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    SET A
    1. Syringe, needle,... Disposed in red bag
    2. Gastric lavage c/i in kerosine poisioning
    3. H-pylori in a,GERD, b,....
    4. lochea (weeks) 3weeks,,
    5. Indian population periods
    6. lenght of male ureter 25cm
    7. scabies oral Rx ivermectin
    8. hyperprolactemia... A,.....b, breast feeding c,.... D...
    9. Antemortum sign of drowning A,washer women's hand,b, cutis anserin D,white forth d....
    10. ankyloblephron
    11. Pretibial edema seen in
    12. Ape hand deformity seen n medial nerve
    13. Pelvic diaphram
    14. Defects in right atrium?
    15. Mitral stenosis?
    16. Person only taking water, no salts,in heat he will have?
    17. T/t for motion sickness haiosin
    18. Drug to prevent nausea and vomiting induced by radiotherapy ?
    19. No: of teeth in 3 year old? 20
    20. Colour of O2 cylinder? Black and white
    21. Astigmatism cylindrical lens
    22. Trachoma SAFE,, S-Sx, A-anti biotics, F- face wash E- wrong
    23.double bubble sign-- dectal atresia
    24. (Column - 1) (row-1)-- (5-1)* (6-1)= 4*5=20
    25. First t/t of Hemorrhagic shock ,,fluid is --- crystalloids
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    set a
    scabies-- treatment -ivermectine
    Treatment for motion sickness -hyosine
    Drug to prevent vomiting nausae induced by radiotherapy-ondasetrone
    Epulis arise from -root
    fluid of choice in trauma - crystalloid
    anesthesia disociative- ketamine
    agar- solid
    not increase in pregnancy - platelet count.
    vitamin synthesized from amino acid - niacin b3
    dose of anti D post pregnancy. 300
    pointing index - median nerve
    not required for trial of vaginal delivery following previous CS- More than one old CS . iron storage protein - ferritin
    target sign .intusseption
    drug contraindicated in glaucoma c asthma- timolol
    mcc of eyelid tumor. BCC
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    SET A
    1. Syringe, needle,... Disposed in red bag
    2. Gastric lavage c/i in kerosine poisioning
    3. H-pylori in a,GERD, b,....
    4. lochea (weeks) 3weeks,,
    5. Indian population periods
    6. lenght of male ureter 25cm
    7. scabies oral Rx ivermectin
    8. hyperprolactemia... A,.....b, breast feeding c,.... D...
    9. Antemortum sign of drowning A,washer women's hand,b, cutis anserin D,white forth d....
    10. ankyloblephron
    11. Pretibial edema seen in
    12. Ape hand deformity seen n medial nerve
    13. Pelvic diaphram
    14. Defects in right atrium?
    15. Mitral stenosis?
    16. Person only taking water, no salts,in heat he will have?
    17. T/t for motion sickness haiosin
    18. Drug to prevent nausea and vomiting induced by radiotherapy ?
    19. No: of teeth in 3 year old? 20
    20. Colour of O2 cylinder? Black and white
    21. Astigmatism cylindrical lens
    22. Trachoma SAFE,, S-Sx, A-anti biotics, F- face wash E- wrong
    23.double bubble sign-- dectal atresia
    24. (Column - 1) (row-1)-- (5-1)* (6-1)= 4*5=20
    25. First t/t of Hemorrhagic shock ,,fluid is --- crystalloids
    26. Agar- solid
    27. Wt of uterus
    28. Drug c/I in glaucoma
    29. Vit A - retinol
    30. Most common eyelid tumor--bcc
    31. Target sign -- intessusption
    32. Malignant Otitis externa--- pseudomonas
    33. Doc for herpatiform dermatitis -dapsone
    34. Iron & folic acid content 60 mg & 500 mg
    35. Snow man sign-- TAPVD
    36. TB hip -- flexion and external rotation
    37. X-linked r-- hemophilia
    38. Drooping lily sign-- hydra tic d/s
    39. All leads to failure of 1st stage of labour EXCEPT..mal presentation
    40. Dissociative anaesthesia --Ketamine
    41. Creative synthesised Frm argenine
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    2. Asha worker works for ___ population. : 1000

