FMGE exam; How to Pass? And why is it so hard?

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    How to pass the FMGE ??

    How to pass the FMGE ??

    Hi to all out there. I did my UG and PG in Russia and came back in january and I couldn't apply for FMGE march'08 as the time was over...Then I decided to wait for the september FMGE ...Initially I started with books like SARP series and the text books which I had previously. In the meanwhile my friend who passed the march FMGE suggested books like Sharad chandra and Mudit khanna and he told me that the questions were motsly from these books and so they should help you pass the exam...Then I bought Sharad chandra and after revising 3 timesall the 3 books(i.e., after reading each and every page of them patiently)I was still not confident because medicine is like and ocean and we can't depend on a single book AND THEN I BOUGHT PG REVIEW BY Salgunan ....Friends believe me that's hell lot of mcqs(20000 mcqs with lot of repetitions) in that book...I finished that book too and got confident becauseeven if a question comes outside the book it could still be based on it.....I attended the exam.....Believe me the first part of it went ok but the second part was like totally direct questions from the Salgunan book..believe it or not answered with confidence around 96 questions within 55 minutes although some questions were not from the book but were based on questions from the book....I knew I would pass the exam and I came out of the exam hall with light heart...Yes I was true and I passed the exam...Please don't mistake me this message is not to boast of myself but to recommend you to work harder and only hard work can help you....I never joined any coaching classes and believed in hard work and by God's grace I passed the exam...Take care and best of luck to all those are awaiting the march '09 FMGE
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    Dear All,

    Welcome to this new exclusive discussion zone for FMGE examinations.
    At this moment; the real point of discussion is reasons behind low pass percentage of FMGE exam; which is said to be less than 10 %.

    Is it because the exam is badly designed as in wrong questions or

    is it because exam is too difficult

    or is it because exam has questions which have little relevance to clinical practise

    or is it simply because many universities overseas do not have proper classes / infrastructure?

    Do send in your views


    AIPPG Support
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    Why FMGs are not passing

    regarding low pass rate of FMGE

    The reasons are all the above. But there are some things that need to be accepted with total honesty. Being a former FMG and having passed the exam in third trial, I know what I am saying.

    The students who go to foreign schools are the ones who could not clear the PMT and gave up on trying and found the easy way out. That does,nt necessarily mean that they are bad, dumb, lazy.They are like the rest who went to Manipal or Bihar for the same purpose.In fact, some of them are really intelligent, ambitious people who could'nt believe they failed PMT and wanted to be in medical school so bad, were willing to go even overseas.
    But once you are overseas, very young, many factors come into play about which they don't know or were not aware of.
    As of the standard of overseas university, there is n'thing wrong. in fact, its far better than India or some 1 bed hospital medical universities of Bihar.Although exeptions are everywhere. But the main problem is language barrier. Russian is a tough language, and to learn it in 6 months, then begin the first smester with all the tough subjects, is ridiculous. This leaves their base weak and confidence shaken. Then down the years, they are so used to russian that english terminology is completely forgotten.then the students finally come back, with no clue whatsoever. Regarding the style of questions, yes, they are a bit obscure .
    Students need to ground their feet fiemly in reality if they wish to be succesfull as a FMG doctor.
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    mfg exams

    well i dont think that russian language is the factor,once u get the degree and u come to india it all begens!the guy who has a bad hindi bad english has to have a bad russian too !but here india what they are doing is tatally potitical and bussiness!!they creat derebrat ly tough papers so that the doctors cant clear it and soo that the people dont go abroad and takes addmissions in the colleges of these politicians and there friends!today if u ask your health minister the anotomy of the mouth u will find that i cant tell u the names of the teeth so pointing somebody bad is not the point the point is these ministers and beurocrates are the dirtiest of people who can only spoil the futures not creat them!mci ?who are they ?these people take 100's of thd's of croes rs to recognise private medical colleges and them create a atmosphare which bound the student to student to study there !if we have to win we will have to unite,that is the only way out!!even the supreme court has the judges who are accused of bribes,soo dont acept justic in this country!this democrasy is a failure!lets try,lets study,lets unite ,let us show these inhumans what we are the better ones !best of luck never sat die,hit it harder and break it break the wall of injustice and inhumanity!!
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    I Completely agree to Dr Rahul

    Correct Dr Rahul...u r 100% correct
    but one thing i'd like to add in this...what u also mentioned.


