few points from 22nd Jan MRCP 1 exam

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    psoriatic artheritis coz there were dactilitis n pa can present as a ra
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    Hi...did someone say the result would be ready by the 12th or 13th of Feb on the mrcp website? They didn't tell us anything of that sort on the day of the exam...so I was wondering where that information came from...please tell me if anyone knows.
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    Exam paper in detail

    The exam papers are not the same. Even for the same exam center are many versions of exam papers, its all depends on your exam no. This done to prevent cheating. Most of the quetions are same , but 10 -15 are different. In each paper , are are 2-3 questions that are trial questions only and does not contribute for your marks at all.
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    Are you sure mrcp 2008?!!!
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    22end 2008 mrcp 1

    hello Marie.do not be sad i have about 10 qs in the exam & they are very easy & i am sure every body answer them right.but i choose the wrong answers!!!!!
    is there any hope to pass this exam after this?!!
    about your q i answer it benign essential tremor!!do not ask me why?
    any body knows what will be the pass mark this time?
    is there killing qs in the mrcp exam?pz tell me
    onetime in the onexamination web site i read a comment that if you answer this q wrongly you will get -1?is this true?
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    22end 2008 mrcp 1

    hay every body.they said in the www.mrcpuk.org that the result will be ready on the site by 18th feb 2008.
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    its quite clear it will be dispatched by mail on the 18th but the online users will be able to view it4-5 days earlier ,so wait for ur results online from the 15th of feb
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    mrcp question

    what epileptic drug safe in pregnancy if anybody knows
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    there is one quistion about prson who devloped ariway hyperresposevness since he joined new work three month back
    wat test to confirm the diagnosis???
    look at the qustion is this occup athma ..........as occup atma should develop after latent asymptomatic peroid
    whil our patient since he joind he devloped symptom

    so i opted prick test as it is jus allergic reaction.....watever the correct answer
    i would lik to ask any body who agree with this explanation or it is fantasia?????
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    hi :lol: 2 all

    ithink z 1st paper was not bad but when iopenned z 2nd ifelt something

    please donot laugh

    ifelt every question was slapping me heavely

    and when ileave 4 another z slap was again on z other side
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    Who knows when MRCP 1 22/01/o8 will be ready :?:
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    can someone tell me which antiepy.drug is safe in pregnancy :shock:
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    ther is NO drug safe in pregnancy however we should use it when indicated as mother health is superior to baby health
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    Answer for MRCP questions

    I took MRCP Part 1 for 2nd time last Jan 2008. My 1st attempt is in May 2007. Both the 2nd papers in May 2007 are out of this world compare to this Jan 2008 MRCP Part 1!.

    In May 2007, almost every question is very hard. I failed by 9 questions less for the pass mark. There are many questions on management which is not available in Kalra. I did many stupid mistakes esp in pharmacology. My cardiology, neurology ,gastro and infectious disease almost laid flat in the attack!. My opthalmology nearly suffer total disaster. About 30% of the questions is not in Kalra. But all covered in Oxford Handbook of medicine. Remember, the college uses Oxford Textbooks of Medicine only as Gold Standard answers for the questions in MRCP papers. The shorter version is the Oxford handbook, so it is a must to pass the exam.

    And remember read only UK textbooks for MRCP not US books. The American has far advanced in medicine from any nation in this world, even better than UK. If you read the US books, you will spend your time pointing out at the mistakes in the MRCP paper and not actually answering it!. The US books has molecular basis to support their diagnosis, management and prognosis of disease, unlike UK which depends on statistical probability , consensus and resource availability in making diagnosis and guide their management.

    So remember to read UK books only and read the consenses for treatment before attempting MRCP.
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    do u think jan exam pass mark will be higher?
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    I would estimate that the pass mark will be around 65%.
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    mrcp part 1 jan22

    hi i only discovered this site today....found p1 n p2 hard..do u think onexamination is helpful??
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    hi , the exam was really tough and tricky at the same time... so u cannot guess how was ur performance in general.. i read in ur website about the experience of one of the candidates's friends who sat for mrcp few months ago and asked them abou the exam ...and the one who said it was tough and got around 30 mistakes i think passed the exam and the other who said it was easy failed it..... so u see it was tricky not more or less :roll: :roll:
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    pass mark

    pass mark will be around 61% ............not more . :roll:
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    Pass mark?