    3. Breast cancer chemotherapaeutic agent that causes osteoporosis : letrozole

    Studies also have found that a class of breast cancer drugs called aromatase inhibitors can decrease bone mineral density and increase the risk of fractures in postmenopausal women. Aromatase inhibitors decrease the body's production of estrogen. While estrogen feeds cancer, it also protects against osteoporosis. Aromatase inhibitors include letrozole (trade name, Femara), anastrazole (Arimidex) and exemestane (Aromasin)

    4. Oshsner sherran regimen : abdominal lump(mass)

    5. Tinel sign : regeneration of nerve

    6. Addisons disease EXCEPT question

    7. Widened anion gap all except :lactic acidosis, DIARRHEA, diabetic ketoacidosis, methanol poisoning

    8. Lochia lasts for? 3 wks

    9. Negri bodies are found in? Cerebellum,hypothalamus,HIPPOCAMPUS, brain stem

    twisted question..actually both cerebellum and hippocampus are correct, only mci knows the awnser

    10. Injury to cn 3+4+ 1st branch of cn 5 causes?

    11. Anchovy sause: amebic liver abcess

    12. Sun ray appearance : osteosarcoma

    13. Agent of choice for GA in children: sevoflurane

    14. Longest acting beta adrenergic blocker?

    15. Multipurpose health worker works for how much population? 1000, 3000, 100, 5000

    16. Surgical neck to go through before deltoid : radial Artery, axillary A etc

    17. Tx for MTP : 200mg mifepristone + 400mg misoprostol

    18. IOC for neonatal hypertrophic pyloric stenosis : x ray, CT scan, mri, ultrasound

    according to the guides it is ultrasound

    19. Leptospirosis caused by : rat urine

    20. Following anesthetic agent doesn't cause malignant hyperthermia

    21. MCC of dysfunctional uterine bleeding? PID, endometriosis, dermoid cyst, anovulatory

    22. IUD is least likely caused by : placental abruptio, obstructed labor, low birth weight,

    23. Pneumatocele is caused by:Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae, Serratia marcescens, Klebsiella pneumoniae( can't recall if staph aureus was in the options)

    24. Drug OC for meningitis due to listeria

    25. A wave in jvp is absent in? Atrial fibrillation

    26. Cranial nerve first to be affected in increased intracranial pressure: cn 3, 4, 5, 7

    27. Lesion peripherally present with concave border(a case question) : Subdural hematoma, epidural hematoma, sah

    28. Blow out injury with ptosis(can't recall): zygomatic arch, orbital floor

    29. Severe mitral stenosis is identified by? Loud s1, loud opening snap, duration of middiastolic murmur, intensity of middiastolic murmur

    30. Following are signs of placental seperation except: uterus rises in abdomen, uterus becomes discoid, lengthening of cord, fresh gush of blood from the vagina

    31. Mc INDIRECT cause of maternal mortality : anemia

    32. Obstetric care will affect? Infant mortality rate, early neonatal mortality rate, late neonatal MR

    33.sausage digits: psoriasis

    34. Hyperthyroidism all accept: anxiety, palpitations, tachycardia , WEIGHT GAIN

    35. What would you do immediately after a cardiac arrest? Give epinephrine, breathing, check pulse, CARDIAC COMPRESSION

    according to the guidelines with their conducted research checking for breathing or pulse isn't crucial. you need to start compressions right away. you can do check online.

    36. Following result after chronic edema to legs except? MARJOLINS ULCER, thickening of skin, soft tissue infections, varicose veins

    marjolins ulcer = only after burns

    37. Angioedema common location? Hand, feet,EYELID, tongue

    38. P wave in ecg : physiology based question

    39.Posterior dislocation of hip results in: Adduction, internal rotation, flexion

    40. Mean, median, mode among 11 smokers was asked

    41. Fournier gangrene is caused by: welchii, proteus, streptococcus, e coli

    42. Most radiosensitive tumor: seminoma, lymphoma, Ewing sarcoma, Wilm's tumor

    43. Acute renal failure results in : Hyperkalemic alkalosis, Hypokalemic alkalosis, hyperkalemia acidosis, Hypokalemic acidosis

