut off aipg{M.D.S} ,truely seaking i"m confused as khusboo said it will never be more than 65% while dr.raja said that it will go above 75% , :? who is right in both of these?????
  38. Guest

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    re:Dental PG MDS IQE MFDS ADC Exams


    This is a platform where dental surgeons can share their
    knowledge.they have not written anything besides answers.sorry whoever
    has written their name should not do again .if he does not know
    about them how they can say that they have written this ridiculous statement
    if anybody wants discussion with them, they are always ready regarding studies.their advice to that person who has written this bloody statement that don't ever indulge in blaming any person or institution without any evidence.

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