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  1. Dear Friends,

    I see many opinions of different people with regards to the above.

    I am curently working in sydney in area of need but i like to clear few facts
    Area of need means after advertising many times for australian graduates the ospital still cannot fill the necessary vacancy.Most such positions although still designated as area of need have Drs working on area of need basis,or they dont want to recruit just for the sake of it,,but select only highly skilled experienced medical Drs.
    1.IELTS is necessary to prove to the NSW Medical Board that you are proficient in English>i think now the other medical boards too are beginning to ask for this...things are changing now even though they have a shortage
    2.You have to be a experienced doctor like emergency /ICU experience/Anaesthetic with experience in doing central venous lines and handling ventilors/intubation with out supervision,,,,when i started my job here i had all those experience and my bosses used to watch me doing it when i had to do them,,so you cant bluff your CV if you have not done it

    3.in addition to the above having additional qualifications like MRCP Parts or mRCS UK parts or anaesthetics will be helpful.
    4.Even if you get the job your boss will assess you every 3 to 6 months on yur performance and will have to send a written report of you to the relevant medical board,,and if this report is not good you lose the job and registration.
    5 in summary you have to be a experienced doctor and be able to work independently and with confidence in the australian set up.

    6 My advice for young doctors is to concentrate on the AMC, pass it, and do internship in australia as this pathway will make you a good doctor in this set up and make you familiar with the aussie set up

    7 Unfortunately "Dr Death" =DR J Patel's incidents have created a negative impression here in australia for doctors from the Indian subcontinet and they are painting everyone with one brush.so the climate to get jobs for drs from the indian subcontinent is not favourable right now ,,i am sorry to say this although indian Drs have contributed a very good service towards australian health system. one rotten egg spoils the rest!!

    8 For those with GP experience rural doctors network would be a good thing to look at to work as GP in rural australia.
  2. dry2ksang

    dry2ksang Guest

    are of need program

    I am an Indian doctor presently in UK . I have been called for telephonic interview for job in emergency medicine. I have no experience in emergency medicine. I want to know how is to work without experience and how interview will be.
    My mail id dry2ksang@yahoo.co.in
  3. reply

    I am not sure how any hospital could employ anyone without the skills in emergency medicine if you have no experience at all.at least you should have anaesthetic or ICU experience.This is my understanding and experience

    MUMBAI Guest


    Dear doc in sydney,
    I am medical doc from india ,i have cleared my usmle with 99 percentile in both steps,i am stuck cause my visa got rejected.can i come to Australia for paid intership since its internship is recognised in USA.Also my brother is staying in Australia.
    please advice and will be grateful if u can mail me on pavanradiology@gmail.com
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Re: JOB in Aussie with out AMC

    Dear All,

    I am a cardiac surgant (consultant) at a bigger heart center in Germany. I know that Queensland has a lot of areas of need. How would you consider the chances to get a job in Sydney? What are the areas of need there?Thanks for any answer!
  6. Re: JOB in Aussie with out AMC

    Hi Cardiac Surgeon, not surgant (r u really a dr?)

    There are many AON positions in Qld next year, because Drs holding AON positions are OTDs and they have been unfairly and badly treated by Queensland Health and Hospitals.

    Sydney is the best city in Australia and has more multicultural community.

    Have you been to Australia lately?

    Antiracist Sydneysider
  7. indian doc

    indian doc Guest

    info requested

    Dear Antiracist Sydneysider

    I read with growing dismay the rether extreme messages on this website.

    This reads like the horror stories of the Gulf countries!!

    I am a Surgeon in the private sector, finished my FRCS from Edinburgh and Glasgow in 1995, worked in the UK for a total of about five years.

    Came back in 1997.

    Mow thinking about emigration to Oz. Met a group of Agents at a seminar locally. They seemed quite positive about the demand for doctors in Australia.

    The plan is to get a job, go thereon whatever visa is given, take the AMC (by the way, the AMCQ IS available in India, address available on request, price Rs 4700) asap, inshallah, clear it and then apply for permanent immigtration status, targeting the FARCS along the way.

    Does this sound feasible to you? Any advice is welcome.


    indain doc
  8. Oz matey

    Oz matey Guest

    You cannot migrate mate


    1. Do not waste your money with the agents. They can promise you the earth but at the end of the day, what determines whether you can migrate is whether they give you the FRACS. If you are persuaded to part with money, it is their gain and your folly!