    44. Hemolytic anemia is associated with the following gall stones : pigmented, mixed, cholesterol, none

    45.gram negative anaerobic bacteria use this : transduction, conjugation, translation etc
    (another question about bacteria /virus transduction translation was asked, can't recall)

    46. Reverse transcriptase : hiv

    47. Hutchinson teeth - congenital syphilis

    48. Continuous burrowing ulcer is caused by : strep viridans, strep pyogenes etc

    49. IOC for sah : CT scan

    50. pressure inside uterus during early phase of active labor : 50mmhg, 100 mmhg , 150, 200

    51. Xeroderma pigmentosa = zinc

    52. All the following cause community acquired pneumonia except : chlamydia pneumonia

    53. Pagets disease EXCEPT : it is often bilateral

    54. Percentage of renal plasma flow to gfr (it was asked something like rpv is how much of Total gfr): 20, 38% etc

    55. Entameoba question (can't recall )

    56. Common cause of 3rd day Peurperium fever :BREAST ENGORGEMENT, uti, puerpeurial infection

    57. Aortic hiatus of diaphragm : t12

    58. Pigments in dermoepidermal junction

    59. An except Question regarding Neuroblastoma

    60. given immediately in hemorrhagic stroke: packed rbc, colloids, crystalloid, isotonic

    61. Duchenne muscular dystrophy question

    62. Bodily injury caused by husband or his relative(can't remember if that resulted in her death & the question did not mention punishment) : normally dowry death ans 304-B, can't recall the options

    63. Mc congenital anomaly : both cleft lip and palate, cleft lip , cleft palate, none

    64. Following doesn't move when you swallow : BRACHIAL CYST, thyroglossal cyst etc

    65. Following is released/increased in surgical stress: ADH, insulin, ACTH, cortisol

    66. Tx in severe cystic acne :isotretoin

    67. Breast exam should be done :3 days before menses, 3 days after, 10 days after, none

    68. Peau d'orange in breast CA is due to?

    69. An except question about propionobacterium acnes(im sure the question was not related to skin/acne)

    70. Weight of uterus immediately after delivery: 1000gm

    71. 1st polar body is released at the time of : ovulation

    72. Safety muscle of tongue : genioglossus

    73. taste sensation in tongue is not carried out by : cn 5, 7, 9, 11

    74. Azoospermia & biopsy question

    75. Vessels in umbilical cord : 2 arteries, 1 vein

    76. Peritonitis question

    78. Deep inguinal ring defect due to ?

    79. Descent of testes during fetal stage : 1-7 abdominal, 1-7 months inguinal, 7-9 months scrotum, none

    80. (not sure)Artery present in anatomical snuff box : radial A

    81.valveless among the the following : inferior vena cava, femoral A, abdominal artery, none

    82. Testicular vessels drain into:

    83. Metastasis to neck node is from : breast ca , lung ca

    84. Trachoma single DOC : azithromycin

    85. Wrong statement among the following : cervix is lined by transitional epithelium

    86. Zenkers diverticulum question
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    87. Urinary fistula is formed by all except : uterine surgery, abdominal sugery, lymphoma,

    88. At the end of c6(not sure) which is untrue: trachea opens, superior venacava ends, inferior venacava ends, arch of aorta ends(im very sure about the options)

    89. Element that helps in transforming procollagen to collagen : Iron, zinc, copper, selenium

    90. Coronary artery supplies all except :

    91. Keloid is all except : May be familial, arises on sterum,SUBSIDES OVER TIME, hyperkeratotic

    92. Enterobius vermicularis commonly resides in: appendix and cecum

    93. Molluscum contagiosum is a : virus

    94. Left testicular vein drains into :left renal vein

    95. Local anesthesia acts : by blocking ca channel, by blocking sodium, by blocking both sodium and calcium

    96. Instructions for intubation are all accept: head tilt, chin lift, cricoid pressure, jaw thrust

    97. Extrahepatic circulation / hepatobiliary secretion is slowed down: 2hrs after meal, during meals, night starvation, high carb meal