    I am sure the pass mark will be high this time. In May 2007 ,it is 62.05% and in Sept 2007, if I am not wrong, it is more than 63%.

    The pass mark is at the point where only 33% of the candidates with higher marks will pass and the rest, 67% will be made fail by the college.

    The total question is only 195, and not 200 as 5 questions will be trial and will not contribute to the total marks.
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    mrcp 2008 is correct ..they only want 1 standard deviation ie close to 32 percent to pass the mrcp 1...of course pass percentage for mrcp part 2 is close to 56-57...but part 1 is like a strainer..they want only the cream..
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    The pass mark will be >65%
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    passmark sep 2007 was 58.6%!!!!!
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    NO IT WAS 63.59%
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    I have got 127 questions that are correct, do you think that i will pass?!!! :( :( :(
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    hiii , how could u collect ur right answers... it is really amazing that u did that.. did u recall all the 200 qs and see whats wrong and whats right...bcz even in this web u see different opinions about answers so one couldnt know which of which..
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    :lol: hope 1 of u wil remember zos 2 questions
    the man wz history of scapes that cut his skin inyo pieces

    and the woman wz the extended investigation k urea chlor na bicabonate
    he ask what 2 chek in urine
    was it chlor or bicarbonat or something more srprisng

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    hi 2008

    how can i 2 no my score

    ihave 160 qs corct
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    if u have a sure 160 question then congrates u already passed
    start doing mrcp2 & dont waste ur time with part1
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    litium in refractory depression

    More than one third of patients with a major depressive
    episode in general do not respond to antidepressants (Bauer
    et al., 2002). Lithium can presently be considered the best
    validated augmentation strategy for patients not responding
    to tricyclic antidepressant (TCA), selective serotonin reuptake
    inhibitors (SSRIs)(Bschor et al., 2003; Heit and Nemeroff,
    1998; Zullino and Baumann, 2001), venlafaxine
    (Bertschy et al., 2003; Zullino et al., 2001) and mirtazapine
    (Bruijn et al., 1998).
    The main current hypothesis postulates a synergistic serotonergic
    effect of antidepressants and lithium. Lithium has
    been found to enhance serotonergic function among others
    by modulation of serotonin turnover and release (de Montigny,
    1994; Price et al., 1990). Furthermore, it has been
    suggested to act on 5HT1A receptors previously sensitized by
    the antidepressant treatment (Chaput et al., 1991; de Montigny,
    1994; Heit and Nemeroff, 1998).
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    hii , anybody wants to comment on the followings :
    1 rna check i thinnk bu dna
    2 pathogonmic of heart failure in preg
    3 whats about large ears of that man .. many have different opin about
    4 LAD not circumflex ??
    5 SOME SAID ABOUT THAT DVT WAOMAN is she should raise her legs when in airoplane(as she has to fiight as the qs was)...otherwise no further actions will be done if in other conds
    6 dumping syndr...not to change the diet but should recons.surgery as some websites said
    7 a man with ple.eff......no aspiration ---- fot ct guided biopsy not bronchoscopy :?:
    8 amidraone in both answers ishould say whay in the first q the pt was in hear failure and his pulse was 110 i think or less irreg irreg and they insisted in the q about the ttt of his af after it is failed to something so amidarone will cardivert it allowing at the same time the irreg irrreg pulse to became reg..the other q the pt was AZTHMATIC and his pulse was abig one not as on the otherq here he needs to control his pulse rate first but bcz hes is azthmatic no b blockers anymore and should be given amid
    8 what is the effect of sotalol anyone knows/??
    9 the pt ofthe aphasia hasnot had problem with expression if u remind the q they mentioned that his prob was mainly compreh( thats bcz i sat about 5 mins on that q trying not to confuse btn the broc and whe areas) the answer was post temp... he mentioned other sign of parie area ithing .. the post part of the temp will press upon that part giving both signs
    10 whats about comp of angio .. yes the arryth is commom but they asked about the cause of death during OPERATION
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    no haemochromatosis gs in exam