    "Obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be broken" -ADOLF HITLER

    Lets NEVER think of any excuse rather just concentrate in preparation,make urself strong enough n ambitious to break them,to prove that foreign medical students can also be as capable as indian students...If they have corruption than we need a knowledge which is even more stronger than them.

    whenever u feel little depressed...remember Hitler.

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    Students who hve done mbbs outside india in russia etc are like quacks.We are risking our population by letting loose these docs here. Standards of mbbs in india is very high and 10 percent is a very high pass percent for these licensing xams. If not bad docs ....atleast u guys cud hav become good nurses here.Now u pose a national threat especially with a corrupt MCI manning the country's porous medical boundaries. The country has gone to the dogs.
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    hello guest....
    the corruption is not in mci but in your mind and people like u which have same mentality.....
    why you seems to be so upset .......if you havve really some concern about people of india then instead of joining multinatioal hospitals go to villages and see real india...indian government spends lakhs of rupees in preparing a doctor and what is result ...some one goes to usa .some to body to rural least rusian docs are far better on these behalf as they are studying with their own money...not like you....
  8. hi friends,, i also cleared my fmge here in sept09 in 3 attempts and from my experience i can assure u one thing that the level of examination has definitely gone up.Candidates studying in Indiawill also have more or less the same sucess rate as we have. No offence but from what i have heard not students but the level of most of the colleges in RUSSIA is definitely substandard. In FMGE, number of questions being repeated from AIIMS , AIPGEE & DNB have gone drastically low. Mudit Khanna if done thoroughlly is sufficient enough. In spare time do have a look through Amit Aashish. Clearing the examination is less of a achievement and more of a burden relief at least for me. All the best to all fellow doctors. May we improve our success rate in forthcoming examinations.
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    Hello All.
    The discussion here seems to have gone a little wayward and I personally think that the people here, though good in their intentions are straying a little bit off the perspective.

    FMGE is not hard. Contrary to all the things that are being said around here, just get it out of your mind.
    I cleared mine in the first attempt in September 2009.

    The coaching classes really help. I had joined DIAMS and they played a substantial role in clearing my exam.
    AFMG also conducts the classes, but overall the DIAMS faculty is much more better except for Gynaec/Obs.
    I am not vouching for DIAMS. You may join AFMG if you find that fit, but study the basics in your last year. Anatomy, Biochemistry, PHysiology and Pharmacology.
    The rest they cover here very fast and in a very exam-oriented fashion. Do the clinical subjects in India. Non-clinical is the same. You're sure to pass !!!

    Best of luck to all of you DEAR friends.
    I have faced the dread and the tension and I know how disappointing a "FAIL" result can mean !

    But worry not !! YOU can DO it !!
    Cheers !
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    i m also fmg and passed mci in 1st attempt 2009 . one thing i want 2 tell that students in russia are very lazy they do not read properlly if u read u'll clear and for mci i think even if u read last year well then u can clear mci and forgette books like pg+ or mudit khanna just concentrate on theories u'll clear mci bcz since past 2 years they r not asking the ? from these books i accept that these books can give some idea that how 2 solve mcq but it is not enought and now days it is not required if u 'll read theory very good u'll pass and plz don't make mci ur headache who 'll read will pass and remember comonthings will ask comon and rare will rare so read all main topics of subjects and if time permites then go for rare ? but atleast u must know all main topics properly bcz mcq can be asked any type if u'll have good concepts u'll clear mci dont worry
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    its not difficult if you work hard