    98. Loosers zones : osteomalacia

    99. Vit k except question

    100. Yellow fever vaccination activates : 10 days

    111. Wenickes aphasia except : incoherent speech, poor comprehension, poor repetition , paraphasia

    112. Dementia all except : loss of consciousness(=this is a feature of delirium)

    113. Severe Mental Retardation : 21-34

    114. Father of public health : cholera

    115. Sudden hypoglycemia in a non diabetic px : alcoholic pt

    116. Alcohol withdrawal presents with all except : tremors, bradycardia, sweating, hallucinations

    117. Ethanol acts as an antidote in ethyl alcohol poisoning by : competitively inhibiting alcohol dehydrogenase

    118. Following hypertensives are contraindicated in pregnancy : ace inhibitors

    119. Following is decreased in depression : serotonin and norepinephrine

    120. Antitb drug causing pigmentation in cornea/retina :

    121. Alkalating agent used in chemotherapy :

    122. Double barrel sign : obstructive jaundice

    123. Saw tooth appearance : diverticulitis

    124. (not sure)Sentinel loop on xray : Acute pancreatitis

    125. Aspergillosis presents with all except :

    126. Choriocarcinoma untrue statement :

    127. Westmarks sign : pulmonary embolism

    128. 60 yrs old presents with history of angina and shortness of breath for the past week. Blood withdrawn shows thick brownish red color. Diagnosis? Sickle cell anemia, hemolytic anemia,

    129. Hemaagglutination caused by which organism :

    130. Turner syndrome presents with which heart defect? PDA, tof, coA, ms

    131. Achalasia cardia presents with all except : corkscrew esophagus (corkscrew is a feature of diffuse esophageal spasm)

    132. Emphysema presents with all except: cyanosis

    133. Radioisotope used for thyroid treatment of metastasis /ablation : I -131

    134. IOC acute pancreatitis : Contrast CT

    135. Crown rump length at 12weeks?

    136. Vit D is high in : milk

    137. A case about SAH and IOC was asked : CT scan

    138. Anti RHo bodies presents in all except:

    139. Condition in which there is anterior or posterior displacement of a vertebra in relation to the vertebrae below : spondylosis, spondylitis, SPONDYLOLISTHESIS, spondyolysis(listhesis means slip forward)

    140. RIM sign on iv urogram diagnosis ? : hydronephrosis

    141. Struvite stones : present in alkaline urine

    142. Bronchoscope contains holes for?: ventilation, drainage of secretion, for biopsy, to remove foreign body

    143. Palmar TBSA : 1%

    144. Down syndrome EXCEPT question : can't recall

    145. Most specific marker for prostate cancer : PSA

    146. Recent marker for down syndrome: hcg, afp, inhibin, estriol

    147.(not sure) IOC for Bronchiectasis : CT scan

    148. Minimal change disease presents with all except :

    149. Cobble stoning of colon is seen in : crohns dx

    150. Severity of pancreatitis can be assessed by : CT scan

    151. Anterior fontanel corresponds to all except: frontal bones, coronal suture, lambdoid suture, Sagital suture

    152. (not sure)Rib notching is found in all the following EXCEPT : Neurofibromatosis, aortic obstruction, taussig bing operation, can't remember 4th option.

    153. (not sure) Miliary shadow on xray seen in all except : tb, leofflers pneumonia, klebsiella, Varicella pneumonia(can't remember the question, it could have been miliary mottling - answer is TB)

    154. Spider leg sign on IVP suggests : renal stone, polycystic kidney, hypernephroma, hydronephrosis

    155.(not sure) Hampton hump : pulmonary tb, Bronchogenic carcinoma, pulmonary embolism, pulm hemorrhage

    156. Useful in acute diarrhea : zinc, mg, ca , k
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    157. Disadvantage of case control study when compared to cohort : cannot measure cause to effect, easy to carry out, rapid and inexpensive, can include large population

