few points from 22nd Jan MRCP 1 exam

Discussion in 'MRCP Forum' started by melosqueak, Jan 23, 2008.

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    I've passed. 76.09% ;-)
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    Al7amdulillah I passed as well :D
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    al7med llelah passed

    how can i know my score?????????
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    logg into "my mrcp" and click on exams history
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    :) i passed 77,12% really happy
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    i failed 64.6%, passmark 65.2%!!!!!!
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    i failed got 61.4%. :( congrats for those who passed.
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    Dumping syndrom problem

    For dumping syndrome , which is correct answer ,
    surgrey or dietary . Pls. advise who passed this exam. :p
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    rna testing?northern blot or in situ hybridization?
    polycystic kidney-sudden abdominal pain-cyst expansion or haemorrhage?
    cytotoxic drug-MOA-?
    Which point favor depression?
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    gout exacerbation-allopurinol or alcohol?
    post dialysis back pain-?beta 2 micorglobulin,some said it is false
    wafarin-4wks or 6mnth?
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    hii , i passed my exam al7amdeleallah , but i would like to say that passing the exam dosenot mean that those candidates answered the questions u asked correctly so donot rely on them and seek more trustful sources bcz they will send us the results without details of questions and no one knows which of which was right ....anyway i would like to give u my opinions about the answers u posted....
    dumping synd.......i chose the option of surgery
    RNA ..if that question was the one which asked by which method a piece of RNA is detected by DNA... then i chose PCR
    sudden pain in a polcystic pt.......hameorrage into the cyst
    i couldnt recall the q of cytoxic drug
    gout excaberation......allopurinol ttt
    post dialyss pain... i chose myeloma bcz that pain if u remind was associated with hypercalcaemia and high ESR i think
    warfarin.......is to be taken for 6 monts
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    cytotoxic drug MOA-choice is aptosis ,necrosis?

    cytotoxic drug MOA-choice is aptosis ,necrosis?
    depression -disorientation in time ,place and person?
    ECG-V5,V6-Circumflex or LAD?,
    I apprciate ur suggestion,and thk u for ur reply.
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    MRCP preparation , style and books

    Hi all those buddies who pass the part 1 ,
    currently i failed this part 1 exam 52 %. I would like to take ur study style, books and any other requirement to pass . I m really concern about MRCP which is essential in my life.
    Appreciate ur reply. :cry:
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    Hi , i passed , taking 71% , i studied only emrcp , onexam. , pastest & masterclass mcqs , also mrcpass , no book really , praying for everone , bye.
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    hi again lowprofile , i m so sorriy that u didnt pass ur exam...but i would suggest to apply for the next exam in may immediately and donot hesitate.... i really liked the word 'essential'...unfortunately , this the mrcp exams made our life like a cycle which u cannt get out of...i feel like u excatly that mrcp is essential and inshalla when u pass ur exam next time u will that u r satisfied to some extend .....anyway , i read from karla book, easter book for basic medical science( i just read genetics , statistics, and some important topics in pharmacology) , onexamination questions and emrcp questions(even this i didnt finish it) .....
    about the qs u posted ..i donot why i couldnt recall that qs of cytoxic drugs ( maybe bcz when i found any odd qs i l answered it quickly and went for the next qs... bcz time factor is v.important in that exam and even though , i couldnt revise my answers)
    about depression qs , i think they asked how would u deffertiate it from dementia... i think there was an option of comlete or global diorintation or loss of memmory something like this :roll: , i chose it
    about v5 , v6 i answered LAD but i think it was wrong .. most of those sat with me said circumflex...
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    Hi Al7amdulillah,
    thks for ur suggestion.To be honest with u,i don't know pharmacoloy chapter in Easter Brook,i am weak in phamacology but i hate to learn big book of pharmaco,many thks for reminiding me.u r v.helpful,i really appreciate u.i also read kalra,but don't read easter brook,practice on exam.com and emrcp(i also don't finish).i also ans:LAD,and also wafarin 6 mnth,most say 4wk.i will try my best for next exam,i am encouraged by ur word.
    low profile
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    I failed the exam 59.78% 1st attemp i have read Karla,oneexam and emrcp,do you think that it is important to get the passtest classroom courses for the next exam? please i need your advice i'm very depressed! :cry: :cry: :cry:
  19. dear guest,
    I understand your feeling of depression.
    Let me say that the vast majority of us have been in that situation. Take heart. There are 3 months until the May exam. This is ample time to prepare.