    hi friends. i passed fmge in my first attempt in march 09 after 3 months coaching. from my batch only those who used to study in college days passed, the rest failed.. they failed even in sep exam.. if you work hard you can pass. dont think that you can enjoy in russia and then come here and study for 3 months and can pass- that is not going to happen. easy and hard are levels we create for ourself. if we have studied, it will be easy.
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    hi,we are habituated with blaming each other.some times we blame to mci,sometime we blame low standard of overseas medical education,Indian medical graduates blame foreign graduates(they are quakes).i just want to tell you ......there is only the thing that if we will prepare well we will get the success....and if not you know better( failure in 6th or 3rd attempts).
    I saw my seniors who had gone through the simple text and solved the question bank likes muddit khanna,3A or pg+ easily clear the exam in first attempt....
    ya ofcourse in countries of former USSR the standard of medical education is not up to the mark and the students who are here not atoll serious about studies they are giving the priorities to enjoyment ...but it is also true that if Indian graduates will ask to give such exam a lot of them will not be able to pass the exam,there is also a lot of loop holes in our education pattern....but what to do there is no excuse of failures.go for hard word,organize your study according of exam ofcourse there will be of luck!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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    after reading thru all comments nd facts, ive come to a point. im also a FMG. and like to tell u tht these filthy politicians r ruining our careers. if they call us quacks then drs nd specialists around the globe r also quacks....
    if they hv kept this exm for us,,, y nt indian students should b forced to give this same exm to get their reg.
    i can even go to the height of saying tht if ne dr who has practiced 4 a decade can also find this exm as a mystery box...
    to get admission we gotta pay lacs, for study another lacs in india.
    and wt about us, aftr so much hard wrk a few handful of us pass by giving bribe again nd those who dnt hv money r left behind on the fate and 1 more hope of clearing this stupid exm nxt time...
    they say we r short of drs. then y nt make intern compulsory in rural areas for FMG's and to cancel this stupid screening. this way we can cope up wid increasing demands of dr's in our country and can also start the rounds in rurals wher ppl dnt wanna go...
    even today after clearing mci screeening, ppl go to delhi, mumbai to do intern, nebody frm whole lot doesnt wish to go to rural places....
    this is bad, insane, they r making fun of humanism and by supporting dem we r too contributing to dem.
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    hey everyone,i empathize with the strugglers and congratulate the achievers.I luckily achieved what i had set out to in the first attempt and scoring relatively well
    (new scoring system gives us the marks to promote transparency).
    Honestly the exam isnt a mammoth task,jus forget whats happened and focus on what u have to do.
    Start with getting ur hands on the Final Punch By the DIAMS guys..tht book is a life it 5 times atleast
    The obg and ortho handbooks are easy and are self sufficient.
    Oxford handbook of medicine and surgery if ur basics are weak and its a fast way to feel good about both the subjects.
    Peds,physio,fmt carry very little on the marking scale.
    Try getting the DIAMS class notes in OPthal ,med ,PSM as they carry a lot of wieghtage.
    i am nt marketing for DIAMS nor advocating you join them..jus telling you that these guy helped me somuch that the FMGE was a cake walk...
    cheers and goodluck.

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    rumours on fmg

    hi all...

    im ganesh studying medicine 4th yr in china(dali university).
    i have seen 2 - 3 papers here in this site..but fund its not that tuff as everybody telling...

    but onething i really tell u is that no one can pass if they are wid out minimum basic knowledge...

    they usually test u minimum basics..and some more extras..
    if we try our best then its nothing ../

    wat i finally say is first leave about pass percentage and we have to try our best then talk about the rest matters...

    im sorry if i hurt anybody....

    thank you
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    its not so tough

    guys, todays i passed, and just wanted to tell those aspiring. pls do not leave hope. the exam is only one chance for all the foreign returned docs to show that we are not less than others. exam is tough i know..but with rigorous study for 6 months you can clear it. i did it in 2nd attempt.
    yeah it was too hard to spend daily 12-13 hrs to studies..but it give good results. also you need to cope up with new pattern every time.
    if you want to pass ..i can suggest you to read these books:
    1. mudit khanna ( medicine) ..thorough study and learn every minute things.
    2. amit ashish (surgery). wont find a better book for surgery
    3. AIIMS 3 parts. learn them ..repeat 10 times ( golden books)
    4. arora publication books for - biochemistry microbiology ..indispensable.
    5. optahlma - ruchi rai or you can prefer any else if you know.
    5. sakshi arora - gyn and obs.
    6 pharma - any book with explanation.

    i think this will do. i did it this way.. good luck guys. you can do it..just remember one thing ..the day you loose hope ..everything is over.