    2. If you get an AON post, you will be given either a 422 (now, usually 4 yrs - previously, 2 yrs) or 457 (business) visa. The latter has more flexibility and you should avoid the 422.

    3. if the AMC allows you to go down the path of peer review practice, you will need to provide testified copies of your log books and work under supervision for a period before they leave you alone (esp after Dr Patel). They may not and then ask you to take the examination.

    4. Your FRCSE and FRCP&S G will be looked at disdainfully. If you have GMC Specialist Registration, it may be slightly different: do you?

    5. Your time in the private sector will give rise to great 'concer' - a polite way of saying, we are very alarmed by this. So, you will need to provide strong evidence of having upkept your skills. Any log books?

    6. Do not ever sign any agreement with your employer which gives you a finite time to achieve the FRACS. This may be used against you. But, do get them to sponsor your PR under some other scheme (you would not be able to come in as a doctor) - say through your wife or immediate family member. This will give you a lot of security.

    The horror stories are very true -let me tell you! I would go back to the UK if I were you - they need more surgeons too.


    Oz matey
  9. Paracelcus

    Paracelcus Guest

    Re: You cannot migrate mate: watch your step again

    To which I would like to add:

    What patients and relatives say about you is "king" even when this is wrong. If this is positive, it would work in your favour: if it is negative, they will come down hard on you even when it is n=1.

    Imagine a scenario when you meet a prejudiced patient and he or she makes a mischievous remark. This is taken on board seriously and you will be labelled as 'a poor communicator' and, they will withold the fellowship from you. This is the trick they use to stop Asian top scoring students from entering medicine. One single slip which could be orchestrated and you are down.

    Is it worth all the effort in trying to come here? dare I ask again.


  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    dear paracelcus
    I have done my diploma medicine and have part 1 mrcp
    I have total 10 yrs experience mostly as medical officer including 1 yr experience in medicine in uk (kings college,london)
    I have had 5 interviews so far by phone from oz and have been unsucessful,am in india now
    The reasons are lack of experience (??!!) lack of sho positions available

    I am being ??offered registrar posts but declined since I want to know how the work and litigation conditions are out there
    also do not want medical officer/GP posts

    is there any hope of getting a sho job or is this another fuss like the uk
    anybody out there in oz wuld know about the job conditions
    Are there really shortage of drs or is it all a lie like uk(where there is in reality excess of drs till the next century)

    pls do advice becos the agencies keep setting up these phone interviews i am not very keen on if there are no postions available and also don't want to trouble my referees
  11. Paracelcus

    Paracelcus Guest


    Friend, the answers are all in the other posts. I think I should not offer any further 'advice' as this tends to be looked at by younger aspiring (and desperate doctors) as discouraging and disappointing. It will dash their hopes.

    All I would say is remember that the Brits and the Aussies are cousins. They are of the same stock.


  12. abdobisho

    abdobisho Guest

    Re: JOB in Aussie with out AMC

    Dear DR,i m happy to get unvaluble advice from you,im an Egyptian orthopedic surgeon,having MASTER degree from cairo university,1st&2nd part of MRCS (EDIN),would i can get a chance in australia,or would i have to get a specific score in ILETS,i prepare now to finish the final part of MRCS, . plz i wait your reply for helping me
  13. jeejan

    jeejan Guest

    Dear Egyptian doctor,
    Since I worked in the Gulf sector for a few years, I can write with authority that most of the Doctors trained in Egypt are poor clinically and theoretically. Egyptian doctors survive in the middle East solely because of their Arabic lanquage skills. So I do not advise you to set out on any venture in Australia or UK.
    So fly the next available date to the middle east where millions of illiterate arabs and expatriates await you.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Jeez JeeJan, thanks so much for the advice buddy... what a fantastic bit of advice for all Egyptian doctors. I'm sure they are all indebted to you!
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi..i am new in this site but after going through this site i feel i could get some help here...
    after this new immigration rule has come up in UK i am now looking into trying for training post somewhere else...possibly australia.i dont seem to get a clear picture about whether we can apply for training post there.
    and i have got mrcs degree and i heard people with mrcs could be exempt from writing amc exam.is it true.can someone tell me indetail how to apply for radiology training in australia..please
  16. look pal

    you seem to be well read, but don't you read the posts. Spend some time on this forum and you'll some insight.