    I strongly recommend that you concentrate on doing as many BOFs as you can manage. There are only 2 websites that you need to use: OnExamination.com (take out a 3-month subscription - the money is well-spent), and passmedicine.com (formerly known as eMRCP; this is free, and the questions are very similar to those in the exam). You do NOT need to worry about other courses, or websites. I would not recommend the PASTEST website or classroom courses, as they are overpriced, and their BOFs aren't quite in the style of the RCP exam paper.

    If you begin by working your way through all of the BOFs in the OnExamination bank, one by one (they call this the 'work hard' option), you will assimilate knowledge and recognise patterns, etc. There are about 3500 questions available, and it should probably take you 2 weeks or so. Once you have finished, start doing mock exams (the website will generate these). In tandem with all of that, you should work through all the BOFs from the passmedicine website. Remember that up to 10% of questions from these websites seem to turn up on the real exam - I certainly found that in January '08.

    I don't think it is necessary to read books slavishly; perhaps stick to looking up topics you don't understand. There are only TWO books that you need: Kalra, and Easterbrook. You don't need to read every chapter of these books,either.

    This recipe worked for me, and I only had 2 months.
    You can do it. Go for it.
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    i passed first attempt, not sure how i did it!

    i used onexamination (did half questions), emrcp (went through once) and did pastest.. I did very little reading, so i was surprised to have passed.
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    Has anyone done Irish part 1 exam in January?
    This was on 15/1/08, and result still not out.

    What did people think of it?
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    Thank you very much dr rupert bear for your help and your complet answer,i will start preparing for the next diet.
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    Assalamu alaikum

    Just trying to give some advice to brothers who did not receive "tawfeeq" in this exam.

    I am F1 and this is my first postgraduate job (4 months in Chest medicine and now in 2nd month in surgery) so there was no much experience in medicine.

    I got 68.48% in the exam al7amdulillah (PASSED).

    I had a quick reading through Kalra (read about 70% of it), onexamination (solved 1654 questions once) and emrcp (did most of the questions once).

    I did not expect to pass to be honest, and the only thing that kept reassuring me is that I prayed (Istikhara) before I apply for the exam.

    The detailed advice to brothers is as follows:

    1- Pray "Istikhara" (don't know the meaning in English) and decide on success (inshaallah).

    2- Start by picking up whatever you like of chapters from Kalra (don't read it chapter by chapter as that will make you bored, but rather read what you feel you want to read from it).

    you are advised to follow the pattern of: Kalra --> emrcp --> onexamination. And when it comes to revising, just revise onexamination.

    3- Pick one chapter at a time and don't read more than one chapter in a row. (let's take endocrinology as our start for example)

    4- Do not waste more than 5 days on any chapter (I did not read renal medicine so I don't know if it would take more than 5 days). Try to read it quickly knowing that even if you knew every single detail in the book your chance of passing the exam is not high at all. So the book should be taken as a "reminding and reassuring" tool so that for example after reading endocrinology (which is the best chapter in the book) you will feel encouraged and confident to solve the questions related to this chapter.

    5- After finishing endocrinology go to emrcp and do all the questions in endocrinology. The good thing about emrcp website is that its explanation is invaluable and reliable and easy to learn, with links to guidelines provided when needed.

