FMGE Recall Q & A SEP-2013 [ONLY SET-H]

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    1. length of male urethra 20cm Fem:5cm
    2. length if trachea 10-16cm
    3. wt of spleen 150g
    4. wt of uterus 50g
    5. Which drug C/I Hypertension in pregnancy (Both ACE inhibitors and ARBs are fetotoxic)
    6. after NVD OS became closed in how many weeks ?
    7. choledocolithiasis 8 mm TOC- ERCP
    8. ureteruc translucent calculus URIC ACID
    9. acrodyneia (disease of early childhood marked by pain and swelling in, and pink coloration of, the fingers and toes and by listlessness, irritability, failure to thrive, profuse perspiration, and sometimes scarlet coloration of the cheeks and tip of the nose. Most cases are toxic neuropathies caused by exposure to mercury.)
    10. zinc deficiency
    11. viscera forming hernia: sliding hernia
    12. c/l in prophyria
    13. oxygen cylinder colour white&black
    14. sharp waste in which bag : Blue or White Opaque Bag
    15. 4x5 chi square test. wat will be possibilities
    16. baby can swallow in which week 12/14/16/18
    17. Hoffman's sign
    18. calcium form. calciterol
    19. iron storage. feritin
    20. doc for meningitis
    21. lock jaw due to
    22. TB hip . position
    23. ACL prevents
    24. viscera stored with: formaldehyde 10%
    25. in hot oven sterilizer which can't be strilized
    26. which of the following is nt requird in prvsly ceasrian sction.. trying for vaginal devry
    1.asses pelvimetry
    2previous no. of csrean sections
    3 an anesthesist
    4 an obstetrician for cserean section
    27. cause of death in drowning
    1 laryngospasm
    2 vagal nerve
    28. death show lung soot
    1.antemortal flame burn
    2.antemortal lightning death
    29. which of the joint not involved in rhemtoid artritis
    1.radiocarpl joint
    2. intrphlngel joints
    30. female sterilization can't be done –
    2 day after NKVD
    3 to 5 day
    5 to 7 day
    can't be done after 42 day
    31. umbilical cord contains: 2 artery 2 vein
    32. perforations stomach collection will be which area (Subsequently, upper GI tract perforation (stomach or duodenal bulb) would result in supramesocolic compartment gas and distal small and large bowel perforation in inframesocolic compartment gas.)
    33. fluid of choice in burn RL
    34. in multiple traumatic hypovolemic shock fluid of choice BLOOD TRANS
    35. in hyopovolemic which shock
    36. fetus kidney produces urine from what period
    37. Radium half life 1601 years
    38. Inability to downstairs which involved
    39. chadwick's sign positive at 6–8 weeks after conception
    40. painless ulcers in tongue
    apthous, tuberculous, syphilis
    41. Indian population pyramid ?
    42. Triage for children which colour for sickness of child for home (NOT ADMIT IN HOSP) GREEN
    43. Alkylating neoplastic agent
    44. Gastric lavage c/I in Kerosene Poisoning
    45. Snowman sign CXR: Total anomalous pulmonary venous return
    46. coA used- succinyl coA
    47. husband & wife hut - IPC-498A
    48. doc for herpatiformis dermatitis – dapsone
    49. iron & folic acid given in pregnancy - 100 fe & 500 folic acid
    50. which vaccine given in children with HIV : MMR
    51. alzimers has which deposition: Amloid Beta
    52. if a person has taken only water no salts in heat he will have ?
    53. Duffy blood group resistance which type of malaria - P. vivax
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    54.heparin MOA..AT3
    55.alpha agonist..
    56.penicilamine C/I in alAs poisoning
    57.anti craving in smoking..bupropion
    58.disulphiram MOA..ald dehydrogenase blocker
    59.HTN is feature of...nephritic synd
    60.splenectomy..HS looses consciousness in..delirium
    71.hormone not related to growth..ADH
    73.a wave abscent in....atrial fibrillation
    74.feactures of CD A/E...
    75.GERD gold standard inv...UGIE
    76.mirasmus baby...inctease apetite
    77.which type of Hb remains unchanged in thalasemia...
    78.causing agent of typical pnemonia...
    79.abs C/I of LSCS...fetal distress
    80.medical abortion done in which POG to continue MC...
    81.radiological sign of IUD....
    82.OCPs protect A/E...breast ca
    83.OCPs MOA....
    84.M.radiosensitive T....
    85.myopia is mc in...increase optic disk size
    86.sympathetic ophtalmitis...
    87.angle recession glaucoma...
    88.loss of vision in diabetic retinopathy...macular edema
    89.retinal detatchment means...detatchment of neurosensory and RPE layers
    90.flameshape hemorrhage from which layer...nerve fibre layer
    91.visual field defect inv...
    92.PG used in glaucoma..latanoprost
    93.enucleation means..removal of entire eyeball
    94.nerve injured in increased ICT...4th N
    95.diameter or length of cornea...
    96.STDs A/E...H.zoster
    97.hutchinson teeth..cong.shyphilis
    98.highest accomodation...children
    99.cutting b/w pons and medula will effect breathing in following manner...
    100.investigation for functional and structural analysis A/E...
    102.TB cases finding tool..sputum smear
    103.synthesised in liver A/E...vit k
    105.milk pasturisation...
    106.color coated bag for needle,
    107.Vit formed by AA..niacin
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    sympathetic ophthalmatis usually result from :- Ans penetrating injury to the cillary body .
    most severe injury following swallow of : alkali
    boutonniere deformity-RA
    smoking cessation-bupropione
    splenectomy:Rx for hereditary spherocytes
    Accommodation is maximum in:-children
    Most Radiosensitive tumors:-Ewing’s carcinoma or ovarian ??
    decreases in flight and fright - airway resistance
    drug of choice herpes dermiformis- dapsone
    vitamin synthesized from amino acid - niacin b3
    ketone body-acetyl coA
    brain blood supply - ?800
    lochia duration-?
    iron and folic acid content in tablet
    ferric-ferrous conversion ..? ceruloplasmin ?
    lead poisioning-inhalation
    fenastride-5 alpha reductase
    seldenafil-5 phospho...
    shaft of humerous-radial
    cornea >11 micro cornea
    umblical dermatome t10
    listeria monocytogen-erythromycin
    sudden vision loss 5th question- crao ?
    pemphigus vulagaris - autoimmune

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