    158. Contraceptive failure: pearl index

    159. Who will be incharge in case of disaster management: PHC, local hospital, CHC

    160. Following is NOT an element of phc: water chlorination, maternal health care, sanitation

    161. Disability adjusted life years is max with the following: schizophrenia, epilepsy, can't recall other 2 options

    162. Vaccination /immunizations is : primary intervention

    163.phase 4 clinical trials are done : after the release of the drugs

    164. Chandlers index AVERAGE NO. OF EGGS PER GRAM OF STOOL >300 important public health problem

    165. Following causes acute renal failure except : pyelonephritis, snakebite, can't recall other options

    166. Japanese encephalitis vaccine is : live attenuated, inactivated, toxoid, cellular fractions

    167. Autoclave is not useful for: dressing, metal instruments, petri dishes, liquid paraffin

    167(not sure). Antitb contraindicated in HIV : thiacetazone

    168. HIV affects: cd4 cells

    169. All drugs are metabolized by acetylation EXCEPT : phenytoin, isoniazid, procainamide, hydralazine

    170.(not sure). Most cardiotoxic local anaesthetic : Bupivacaine

    171.(not sure ). Following antibiotics inhibit cell wall formation EXCEPT : clindamycin

    172. Following is seen in both apoptosis and necrosis :

    173. Drug contraindicated in glaucoma patient suffering from bronchial asthma : Atenolol

    174. Sickle cell anemia is : autosomal recessive

    175. Characteristic feature of kidney in DM: nodular sclerosis, fibrin cap, papillary necrosis, diffuse glomerulosclerosis

    176. Following is not caused by virus : rocky mountain forest disease , KFD, dengue, yellow fever

    177. (not sure)Acrodynia is associated with: mercury

    178. wound dehiscence occurs after how many days following surgery : 2-4, 4-7, 7- 10, 10-16(cant recall the exact options but they were all under 2 weeks period)

    179. Somatostatin is secreted by: delta cells

    180. Strarch is hydrolyzed in mouth by:

    181. Anastomosis of subscapular artery except:

    182. Following substance damages the esophagus : acid, alkali, organophosphate, kerosene

    183. Dyphagia only for liquid but not solid food:

    184(not sure). Finkelstein test is done for : compound palmar ganglia

    185(not sure). Marasmus is observed in all except : hepatomegaly, muscle wasting, low insulin, weakness

    186. At high altitudes acclimatization happens due to : increased RBC/hb

    187. (can't remember but the question is either about minor or major matching for sure)

    Major cross-match: Recipient serum is tested against donor packed cells to determine if the recipient has preformed antibodies against any antigens on the donor's cells.

    Minor cross-match: Recipient red cells are tested against donor serum to detect donor antibodies directed against a patient's antigens.

    188. Glutathione composed of : glutamate, cysteine, glycine

    189. Dupuytren contracture is associated with all except: can't recall options

    200. Inferior frontal gyrus : Brocas area

    201. Chvostek's sign : facial nerve stimulated by tapping

    202. (not sure) Mean pulmonary artery pressure : 15mmHg

    203. Ptosis mean : drooping eyelid(options were confusing and long but the awnser was obvious)

    204. Pupillary reaction to light is still normal in lesion/injury to : optic nerve, optic disc, optic tract, optic chiasm

    205. Adenoidectomy is contraindicated in :

    206. Nicotine/smoking normal physiology : regarding blocking the uptake of acetylcholine, can't recall the options

    207. Most common brain tumor: astrocytoma (no glioma in options, can't remember if it's asked for benign/malignant or if it's in adults /children)

    208. Enzyme deficient in Tay sach disease : Hexosaminidase A

    209. Rna sequence

    210(not sure). Acrodermatitis enteropathica is deficiency of : zinc

    211. Weight of spleen: 150gm

    212. Raised Intraabdominal pressure to consider intraabdominal hypertension(can't recall the exact question but it is regarding IAB with inh and compartment syndrome) : 0-15, >15, >20, >30

    213. Iron and folic acid supplement : 100mg elemental iron, 500 mcg FA

    214.Hysteroscopical excision can be done for all except : uterine funds fibroid , submucous fibroid, subserous fibroid, endometrial polyp

