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    Hi to everybody! I failed spoken english part, though according to my patient notes I did excellent. How could you explain this? :( I passed IELTS 2 years ago. I spoke to american people. They understand me. And nobody from patients wasn't mention about my speech. How could they think about my bad English if I had perfect data gathering according to the graphs??? And if they mean other nonmedical parts of conversation, I didn't ask any. Patients only answered for my medical questions.
    I don't agree with a result. My interpersonal communication was good, PT were excellent.
    I want an appeal of the test results. Did anybody did this? :?: I don't agree, I don't want to pay this ugly organization for this unpredictable test again.
    Help me, please, in this trying. :idea: Advise me steps in this dispute attempt. USMLE organization doesn't have steps for this process, though any reputable organization has such descriptions of disputes.
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    I am sorry to hear that, I cannot explain it either, even your Written english is very good!!!
    Honestly, I don't think you should waste more money requesting a rescore, that is just another way to squeeze our money out of our pockets. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do now but take it again!!
    This really worries me a bit because my English is not perfect, I mean, I make myself understand but my English is far from being perfect. I guess I'll try to speak very slow and clear and not make much conversation than neccesary!!!

    Good luck and don't give up!!!
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    to the first guest,

    Your written English is very poor. You are clearly lacking in English grammar. Try to improve your language skills before you decide to attempt the exams.

    best wishes.
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    Patient note

    Would you please write an example of your patient note? Thank you.
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    I and my wife, who is an English teacher, both agree that your language skills are not at the level of a professional person in the US. She had difficulaty figuring out what you were talking about. I am an American and speak English as a first language, and I could tell what you were talking about but I found numerous grammatical errors. Hopefully your spoken language skills are better than your written skills.

    If you are an American citizen, you definitely have recourse in the Federal court system. I am not sure of your options if you are not. Your next step should probably be to speak with an American lawyer.

    The patients did not give you feedback on your communication skills because they are instructed not to do so. You interacted with about twelve patients. Do you kn ow how many of them graded you poorly? If you think that your skills are good, why do you think that the patients did not agree?

    The fact that you passed IELTS is not at all relevant if you cannot communicate.

    Good luck.

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