  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    amc books

    Dear indian doc,
    You had written that the AMCQ is available in India at Rs 4700/-
    Could you provide me with the contact address so that I can procure a copy of the same.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    doctors from UK

    i am working in UK for last 2 and half years and i have done A/E for a year and medicine for almost 14 months, i am fully registerd with GMC, do i need to pass any exam to get job in australia?
    kindly plz tell me how is the job situation there?
    dr jatoi
  19. This forum getting very funny indeed.

    If you are skilled medico you can get job in ED or AoN.
    However without AMC exam & permanet residency it is only for the short period of time.

    Option 1. Stay where you are now. The best one.
    Option2. Come & pass AMC exam ( Difficult one)
    Option 3. Get married local girl ( Auburn/Lakemba/Bankstown area )
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Who the hell wrote that about egyptian doctors...........................well if have that enough courage answer me...............
  21. Juano

    Juano Guest

    Dear doctors:

    I find this forum very interesting, especially for the kind of things you write which I consider valuable orientations. I'm new to this web so I'll try to be specific. I'm a peruvian medical graduate with 1 year experience doing primary attention in rural areas. I got graduated in 2005 so I've been working till a couple of months ago. I'd like to know if I have any chance of getting job in Australia as a rural GP. Could I get a conditional registration easily? What does it all depen on? Thanks a lot for the answers you may give me.

    Juano :)
  22. GT408e

    GT408e Guest

    obstetrics and gynaecology


    i have 4 years experience in O&G, pending to sit for MRCOG. Where and how can I find out more information and job opportunities in Australia, doing O&G.

    thanks alot.
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    please some-one can answer my queries:

    1)is after doing postgraduates degree from india(MD or DNB), it is required to get mrcp done to work as specialist or consultant in australia
    2) what are the chances that you will be accepted as specialist by australian medical council/medical board
    3)is a docter is paid(how much),while he work as peer review
    4)what are the chances of getting fellowship/super-specialisation in australia
  24. francisco

    francisco Guest

    dear all,

    I heard rumors that UK-trained doctors will soon be exempted to sit the AMC. And there are currently ten thousand unemployed UK doctors most of them coming to Australia.

    This would mean every Hospital and particularly GP training posts that cannot be filled by an Australian or NZ graduates would be filled by a UK trained doctor.

    And that means we are all studying and paying for the AMC for nothing.

    Does anyone know in how far these rumours are true?
  25. Mujeeb

    Mujeeb Guest

    I was enthusiastically looking for migration to AUSS as some agents
    was giving a better picture of OTD.But after seeing the forum bit scared.
    Is it really horrible there?
    Is it possible to find an employer without the help of the agents as it s the tricky part in migration
    I m from India with 4 yrs experience after my P G in ENT.
    Give ur valuable advice
  26. CUTE

    CUTE Guest

    Dear Oz Matey.,

    Im a General Practitioner in the Phils. I have a 5 years working experience . Can u enlighten me with the work of Registrars in Australia ? do they need the AMC exams ? Pls help Im confused. I dont have AMC. I;ve Taken my IELTS with total score 8 however I have 6.5 . so sad. Thanks for the help ! Im still positive towards working in Aussie Thanks
  27. guest in QLD

    guest in QLD Guest

    work in area of need or give amc first?

    MBBS doc from Asia, in QLD now, married to PR holder. i'm confused, work in an area of need for a while or go about clearing the AMC step 1 first? :?:
    if i were to work in a pvt hosp for a while bfore giving the AMC for experience sake, what post do i look for? i have 0 experience and am a fresh graduate. pls help!!
  28. eu

    eu Guest

    about working as a GP without AMC

    Im a gynecologist of Brazil, 7 years of experiense at public health sistem.
    Im keen to sit test at September, but untill then im living in Nz, where its freezing cold and im not alowed to work not even as a cleaner.
    So I ask to my good friends; It there some possibility to work in needed areas as GP, how about the visas, can I get in with a tourist one, meanwhile getting enterview or to another shit job? How about the cost of living?
    What do you recond?
    Im applying fot south wales board, but no reply.
    Which board should i choose?
    i heard terrible histories...do they really pay us?

    best regards to all!
  29. eu

    eu Guest

    dear francisco

    1rst; where are you from? its a common name in my country...
    2cond: i recon you to read the women dr saying something like "if you really intend to come to au.." very honest and too much maybe...its somewhere at forum..
  30. siskafk94

    siskafk94 Guest

    I am waiting for GP Clinical assessment/State Interview Panel runs by GP Workforce Tasmania to get registration in AON/DoHA in Tasmania. Anyone who already becoming a GP in AON/DoHa can tell me what will they ask in GPCA/SIP?contact me : siskafk94@yahoo.com Thank you
  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    dear Doc in sydney,

    Thanks a lot for ur kind information.
    Is there any chance to do any job untill I can pass the AMC exam?