    6- Now we can start with the endocrinology questions in onexamination. Do all the questions in endocrinology and know that if you get more than 70% at the first time then you are a genius!! Now is the time for your detailed reading: when you don't understand something in a question you can go back to Kalra and search for it and learn it (this way you will never forget it inshaallah), this way you are not wasting your time on things that you already know.

    now all we did is endocrinology chapter from Kalra --> endocrinology questions in emrcp --> endocrinology questions in onexamination --> refreshing our memory from Kalra (or any online resource) about the topics in questions that we did not understand.

    7- Take another chapter from Kalra and read it "quickly" just to gain confidence and encouragement --> because you are encouraged solve the questions in emrcp which will teach you alot of things not mentioned in Kalra and would encourage you even more --> go for the questions on onexamination (the questions related to the chapter you did) --> refer to Kalra or any online medical resource when faced with something you don't understand.

    8- Keep doing that for all the chapters in Kalra if you found that helpful.

    9- If you are a genius and could finish all the reading, start to revise by repeating onexamination questions only. Do not bother with reading Kalra again, don't waste your time.

    This is the best way I found after trying several ways of studying ove a month. In this first month I studied Cardiology from Kalra in detail and repeated it. And at the same time I was solving Cardiology questions from onexamination (I did not know about emrcp at that time). Then I did the same with repiratory medicine. Believe me it was a waste of time and when I tried to do a mock test in Cardiology and respiratory medicine a month later I forgot all my "detailed" reading from Kalra and relied on the knowledge I gained from emrcp and onexamination. But Kalra still needs to be read at least to reassure yourself.

    I don't think that it is necessary to take any courses or any additional material. I did not try the Easter book and this is the first time I hear about it. I tried to solve some pastest questions but found them very difficult and different from the type of questions that come in exam, so don't bother with pastest as well.

    It took me 3 months to study, the first month was wasted on cardiology and respiratory medicine, and the next 2 months I read most of the reading after developing the study pattern I explained above.

    about 20 - 30% of question in the exam came from onexamination word by word, and because I did not do all onexamination questions, I don't know if other questions were from onexamination as well. So there might be more than 40% of the questions from onexamination. This means that if you do onexamination 2 or 3 times you are guaranteed at least 40% of the questions in the exam. Kalra and your knowledge from questions explanations in emrcp and onexamination should take care of the rest.

    A good thing about this kind of study is that it is somehow structured, so you can plan ahead for the time you need (after finishing the first chapter from all the resources for example) to finish all the studying and then you can decide how much time to dedicate for revising (strictly from onexamination only). Otherwise, imagine yourself in the big sea of the mrcp books on Amazon for example or the larger textbooks like Davidson or Kumar, you will never finish and you will never feel confident (which is one of the key factors for passing MRCP in my opinion).

    And the most important thing to know actually is that our task here is just to study whatever necessary of materials to pass the exam, and that passing the exam is a different thing, it is a reward and "tawfeeq" from Allah but you should study in order to deserve it. If you studied the materials that people usually study and did not pass the exam don't blame yourself because you did what you have to do, sometimes we face circumstances which contribute to our failure in exams eventhough we studied very hard.

    Now for people who want to take the exam again: if you feel very depressed and feel that the MRCP is your enemy (which is what most of us feel about exams that we do not pass from the first time) then I advise you not to take the next exam in May, rather take the one after that and try to take a month rest. But if you really feel encouraged to take the May exam then start now by doing only onexamination questions as you have already read Kalra or Easter book, so you won't benefit much from doing them again and the real deal for you is in onexamination questions to be repeated 2 or 3 times.

    Lastly, I would like to tell you that failing mrcp 1 does not mean anything. More than 70% of the doctors that I know failed MRCP in the first time. Among them are two of the brightest ST2s and a senior registrar in my hospital, if you look at their knowledge now you won't believe that they failed an exam in their life. Failing part one did not stop them from being the best and it shouldn't. Actually they told me when I applied that I should consider the date of my second attempt and make sure that I am not doing on-calls on that date, as I am propably going to fail the first attempt anyway (which al7amdulillah did not happen), because mrcp 1 is usually passed on the second attempt!!

