failed step 3 twice

Discussion in 'Step 3' started by anthony, Nov 7, 2004.

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    failed step 3 twice

    Hi everyone, I am in desparate need of help. I came so close to passing my step 3 this third time but still a few points short. I would really really really appreciate any advice because I am scared that I will be kicked out of my residency program if I don't pass step 3. For my 2nd try, I studied for about 6months, did Kaplan QBank, did NMS step 3, even did MKSAP and about another 800 questions on a CD rom I bought on ebay for step 3. i don't know what else different to do. I used the Kaster CD for the cases. Some of my colleagues have recommended Kaplan.
    Does anyone have any personal experience with "Kaplan Center prep" or "Kaplan Live Prep" ? I will do whatever to pass, I just need to know what more to do. I am very frustrated because I just got my score this week. you people have some pretty good advices. Please help me. I am a US graduate and I passed step 1 & 2 on the first try. I didn't do great but I passed comfortably. Again, I was only a few points from passing step 3 this time around. Should I just study the same stuff I used and try not to make as many mistakes on the exam? I of course can remember easily a few questions that I got wrong which would have made difference between pass & fail.
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    you need to calm down first
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    swanson family review
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    step 3

    Read Swansen Family Practice review (A-Z), practice as many CCS cases as possible, and read some stuff on medical ethics
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    I would suggest you to read Current medical diagnosis and treatment as you will find almost all the answers for the questions which appear on the exams. For practicing the questions I would suggest you to do USMLE WORLD Q bank and ccs cases and KAPLAN Q bank , as well practice the CCS cases in the usmle CD. hope this helps .
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    I don't know if you have already taken it for the 3rd time (probably) since it's been so long since you originally posted, but I'd suggest doing the Kaplan 10 day course, I think it costs $1500 but its worth it to pass. I was going to do it if I didn't pass after my 2nd try.

    I also used Kaplan books that I borrowed from a resident in my program who took the course, Q Book, NMS, Kaplan Q Bank ($150 I think) and Crush Step 3, as well as a little of First Aid for Step 3 but I didn't have much time to use that one. I bought a few other books also, but didn't have time to use them extensively. Each day I'd do about 50 Q Bank or Q Book questions and carefully revise the answers, and spend about an hour revising sections of the Crush Step 3 book (I spent more time on weekends and call days). Then I took a week off work before the exam and studied about 7 hours a day and made sure to sleep well. Good Luck!
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    Step 3

    Here's my two cents worth! I'm in psych and its been a couple years since doing any sort of non-psych rotation and passed with a few weeks of intentsive cramming.
    First--I would say as of right now shift your mindset (you can tell I'm in psych at this point) from merely "passing" (ie getting "those extra few points") to achieving a good solid score (go for median score, at least go for 200+).
    Second--you positively, I would say, have enough of a knowledge base, so thats not an issue. Its mainly how you are approaching the questions. I would suggest two sources and know them extremely well:

    1. USMLEworld clinical cases (more important than the multipile choice questons). All of my interactive cases were represented there--know each one inside and out--study them several times each.

    2. Crush the boards review--simple, really good, high yield, with emphasis on how to think about what is being asked and how to respond--read through at least twice in detail.

    3. Practice enough 48 question blocks of USMLE World questions mainly to get the pacing down, so that you can fininsh each block systematically with at least 5 minutes to spare.

    4. Really know the software for the clinical cases.

    Thats it--the rest is up to you! Good luck--you WILL get a good score.
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    step 3 ideas

    I am curently studying for step 3 and I am studying with falcon notes from step 2 and boards and wards and first aid for step 3. I am also doing usmleworldq bankfor step 3 from
    Try it andI hope it works for you.
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    did u pass it after 2 failures? i am having the same experience... any advices? please reply to
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    sorry for the misunderstanding... i am having the same experience but i did not fail my step 3 and i am actually preparing another kind of boards and for the first time... i totally missed the topis for another one... posted the previous reply by mistake...
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    Sorry you are having problems. I am studying for the test for the second time. I don't know what happened, they don't tell you, but apparently they lost my first test.
    I know several people who are very smart who have had to retake this test. I think the advice from the psych resident is solid. Good luck!
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    Hi --everyone recommends to take NBME MCQs prior to taking actual step-3. Please advice how helpful is it and how close is NBME to real exam--I'm taking my step-3 in 2 weeks. I'm US MED Graduate--Please help.

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