    215. Most common ALL subtype(can't recall if asked for children or adults) : pre B cell, pre T cell, T cell, B cell

    216. Which is best indicator for short term control, 2-3weeks of blood glucose : Serum fructosamine

    217. Contrecoup injury : moving head

    218. Melanoma presents with : blue nevus, dysplastic nevus, (can't recall the other 2 nevi)
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    1.Standard embrical antibiotic in lung disease
    (a)Penicillin (b) Clindamycin
    (c)Carbamazepine (d) Metranidazole
    2.What is the gold standard in takasu artheritis
    (a) ESR (b) p-ANCA
    (c) c_ANCA (d) Angiography
    3.Acute respiratory distress syndrome NOT TRUE?
    (a) Stiffening (b) Hypoxia
    (c) Hypercapnia (d) Pulmonary edema

    Set A
    1.All of the following features are indicative of malignant ovarian tumor EXCEPT?
    (a) Total or partly solid tumor
    (b) External tumor excrescences
    (c) Unilocular cyst
    (d) Fungation through capsule
    2.Which is the commonest cause of fever on the 3rd of puerperium?
    (a) Breast engorgement (b) UTI
    (c) Postpartum endometritis (d) Pelvic vein thrombosis
    3.Swallowing by fetus begins at?
    (a) 10-12 weeks (b) 12-14 weeks
    (c) 14-16 weeks (d) 16-18 weeks
    4.Commonest compound presentation in labour?
    (a) Head with hand (b) Head with foot
    (c) Head with two feet (d) Head with hand and foot
    5.Chadwick's sign appears at?
    (a) 4 weeks of pregnancy (b) 8 weeks of pregnancy
    (c) 12 weeks of pregnancy (d) 16 weeks of pregnancy
    6.Segmental genome is seen in
    (a) Herpes virus (b) Polio virus
    (c) Para influenza virus (d) Rota virus

    7.Duffy gene seen in
    8.Time of ovulation is calculated as
    9.Ape thumb deformity
    10.Rectal temperature is .... more than axilla
    a)0.5 deg b)1 deg c)1.5 deg d)2.5deg
    11.How long will it take for cardiac output to be normal after pregnancy?
    a)4hours b)4 days c)4wks d)4months
    12.Lochia lasts for
    a)1 wk b)2 wks c)3wks d)4 wks
    14.Boutonniere deformity
    15.Average weight of uterus
    16. SAFE strategy all Except?
    17.Color code for pediatric advice for home care
    18. BMI for Morbid obesity
    19. Foamy mouth seen in antemortem due to
    20. Chi-square of 4 rows and 5 columns
    21. Chlorination action
    22. Indian population in pyramid
    23. Ankyloblepharon
    24. Iron + folic acid in pregnancy
    25. Hyperkalemia changes seen in ECG
    26. C/I in gastric lavage
    27. C/I in glaucoma pt with Bronchial asthma
    28. Trauma hemorrhagic shock fluid to be administered
    29. Excessive accommodation is seen in
    30. Southern blot is used in
    31. 3 year old has how many teeth
    32. Yellow fever certification
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    Sertoli cell- inhibin
    Testosterone produced by- leydig cells
    Ptosis- 3rd n.palsy
    3Rd and tochlear n. Passes through- sup orbital fissure
    1st n. Affected in eye paralysis(somthing like tat)- 3rd, 4th,6th,
    Disinfectant for chlorine- hypochlorus acid
    Juvenile laryngeal papiloma is caused by- virus ,bacteria,fungi etc
    Negri bodies- hippocampus
    Difficulty on moving downstairs- lateral rectus,superior rectus etc
    Splenomegaly and anemia unlikely occurs in - aplastic ,thalssemia,iron deficiency a.,malaria
    madox rod test-hypermetropia, myopia etc
    in cml -balanced traslocation of 9:22,reciprocal traslocation of 9:22....etc
    korasakoff psychosis- thiamine
    Acrodermatitis enteropathica-zinc
    Malonyl aciduria-vit b12
    initial management in burn patient-ringer lactate
    most dangerous for esophagus-alkali,acid,hot fluid

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