FAQ: Is DNB preferable to MD/MS in the present scenario?

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  1. ammy204

    ammy204 Guest


    I have completed my doms and taken again admission in dmrd which is unrecognised by mci now i am confused whether go for dnb opthal or continue dmrd .

    please help.
  2. ammy204

    ammy204 Guest


    hi asha mam
    recently I have completed my doms and take admission in dmrd which is unrecognised by mci now I am confused whether I should go for dnb opthal or continue dmrd.

  3. rk1234

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    hi i am doing md pharmacology frm private college this is my second year.me interesting to dnb radiology after completion of my md is this a right decision or me should continue to work in field of pharmacology.what r the scopes in this field :?
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    dnb and md ms are at par only thing is passing dnb is tough and gtting in to md is tough.
  5. DNB chap

    DNB chap Guest

    dnb exam process is never transparent
  6. anupamaa

    anupamaa Guest

    hello madam,
    please help me to get out of a confusion........i hv cleared DNB entrance exam and want to pursue DNB from hospital in which i am working for past 6 months.DNB interviews will be conducted in recent future. Recently, I have applied for post of medical officer where i will get PG reservation, and most probably I will be selected there. My confusion is that whether i should pursue DNB or go for govt. job and fight for PG entrance exam.
  7. ahmed khan

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    well i definately feel doing MD is a better option and the reason is PASSING IS MUCH EASIER. while i must say it is also important you do it from a good center and those are very very few unfortunately due to the extreme poor standards of govt hospitals. and then due to all the corruption in there exams its soo easy to pass. so the quality of a MD has really gone down. DNB's are mostly in corporate hospitals so you get exposed to a lot of the latest technologies in management. so a pass out in DNB is more well equiped. and due to the good quality control in exams DNB passouts also seem to have excellant theoretical knowledge. thats my experiance. and one final thing, i recently attended a foreign job interview from abroad and they were keen to take DNB'S on first choice! so the news is also spreading that DNB'S are good. so i ges in the present scenario DNB is definately a good choice. but if you have MD available easily then go for that coz of the good chance of passing.
  8. have a chance to do DNB from Rand R,newdelhi..

    respected sir....thanks for all the views.......
    im in dilemma.....im in army and jst cleared my DNB part 1 and eligible to do DNB from R&R,NEWDELHI.
    second option is to leave army and do MD/MS from R&R ,newdelhi...next year ...wat u suggest....
    kindly guide
  9. Sushmitha

    Sushmitha Guest

    Hi everyone how is job prospects for DNB in gyni in the coming years!!

    What are the job prospects after DNB in gyni in the coming years. Particularly in Andhra pradesh..
    Whether there is a scope for GYNI in coming years.
    Thanks !

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