    So brothers don't bother much with the first attempt. Put your trust in Allah, do the necessary reading (or revising) related to the exam and go forward and inshaallah this will be the first and the last "fail" in your life.

    Brothers who passed the exam, please feel free to correct any of the points that I posted, or add to it if you find that necessary so that we can come up with a better re-formed study pattern.

    Instead of repeating questions and answers (which are mostly arguable) I think the best thing to do is to collect the experience and study patterns of people who passed in order to build up a structured way to study for this exam.

  24. drgogo

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    slamo 3alekom
    thanks for ur advices
  25. AM

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    hi everyone, i would like to post my experience bcz i know that there are many drs feel what i felt in my preperation for this tricky disastrous :shock: exam...... firstly , alf 7amd wa shokar le allah that i passed this exam , cannot believe thats my daily noisy dreams about the results are over.....
    i posted some words here the day after exam immediately...and there was one dr here (called dd i think) reasurred me and the words posted really relieved me...... well , i used to feel scary all my life when it comes to exams .., but this time there was more scarecrow ( maybe bcz it is mrcp not the ordinary college exams in the medical school we used to take) .... thats was v.obvious esp during the last 3 wks ..and sometimes i cannot goahead in what i was reading and just start to cry until feel relief....and this honestly had a bad effect in my exam..... belief me if i said that i was shaking during the first 30 mins of exam and took hard effort to control myself.......thats effected me negatively in answering qs...although al7amdelalah with all these panic i was v.careful in understanding and answering each qs, otherwise i would properly failed this exam....after the first paper and during the break i closed myself in a bathroom and started to cry then i had to hold myself and prayed and asked allah not to do again stupid mistakes in the 2nd paper ....then when the 2nd paper time started i went for the exam room...and this time i decided to be more stronger and forget anything about the 1st paper... i found that the 2nd paper better but during the exam many flight ideas about the 1st paper came to my head and made me depressed again and i think this also might had some impact on my performance....
    after i finished my exam ... i didnt ask anyone how they did , i just run out and took a taxi immediately to home.... i closed my room and started crying till the morning( i didnt sleep that night).... and i was blaming myself all the time how would i done such mistakes that i wouldnt do if in other circumstances...and a;; what i did was just recalling most of the qs and tried to find their answers in textbooks and internet (although i didnt do it before during my medical school exams wether good or bad...i used not to revise anything related to exam and said it is just finished and nothing can be done)....i did that for many days and kept remmbering this and that qs plus the qs found in this websites posts... i was really depressed and started to think about applying for the next date after i found that many answers were not the same that candidates chose .... and posted some words here about my depression and fright....and there was someone (dd) who posted some words which really helped me to some extend ... he said that his friends sat for the mrcp1 few months ago...and the one who found it difficult and was crying ( i guess she is a female) and counted more than 30 mistakes and was still doing passed the exam while the other one didnt.... i was swinging and just wanted any hope guide that lights my way...anyway , i wouldnt say that i was completely comfortable but at least knew that there are many candidates in my situation and not only me...
    then when it was friday i didnt know that they would release our results in the website that day untill i opened this website and saw some posts from 2 or 3 who passed the exam,.... ooooooooooooooo my god , i didnt expect this what should i do now , shall i open it or take some time to accept that it is there now... and bcz as i said i m v.dramatic woman started to cry for a while and then prayed ,...after that i oponed the mrcpuk website... u wouldnot imagine what i did when i typed my code number waiting for the next page.. i was covering my face with my shaking hands and waited almost 10 mins till i opened my eyes ...when i saw the word pass i started again to cry but this time was the tears of happiness and thanked god for his giveness......
    i really wanted to say this bcz i realize that this not wise from me anymore and truly hope to be more stronger and behave as a confident dr..... i dont know how , but if any of you had similar attacks and had overcome them then plz help ur sister by any advice as i m afraid that these panics continue with me....the problem that i know that nothing deserves that huge hysteria even the MRCP exams bcz when allah wants u to pass or fail nothing would change the end result....
    for this exam ,i did like what some dr did , i prayed alestaghara before applying for this exam....and regarding the way of studing i agree with what dr rupert bear said and would not recommend pastest exams .. i tried once their free 100 qs and had their books that made me change my mind immediately after seeing them... from my point of view they donot resemble the rcp qs AT ALL , maybe others differ with me bcz i know some candidates passed their exam and used this website qs.... but one should focus on th qs that truly similat to rcp style..... i read also karla and some topics in easter and used onexam mainly plus some emrcp qs.... i was worry bcz i didnt revise karla again but as some guest said u would not remmber anything at the end and that what happened to me..
    anyhow , i say congrulations for those who passed and verry hard luck inshalla for those who didnt pass and dont forgive at all bcz it dosent estimate us as good or bad drs and may allah give u better chance next time inshalla and just have some confidence and try not to be panic like me and get rid of any frustrated feelings ...... :)
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    do emrcp and read the important journals given along with it,onexamination,maximum best of fives that will lead to success in mrcp part1.
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    1passed my exam

