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Discussion in 'USMLE STEP 2 CS' started by drmarc, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. drmarc

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    Hi everybody,

    Can anybody tell me wether failing step 2 cs once ruins your chances to get a good spot?
    I rushed things and tried it before completing my core clinical course, so didn't pass although my fluency in english was considered very good (according to my report graph), as was my interpersonal skills.
    Plan to take it again now i finished med school, and wanna try some training program like Kaplan before. Is it good?
    Still I'm afraid that this failure will destroy the possibility of getting a good or an OK program in Gen Surg :( .
    Can anyone tell me some about it?
  2. Guest

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    maybe ask residents from the hospital of your choice what is important

    Good luck
  3. johnnysonc

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    what makes a fail?

    Hi, could you please tell me more about your experience? What could be the reason(s)? How to avoid them? I am studying it and am fearful of making wrong diagnosis.

  4. Arman

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    Good question and also John, it seems you live in Toronto,
    I am looking for a study partner for CS. I am located in North York (North York Center subway station or North York Central Public Library, Mel Lastman Square). If you are interested or know someone who might be interested please contact me.

  5. reza

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    i live in toronto as well.
    i am gonna give CS in july i think, we can work together arman

    sale no mobarak

  6. diegoeduardo

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    Keep the faith


    If you ask information about requisites almost all programs want candidates with Step1 and Step 2 passed at first attempt. They donĀ“t mention anything about Step 2 CS.

    I have a friend who failed twice (the Step 2 CS) and he got several good interviews.

    If I were you I would reinforce other aspects, specially investigation

    Good Luck
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  8. Jade

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    my USMLE Experience

    Well guys I may be the most unlucky candidate till date in the history of USMLE.

    I graduated in the yr 2004 from a country in Asia. I was full of zest and confident with all good scores in my med school, too usmle steps back home and scored 86 and 85 in step one and two with first attempt. I took both the tests in a 6 months duration. then i rushed in the US... in the yr 2006 with full confidence to get matched in 2007 match day.....

    all my probs started as soon as i landed in the US, I took the damned CS and failed once.... I had to wait for that result for full 3 months. till then I had several Interview calls from good programs... 2 of which promised me that they ll rank me or could take me in pre match as soon as my results are out. But i failed, one the program even contacted me after my failure and told me to submitt the ECFMG certificate befor the end of feb so that they could rank me!! So i pushed myself hard and took the test again in the midst of my Interview season....... and then disaster.... I failed again!!!!! So i was disqualified from the match. :oops:

    Anyway, I applied for 2008 residency and no interviews till date.. and i have no hopes too. The failures in the CS have crushed my enthusiasm and dream... now i feel lame and helpless!!!

    So donot ignor CS though in all the forum ppl tend to post stuff like its very easy and so on... the fact is its tricky......... u 'll never know!
  9. duc

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    Im with I have scores of 92 and 99, and applied to the MATCH and only got 2 interviews and didnt match, I am desperate, somebody knows programs that care more about step 1 and 2 scores and look only for the ECFMG certification

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