    do not cram...try to understand topics. but sometimes you got to cram..;))
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    pls do not leave hope. the exam is only one chance for all the foreign returned docs to show that we are not less than others. exam is tough i know..but with rigorous study for 6 months you can clear it. i did it in 2nd attempt.
    yeah it was too hard to spend daily 12-13 hrs to studies..but it give good results. also you need to cope up with new pattern every time.
    if you want to pass ..i can suggest you to read these books:
    1. mudit khanna ( medicine) ..thorough study and learn every minute things.
    2. amit ashish (surgery). wont find a better book for surgery
    3. AIIMS 3 parts. learn them ..repeat 10 times ( golden books)
    4. arora publication books for - biochemistry microbiology ..indispensable.
    5. optahlma - ruchi rai or you can prefer any else if you know.
    5. sakshi arora - gyn and obs.
    6 pharma - any book with explanation.

    i think this will do. i did it this way.. good luck guys. you can do it..just remember one thing ..the day you loose hope ..everything is over.

    do not cram...try to understand topics. but sometimes you got to cram..Wink
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    not in 10 yrs only after finishing the course
    i cleared at first time, n completed my pg in medcicine and crtical care, i have 10 to 12 indian doctors under me supervision, they r dump dont know how to manage the case in icu and emergency, they have passed from renowned unversity in india, but they cant use their brain in work only in mobile hone and girl friends, by the way who told you russian doctors dont know any thing, plz come to my hospital and see how ur indian doc r working
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    From what I read in the above discussion, everything is partly true. Students who do go abroad for pursuing medical studies happend to be the ones that didnt get seats in India. I, myself got bds seat ranks but I didnt want to pursue it so went abroad instead of paying 25lakh for "management" seats. I studied In moscow in very well equipped and disciplined hospitals with heads of departments who serve the Russian PM. Trust me I doubt any Indian student gets the individual attention that we enjoyed there. IF the fault lies , it lies with the students. There are lazy good for nothing students who fail to get even 60% marks in 12th boards , let alone pmt seats, who are forcibly sent by their parents. That aside, anybody saying indian medical system has very high standards has got to be joking right? I'm pretty sure Indian medical system can be very keenly observed in hospitals, ward boys raping patients. Doctors barely giving any attention to patients unless it's a private hospitals but then you're probably going to end up paying through the nose for that service. Any sceptics about the medical system in Russia or any other country should really speak only if they've experienced it. I'm 24 years old and the number of really good doctors I've seen in india can be counted on one hand. All I see is corrupt government doctors, Family physicians who prescribe paracetamol and steroids for anything and everything. Indian medical system my behind.
    More to the point, FMGE "appears" to be a difficult exam for most students because : a) they aren't serious enough b)They're hard working but are channeling their energies in the wrong direction.
    There are many examples in this discussion itself about people asking if they'll pass if they study kaplan and park and harrisons and god knows what. Guy's seriously if you studied that you could pass USMLE. Who are you kidding, FMGE is not even 30% of PG syllabus. IT's all basics. Stop wasting time reading advanced books. Join a coaching, or even borrow notes from someone if you dont want to. They teach you from the exam p.o.v which is all we need to pass the stupid exam. You dont even need to practice questions if you know the notes from coaching classes itself. I know a friend who passed even without practicing even a single question. I did solve questions but thats my own personal preference because it helps me understand which points i should stress on in a chapter and what I can afford to forget. Try and understand the gist of it. YOU DONT NEED THE MINUTE DETAILS.
    Another mistake that 99% of the students do is ignore the smaller subjects. There are about 8-9 smaller subjects viz. psychiatry,forensics,derma,ortho,radio etc Most of which can be finished within a day , YES ONE DAY if you dont pick up a text book like an idiot and isntead follow concise notes and these are the subjects where you can actually score 100%. A guy who has finished Harrisons and knows each and every point still cannot guarantee to answer 100% of the questions from medicine. Medicine is just a complicated subject. Even doctors who have worked for 40 years cannot guarantee that. Same goes for PSM, it is an easy subject where you just have to cram random facts but point is in every exam , even pg exams there are 5-10 new questions which cannot be answered unless you know parks by heart and Parks is not a small book. Even my psm teacher said he would never be able to attempt all questions correctly if he sat in the exam.
    You are medical students people, use your brain seriously. You cannot avoid any subject. If it was me I'd give more preference to the smaller subjects which i can manage to finish in 1 day and score 90-100% in, instead of medicine which people cant even finish in 6 years let alone 6 months. Dont avoid the smaller subjects. They' can be covered and finished within a month, then you can try and finish whatever you can from the bigger subjects.
    I'm sorry for the long long post but seriously I found it very appalling when I saw most of my friends preparing for the exam. Point is, fault ,if at all lies with the students and instead of bitching about it and holding protests I'm sure they'd see better results if they spent the same time studying seriously.
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    Well said friend. This would be an eye opener for many.