    it was porphria

    man was pigmented and scarred at sun exposed sites

    man was in acute excerpation of copd

    again thre z strong relation bten pct and haemoch

    pct cause iron over load

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    sorry i just remmbered also
    11 COPD dec excap and hosp admissions,,,, some said beclo and other said iprat.bromide any opinion???..as i found that ipr.bromide can decrease the freq of attacks
    12 inter. self cather for post voided urine?
    13 that woman with back in dialysis i said b2 microgl... but many of my friends said that q was v.tricky bcz the woman has sign of myeloma at the same time..hypercalcemia and inc ESR ....and others i cannt recall them .. i couldnt argue them after they sais sooo... did anone recall that q
    14 whats about recovery of stroke
    15 pt with absent kid ...what to give steroid ir ace to safe his kidney
    16 mebranu nephoppathy ttt is it ace or steroid esp that pt' s blood press was 140\80 and has prturia
    17 qs about microdeletion detection ?
    sorry if i annoyed u but my friends who sat with me for the exam r working with me in the same hosp .. everday they talk about the qs in the exam and disscus for along time about , at last i had to participate their discus although i used avoid at start....these r thr qs which we disagree about their answers and if i recall more i will post it :shock: ...
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    another gs z zat z pt with hyper calcaemia it was not normal saline bcz pt was in failure.z correct answer wl be dialsis as z site show.iwrote it as i/v frsmide.icant now remember if option of dialsis was given in exam
  36. Guest

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    if it was z same qs of wmen in dialsis with the option of tertiashry hyperparath then itis z correct anser

    icant remember there was qs on genetic anticipation as some say

    is there true diffrns btween cntres
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    how can i calculate my score if iknow my total corct answes
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    i certainly dont know how to calculate the score but roughly

    its 200 quest
    som say 5 are trial quest
    so u r left with 195

    see how many right answers u have do a %
    then pray to allah that 5 of ur wrong answers were those trial quests

    i got that feelling that if u have over 140 right questions u get a pass

    again its a rough way ,no guarentes
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    want pair 4 7 mrcp.2nd part :oops:
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    hi , no one wants to comment on the 17 qs i had post...plz donot hesitate to write ur opinions about these qs wethere u agree or disagree with answers :(
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    hi again i m failed in 22/01/08 exam,u can also try if u try to apply 4 oversease exam n if u getting thru it means u r failed otherwise u r passed.
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    so i tied and passed thruoh is this mean i failed??????????
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    if i fail, shall i go for next exam or make it a sept?
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    Hello everyone,

    the results are going to be published next week, but I read on one of the previous forums that sometimes they do publish them earlier on ..monday(as the result of last exam of 11 sep,the result was on the website the 1st of oct 2007).
    Good Luck everyone ... and hope that everyone passes this exam
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    hi every 1
    wt zs logging 2 oversease exam and failing

    didnt undrstand anything
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    there is oon dr here on that forum who put new hypothesis how to know your result befor puplished on web site he said try 2 apply for mrcpp exam part 1 again throuh ur code number if not accepted this mean that ur code number is passed other wis u failed
    actually i dont know from where he brought that .....
    any body support this theory???????????
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    Stop this speculation

    Hi all,

    Please stop this speculation. RCP is not a fool, there is no such thing like if you can apply for Part 1 in your account on MRCPuk.org means that you hv failed ur Part 1 Jan 2008. The systems is only active after the info is loaded in it.

    The exam is over. Just pray that you pass and if you hv not confident start revising all over again.
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    mrcp 1 result

    hi guys
    where is resulty????????????????/

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