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  1. so true...... i wondering myself, if i am gonna visit CAT...thankfully for me i have loads of reasonsCAT has been an excellent medium of communication/learning/meeting new ppl....( some of them might.. just be future Biz leaders!)..... funny.. before CATcame about.... i was averse to blogging etc.

    As for DO's and DONT's......ill go about this like all the things in my life....".Go by negation" Rule!

    This post is about what one shouldnt do wrong ... or so to say......what wrong one shouldnt do at all..!

    1. Mental deconstruction 20 mins before CAT.

    ( sounds crazy ! ..... but it happens to lot of us before exams..... we start asking ourselves Q's.......that too.. all the tuff ones .. which usually have no immediate answer's..... Q's like........ what if dont manage sectional cutoff in Quant..... what if i fail CAT this year......what if ( Gaurav/ Smriti/Aditya or sum xyz -- peer group) succeeds and i dont make it.)

    STAY AWAY from these thoughts........ they are draining u off one of the most important things required in the paper.......ur belief in ur own abilities.

    One usually always trusts oneself to succeed in MOCKCATs.......... but when it comes to the D-DAY... we at times forget to "back" ourselves when its most important!

    2. LOSING IT..... in between the exam (CAT)

    Honestly ....i have suffered from this.....in quant (CAT 04) ...first 5-7 mins i couldnt solve a question! ........and then no surprises for guessing...... all the unwanted thoughts started creeping in (stuff mentioned above!).......it took me about a minute to regain composure.....but im sure it affected my performance..

    Have the stomach to fight it out.....in the middle...just...Dont get stuck with one question

    3.Unable to sleep .. the nite before CAT

    ( Ha ha..In 2003..I must have switched on and off my bedroom light.....10 times before managing to sleep at all)

    We all get nervous. get fidgety....sum have manageble excitement ( call it butteflies in the stomach!)....sum are outright nervous!

    Point im trying to make here is dont worry about inconsquential things.....that hold no significance in the CAT exam.

    Sum of us ... at times ..... dont realise that we are losing to things even before the exam has started...... and in turn not giving ourself a fair chance of succeeding in the exam.

    Offcourse......... there are regular follies........like...... being overbullish rt before the exam..........expecting/ predicting a pattern and then getting bamboozled upon confronting the unexpected etc.


    ( PS : This is an account from an IIM aspirant.....who has made these mistakes! )
    ---- On days ..I am worst at what I do best !.... those are the days.. for this gift I feel truly blessed ---

    My tips fr Do's nd Dont's
    1) Sleep well on the nite before CAT.
    i thnk the sleep plays a major role in our physical stability during those 2 hrs.

    2) Don't try to study upto last moment...its nt goin to help u out

    3) Try to boost confidence of ur peers. There r enough seats(1300). So no need to hav competition amongst your peers.

    4) always remember everybody is holding the same paper in hand nd hs 2 hrs nly

    yeah. me and my new belt werent exactly compatible through feb04 exam.
    funny yeah. but u have no clue wat little can also distract you.

    u need to be used to a watch. with the seconds hand et all. accurate ofcourse!

    7) DONT TALK / LISTEN TO PEOPLE ABOUT ANY SUMS/FORMULAS/ GENERAL CAT STUFF before u walk into ur center. chances are you have a simcat topper with u who got a 70 in his mocks and u never even crossed a 35 score mark.
    u meet a totally disheartened chippie who is cribs in a high pitched "omg i am soooo gonna get a 50%ile". you do not want a random ***** to bring u down. not worth it.

    8) TWO HOURS.
    thats all you are gonna get to show yourself off to the IIM's. remember there is no space for last minute panic attacks -- brm page flipping -- or even loo breaks (yes. dont drink too much water:p not fun)
    and trust you KNOW enough abt QA/DI/ENG to get the cutoffs.


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