    Success comes only with preparation.

    Let us all make ourselves worthy "Doctors" in the society.
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    Ray of Hope`

    Being a FMGE aspirant, n clearing it in the second (1st serious) trial, i would ask all my colleagues to focus on MCI coaching in various is very helpful....just forget everything for 4 TV, no internet, no nothing....only preparation and revision...revise wat they teach in coaching how many times u can...n sit for exam...u will b confident to pass....

    I had been to canada for public health course,,,,,found a job cud nt survive the guilt of nt passing FMGE...n came back n hit it hard...

    I wish you all the best for upcoming exam...
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    what they said is true.congrats for the opinion.
    i dont think people who worked hard failed.all of my colleagues cleared exam on the 1st go. i didnt coz my preparation was not enough.
    i graduated from uae.
    iam tryin sincerely for sept
    Insha allah.

    good luck for all for upcoming exam
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    Hi Dr. Satbeer,

    I am also a graduate from Russia (2002 batch) and currently working in Clinical Research after doing post grad (in Clin Research) in Canada. I attempted only once FMGE (unsuccessful) when it was introduced back in 2002. I immigrated to Canada thereafter. After reading your post I kind of got a boost to come back and attempt FMGE once again even though I am having a nice job but I am not enjoying it because I want to help people who need my help (in India). What are your thoughts on this?

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    The MCI is really a corrupt body. Do u know that NRI's who have done their intermediate graduation from the UK or the US are given direct admissions to premier colleges like AIIMS(2 seats reserved for NRI/government nominees) etc. On the other hand, students qualified from India have to pas the PMT...I m not saying that PMt should be abolished...but for God's sake dont put up surreal questions from the Bsc I and II year course...financially mediocre students (like me) cannot afford to give such breath taking fees to coaching mother is a divorcee n a teacher...does a teacher gets this much money to give to coaching cl. and then spend lakhs for MBBS...goodness but the plight of MBBS graduates is even worse...the number of PG seats in India is dwindling...there's a cut throat competioition!!

    As far as FMGE exam is concerned, it shd be there...when we have given PMT exam to get an MBBs seat then why cant foreign NRI grads...isn't it...i m sure those who have done
    MBBS from russia or ukr would also agree, they are also CAPABLE but the point is that the exam shd be TRANSPARENT, EASY TO CLEAR and RELEVANT...whats the point of asking PG questions in FMGE...Horrible

    MCI and mohfw is losing GEMS...there is an acute shortage of 10 million doctors as per stats say in India, one doctor per 1 lakh patients....

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    simple mantra

    People will tell you many things about this exam. In the end three things count
    1. FMGE is meant as a deterrent for students to come back to india and not to test your medical knowledge

    2. It is meant to be stupid and impractical, knowledge which they know wont be useful.

    3. They are too lazy to think of new questions and make new questions, because they dont care.

    So if you put all the above inferences it points to the fact that they will use a very predictable method to set question papers because they are not interested in passing us. Also it has to be very difficult. In the end it all points to AIIMS. Its the toughest test and easiest to obtain for them.

    Dont worry about anything else, just study old Aiims papers. Do them 3 -4 times and you will get enough to pass. Even if they ask questions from outside they will be along the same basis and mentality which you will pick up as you solve the papers.

    Just be sincere in your effort when you solve aiims papers, focus on speed and avoid silly mistakes, after 2 revisions you will find yourself really confident.

    Whatever you end up scoring in your final revisions of AIIMS papers will be what you will score in FMGE.
  26. dr spsma

    dr spsma Guest

    regarding Fmge

    my dearest doctor friends . i had just missed by 4 marks last time in march 2010.. but i am confident to clear it this time..
    basically we maximum fmge students are from good world class colleges whether its st petersburg or be it ukraine.. when we were there we were not so career concious.. we only feel it in india.. i have seen more than 120 questions are direct questions.. its easy to pass if you have dedication.. and be it diams or afmg .. full term coaching is needed atleast once.. so please dont worry dont worry we will get through the magical figure of 150..
    for people who appeared many times.. please think that you are appearing for first time.. try to change your mindset.. dont think as failures.. and dont think about other people saying.. think you are the best.. no one can stop us.

    regarding indian standards we all know.. the theory part is very strong here.. but we the fmgs are strong in practicals.. believe we are best..
    if this exam is conducted for indian mbbs students.. results will be almost same.. still more than 50 days to go.. give your 110% .. and we will clear this.. good luck to every one..