    and will write the whole qs insha Allah

    exam is amatter of time mangment in and out of exam hole

    iread komar

    karla is not so important

    helen is not impo also

    the most impor is 2 solve as alot qs as possible

    iheared of pass test and masterclass.didnt see them
  28. MRCP result

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    hi everyone , did any of you recieve his results letter.....i just recieved it .. you wouldnot belive that the contributing questions towards the final mark are 184 questions ...i.e there were 16 questions which are just for research..although eveyone said that they donot exceed 5 questions,, did it happen before :lol:
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    mrcp result

    hi guest ,i failed my exam in this january,don't receive result letter yet ,i think may get tomorrow,research questions is so many,how about u?
    Did anyone help me by replying "do i need to do 123doc.com?"it is not free.
    Those who pass the exam help me!if it is worth doing i will buy.
    low profile
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    didnt ricv my msg yet
    where r u and wt cntre
  31. MRCP result

    MRCP result Guest

    hi low profile , i m the guest who answered ur query about the style and source of MRCP1 study..... i adviced u to apply for the next date immediately without hesitation......regarding the books i used ....karla , easterbook( some chapters only)..onexamination qs and emrcp qs.... don't waste ur time in unnecessary questions , textbooks or websites... honestly , i don't know anything about this website.....and i just heard about in this site few weeks ago.........wish u all the best inshalla and don't give up..........
  32. Guest

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    mrcp result

    thk for ur reply,as u said i am encouraged and don't give up.thk again for ur wish.
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    hi anyone please tell me where to find the score? in the website it comes whether you r pass or fail.
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    u go to the link my mrcp and there u can create ur account after filling their forms and then details history of ur exam attempt will be given...
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    alsalam 3lykum
    4 all who passed their 1st part mrcp alhmd LLAH
    ineed apair 4 z 2nd part

    any 1
  36. Guest

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    well i wished if i can apply for the 2nd diet but everyone of my bosses adviced not to apply before being ready for the PACES... as i have no enough experience in practicing medicine rather than the few months of medicine shift on the foundation period...what do u think... ....
  37. saadia

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    :eek: i have done karla and covered some units from parveen kumar .i only average about 68% on my mocks are my chances of passing bleak
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    geneti anticipation

    incresing dis severity & earlier onset in successive generations occurs in TRINUCLOETIDE REPEAT DISORDERS due to expansion of the repeats.
  39. Guest

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    About the question of absolute contraindication for surguery in c-a lung--the answer is vocal cord paralysis.

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