    I am an intern doctor from Bangladesh thinking to work as a doctor in Australia.

    Your kind information will encourage me along with others.

    Waiting for your kind reply.
  32. sm

    sm Guest

    doc in sydney.... are u still in AON or ve u completed that post?? did u do ur masters ??? did u take the specialist assessment interview?? please reply
  33. Dr AHussain

    Dr AHussain Guest

    AMC Exemption

    Hello Sir,

    I am Dr Anwar from Pakistan. I have Passed MRCS( Eng) and have Two and half years experience in Gen. Surgery. I want to go to Australia. is it possible for me to get AMC exempted.

    Thanks and Regards

    Dr Anwar Hussain

  34. sm2009

    sm2009 Guest

    Are there any Surgeons in australia who have done their Masters from India and undergone specialist assessment ...please do reply.
    What are the chances of getting a positive response from the RACS??
  35. HI

    HI Guest


    Hi all,

    This is a very nice forum and i got a lot of info on AUS.

    Im Doing my MS general Surgey in India. And planning to go to AUS via the specialist/ Specialist area of need Pathway after i finish it. Can anybody please put some info regarding:

    1. What post will i get when i go to AUS? Senior resident/ Staff specialist/ specialist/ consultant? What is the pay like?

    2. How difficult it is to get a surgery post?

    3. Is it better to do MCh here and then go to AUS? is there scope of doing super speciality there?

    4. Should i look for vacancy first or apply to AMC first? Where can i look for vacancy?

    Plase put in some info...Thanx in advance

    Hav a good day!
  36. cell

    cell Guest


    Hello..I had completed my MBBS and would like to pursue a career in NON-clinical (pathology)in australia.What is the procedure.Do I have to give the AMC exam. AND if at all I have to give,where can I get the books to read.
  37. eeuu

    eeuu Guest

    on shore aukland 2009

    It was almost impossible to believe and there are no words to explain whats going on au medical council.
    The criteria is poor the questions are disrespectful for the ones who study
    questions based on contraversial therapeutics, like anaflatic reaction. corticoid or adrenalin.
    one dermathology SSC.
    more then 5 CTs..lots of image diagnoses.
    2 ECGs..poor copies of original traces..
    absurd questions of psichiatry.
  38. eeuu

    eeuu Guest


    1. teenager dont cope with dad, shes always avoiding him
    A} Theres nothing wrong as you dont like her father either!!!
    I just cant forget that...which make me laugh loud..
    B) abuse

    2.3 questions about TAMAZEPAM, "the sleep drug" that australians like..
  39. eeuu

    eeuu Guest

    controversial therapeutics

    1. anafilatic reaction..persons leaving restaurant..
    adrenalin SC or corticoid IV?

    2.diabetes.2 questions of terapeutic of non compensated one with insulin resistance obese and so on... which to start immediatly insulin or metformin?
  40. eeuu

    eeuu Guest

    one question of dermatology

    which was an ulcerated enormous and dramatic lesion dorsum of hands of caucasian..
    nothing else...no evidence of picture showed elsewhere and simple poor clinical picture
  41. samgp

    samgp Guest

    Egypt doctors

    I agree Egyptians are very smart people, however they do lack basic skills, in saying that i know egyptian gps that have been here for 30+ years and they are very well regarded...its the same for all OTDs get treated like crap and forced to work in places that the locals wouldnt even touch for 10 years no less!!!
  42. specialist pathway- Have they stopped recruiting Indians

    I am currently working in India, I got the AMC RCPA assesment as an Anatomical Pathologist in Nov 2009, where I have been advised to work for 2 years in a supervised position, which I applied for in most of the advertised posts whichever I came across. These adverts started in july and the deadlines got over in end August. I still haven't heard from any of them except for 2 negative replies. Have they stopped recruiting Indian Specialists? Is there any other way that I can secure a job, or unless I have a Australian Address I dont get a Job. Please help me...

  43. mhi

    mhi Guest

    Hi all, i have recently got through AMC part one exam (mcq) and didnt do the internship in Sri Lanka where i have completed my MBBS.is it possible for me to do d internship here in Australia? does anyone know how to apply for the internship here? :!:

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