  27. dr.ajay

    dr.ajay Guest

    work hard

    hello friends.. every one of us knows whats going inside our country. we have no threat from other countries but threat from increasing corruption of our nation. friends keep studying.. there are so many other exams in other nations which we can give like usmle, keep trying for other exams also.. we got potential. so dont loose heart keep trying.
  28. api

    api Guest

    there are very few seats for mbbs in our country.second only bcoz sumbody's family can afford giving high donation it doesnt make him a genious.with few seats and people doing retake of entrance for years its very difficult for a school passout to pass in pmt.for me i was a cbse student and in my state there was no option between maths and biology so neways it was tough and to do well in boards as well as entrance is no joke.i even cleared bds for sum college in up but i found going abroad a better option dan a substandard indian college.and anyways latter 1 of my frds he cleared maharashtra entrance 4 pmt we both had given the test 2gethr and he told me his parents paid 10 lakhs and thats was he gt a rank in the entrance test.u see every1 in india is nt brilliant 2 .and a bright kid will always remain 1 if he sticks to his ambition.this was for mr guest to do away with his illusion.
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i m fmg frm russia,n ve given this screening test in 07...may be many things ve changed,as to how they ask qs etc..but the only IMP. thing is that they really ask very basic stuff..and instead of panicking n picking up thick books,just concentarte on notes frm classes..they were really good,n make sure u add notes to it while u r in that way whn u revise everything will be in 1 book.

    doing mcqs all along also helps,but the main thing is ,u ve to read the expalinations,of all the ans..not say tht ok my ans is correct,lets move on...NO read y ceratin ans is helps u cover many topics,n diff ds..

    btw i passed the 1st time,and now currently studying for my USMLEs n trust me,fmge screening test is nothing compared to guys study,its really not tht hard...but hard work is needed in rt. direction...u can study for many hrs,but if ur method is not rt, u will not score well..

    Good luck guys..

    dont give up..
  30. Dr. Chandan

    Dr. Chandan Guest

    No Alternatives

    Hi all the FMG's. whatever the government and MCI has done to us, is not a secret to anyone, but lets not forget the fact that those who have cleared this screening test also had only one head on their shoulders. WOKE UP GUYS. i am not saying its easy to crack , but its not impossible. the easiest thing in life is to sit and study. believe me ,( i have started earning ). so guys JUST CHILL. if at all you have decided to change the field partially than you can join MBA (Hospital Administration). Its just a way to switch over from the clinical to the administrative side of the hospital. because this thing is still unexploited in India so at present there is good scope. but this thing , if there arises a life and death type situation. we are all doctors and we should be working likr doctors only.
  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    dude seriously whatever u told about the exam and the education and illusions about studying medicine in china ukraine and all is perfect. i wish people would give this a thought and change the way they look at things. my friends payed a large sum of money to get management seats in india while i choosed to be a fmg in china. trust me the facility here is much better infact cant compare to the medical facility available in india. its very rude of them to make bad comments about the study and doctors and the facility n faculty here. and the stupid hype the media creates about the lifestyle and recognitions. bad lifestyles are a part in every country and college i guess.even in india manipal n all there are worser lifestyles i guess. media should try to warn and enlighten ppl but not try to panic them to put up their prp ratings.
    all the fmg people are after all students aspiring to be doctors. keep up the faith guys and practice makes the man perfect. i am sure we will show the worls some day that wherever we study its the passion and the dedication thats important. and better late then never so good luck!!
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest

    fmge sep-2010

    friends please help.
    i am going to put protest over few wrong questions which were framed wrongly in exam .

    please help if i am correct.i have 148 marks IN SEPTEMBER FMGE exam.

    These are few questions with answers:
    1]contents of ringer’s lactate are all of the following except:
    a)na+ b)cl- c)k+ d)ca2+
    sir/madam as you are most probably a doctor ,these all are constituents of ringers can except be there in question .all are there in lactate .

    2] Investigation of choice in Cerebral calcification :
    a)ct scan b)mri c)x-ray d)pet scan
    Sir/madam both CT Scan and MRI can be used as an investigation of choice .there is not even single doctor and clinically in hospitals also few consider MRI and few consider CT SCAN as investigation of choice.even top hospitals with good instrumental infrastructure differ on investigation of choice in cerebral calcification.
    Different books and authors vary in their opinion for investigation of choice for cerebral calcifications.

    3] WHO definition of blindness:
    a)1/60 b)6/18 c)9/60 d)18/60

    SIR/MADAM WHO says blindness as “visual acuity of 3/60 with BEST CORRECTED VISION”
    “visual acuity of 3/60 with BEST CORRECTED VISION” IS LATEST STANDERD ACCEPTED BY WHO and there is absolutely no point about 1/60 or something else.
    This definition makes number and people blind by definition as 37 million and not 57 million as earlier miss perception .

    4] in dengue haemorrhagic fever what is not seen:
    a)fever b)coagulopathy c)bleeding d)haemoconcentartion.

    Dear sir/madam COULD YOU PLEASE TELL how there can be answer in these choices as all are found in dengue haemorrhagic fever:

    ,to remind you again in pathpysiology of DHF THERE ARE MAIN THREE STEPS

    a)haemoconcentration(equal to or greater than 20% above average for age,sexand population.
    b)a drop of haematocrit equal to or greater than 20% of haematocrit at presentation.
    c)signs of plasma leakage evidensed by pleural effusion,effusion,hypoproteinemia .


    5) painful hepatomegaly is seen in all except?
    a)cong.hepatic failure b)viral hepatitis c)cirrhosis
    d)liver abscess.

    as you may know better than me ,Painfull hepatomegaly is found in all of these conditions.THEIR IS NO EXCEPTION IN THESE CHOICES TO TELL WHERE PAINFULL HEPATOMEGALY IS NOT FOUND

    6)in "THE HINDU"21March 2010 there is one news where railways part has also been added to ESI is like that:
    "Cabinet gives approval for ESI benefits to unorganised workers"


  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Armed with sedative injection, doc stole car

    Express News Service Tags : carjacking, robbery, Manoj Kumar Singh, doctor Posted: Sat Feb 26 2011, 03:55 hrs New Delhi:

    Manoj Kumar Singh, the arrested doctor, at the Rohini police station on Friday. Renuka
    A 29-year-old doctor has been arrested for his alleged involvement in two cases of carjacking and robbery in Begumpur, Outer Delhi. According to the police, the accused wanted money to build a hospital, and had become frustrated when he didn’t succeed in clearing the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE).
    As the accused held a medical degree from Russia, clearing the FMGE was a mandatory requirement.
    Deputy Commissioner of Police (Outer) Chhaya Sharma said, “The accused has been identified as Manoj Kumar Singh, a resident of Khera Khurd in Outer Delhi’s Begumpur area. He is a Doctor of Medicine from the Russian State Medical Academy, and hails from a family of doctors.”
    The arrest was made following investigations into a complaint by one Satish Kumar on February 3, who stated that four persons had stolen his car from Begumpur while he and a friend were travelling back from Rohini.
    The gang of four men — identified as Singh and his accomplices — had allegedly rammed into the victim’s Santro from behind with their Maruti Zen. The victims were then taken to Alipur in the Santro at gunpoint. Once there, they were injected with a drug that rendered them semi-conscious. The gang then fled the scene with the victims’ car, cellphones and Rs. 10,000 in cash.
    Sharma said, “After coming to India from Russia, Singh was unable to clear a test that was a mandatory requirement for practising medicine here. He was working at a clinic in Rani Khera as an administrator. But Singh wanted to make more money, so he could start a hospital on his own.”
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    FMG problem

    Hello dear doctors... I read your comments about the FMGE exam and the style of the question paper...

    I am sorry to use these harsh words but I must say that discussing the problems in an internet chat room is much more easier then going out there and to fight for your right.

    My name is Dr. Suhail A. Vadaliwala. I am an FMG too... Me and my 10 other colleagues stood in front to fight against the system in May-June 2009.. We met almost every personal connected with this examinations. We had a face to face conversations with our ~Union health minister even... But I am very sorry to say that our own FMG friends made us to loose the battle as they were also just sitting behind, enjoying and making fun out of us... We were surprised as well s shocked to see that as I didnt understand that was that all for our personal sake... Are you people happy with the unjustices done to you... Dont you have it in you? Cant u stand for yourself??? I am eagerly waiting the posts and replies of the doctors who has there views to share about the Style of slaughterin of the system.... Mind it!!! I am not saying to remove this exam... This is much beneficial to attain knowledge but my question is.... Is this exam fare???????????
  35. Dr V

    Dr V Guest

    FMGE exams...a matter of real concern..

    I am one of the doctors graduated from Kerala and I am very very concerned about my sister who gaduated in Russia,who spent 7 long years coping with all the hardships there and finally came back to her home land with a deliberate sense of responsibilty to serve her own people;only to face the hostility being shown to her as is true with many others.This means no offence to the Government but the reasons are the very same.
    Me being a graduate from India and having tried for post graduate examinations here,I can affirmatively say that the question paper being set for the foreign graduates is as difficult as our PG entrance examinations which is not fare at all.These students must be assessed for their basic clinical knowledge as supposed to theoretical knowledge and be given a chance to learn more once they start as house officers.In spite of the pass percentage being so low all these years and analysing the possible reasons over an over again there has been very little change in the question format which is very sad.
    At this juncture i am not sure as to which door i am supposed to knock to get this issue considered by the government.

    I feel the very same for all of you out there as my young sister and all I have to say is never lose hope.You guys are far ahead in practical knowledge at your level.So just keep that in mind and move forward.Never ever give up!!
  36. Guest

    Guest Guest

    how can u prove :
    to reduce methotrexate toxicity all can be given except:folic acid2.folinic acid 3.folate
    all can ge given ask anybody
    wheat/rice in mid day meal programme:
    100grams.2)150grams.3)200 4)250.

    now these bastar...s know they cant deny 1/3 should be calories and 2/3 should be proteins.and 100grams till rpimary level and 150 after primary level(keeping the same ratio of (1/3 should be calories and 2/3 should be proteins)
    there was no specification of whether it was primary or secondary school.
    like this there were many fake questions.
    no transparency no know how?why?
    india is becoming dictators country and people are doing dharnas at jantar mantar .even in pakistan of afganistan things dont go like this.
    are we stupids sitiing at home as if india is a land of
    best doctos in world .i got 148 last time now they say 140 ,i and many know i know better than 70% of indian medical graduates .but this my motherland india has made me to sit at home and do nothing.i would have said ok to myself if there was transparacy in system.i left UAE as a place to work,
    after clearing MOA ,because my parents live in this unlucky and my like many people should have said OK ,if there was something transparent.delaid results ,to get money through Agents/dalals from DIAMS,AFMC AND OTHER INSTITUTES. WHO GAVE THEM RIGHT TO SPOIL OUR MY FUTURE neither i will become more intelligent by getting 10 more marks or last time 2 marks .this means i have go degraded in these 6 months.this means i am now worse than i was 6 months from now.
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest

    dear friend you know i think indians,even in russia ,you know them when russains used to beat them they used to run away.most of them are and me and many of us like us cant do much .i am ready to come out but 2 cant do anything.i just want transparacy because if there is transparacy we cant put finger to others.they are making money.ONE THING WHICH HURTS IS ,WE ARE REPRESENTATIVES OF ONE OF THE CREAM LAYERS OF THE SOCIETY , NOT ONLY ON PAPER,BUT BY KNOWLEDGE ALSO .I AM NOWHERE BEHIND ,BUT ,SORRY TO OVEREXPRESS IF THERE IS,FAR BETTER IN KNOWLEDGE FROM MY INDIAN COUNTERPARTS.
  38. mci exam

    i have passed my fmge exam and i think it should be mandatory to clear this exam . ok fine we r not comparable with indian doctors who r studying in govt colleg . but friends what abt thost students who had really worked hard in china after clearing mci they r equivalent to indian doctors. at least after our couse we have given exam but what abt privatr college doctors......... they r very intelligent no......
    i m really appriaciating doctors graduated from govt college ..... :lo
    l:go and ask every indian doctors how much they knw and then ask from foreign students who r really good ...i m not saying every body is good ...some r dumbos ,,,,,,,,..... but u cant judge every body with this
    good bye

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