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    FMGE set B
    Variant B,2013 september
    Vaibhav Shrivastav(Smolensk) core app barium enema- ca of colon
    2.location of lymphoma – stomach
    3.chemotherapy for ca cervix-cisplastin
    4.bruner glands seen in-duodenum
    5.secretion from brunner glands-secretin
    6.duration of 2nd stage of labour in primipara-2 hour
    7.hesselbach’s triangle
    8.peaud d orange seen in?-blockage of lymphocytes
    9.hip dislocation which movements we see?-flexion,adduction,internal rotation no of population in CHC? no of students in class room?
    12.kien block’s disease
    13. whipple’s triad is useful for what?
    14.whipple disease?
    15.Psammoma bodies are seen in-papillary ca
    16.RBS cast seen in?-proliferative glomerulonephritis
    17.knee is extended by which muscle?
    18.which one is not visible in brest feeding?-lower lip is everted not inverted
    19.what is pemphigus vulgaris? A.bacteris B.virus C.Autoimmune D.non of above
    20.what is myringitis bullosa?-Virus
    21.DOC for dermatitis herpetiformis?-Dapsone
    22.cetrimide agar is useful for staining which bacteria?-psudomonas aerugnosa Xeropthelmis what is X1B-bitot’s spot
    24.length of trachea-10 cm
    25.condyloma lata seen in?-secondary syphilis
    26.burger ds affect which layers of artery?a.tunica media b.tunica adventitia c.tunica intima
    27.most commonly ruptured organ in blunt trauma? Spleen
    28.which of the following is the most useful investigation for thyroid fuction? TSH
    29.split thickness of skin graft means?
    30.what is xenograft?
    31.bleeding time is increase in?-dengue hemorrhagic fever and von willbrand disease type of hodgkin’s lymphoma?-nodular sclerosis
    33.oka strain useful for?varicella
    34.blood store at blood bank?+4 c
    35.pre exposure schedule in rabies vaccine? Day 0,7,28
    36.child with hiv+ and symptomatic which caacine we can give?OPV vaccine
    37.yellow fever vaccination starts protection ater how many days of injection-10 days
    38.xerophthalmia is a public health problem if bitot spot- >0.5
    39.IFA tablets in pregnancy-100 mg iron and 500mcg FA
    40.auditory receptor present in?-sup temporal gyrus
    41.Inquest of dowry death is done by-magistrate
    42.husband cruel behavior towards wife comes under which IPC section-498A
    43.MCC of death in drowning?
    44.which one seen after penetrating injury in cilliary reason? Sympathetic ophthalmitis
    45.drugs c/I in pregnancy? Latanoprost
    46.which opthalmoscope is used to detect vitreous hemorrhage?Direct
    47.extenson of knee by which muscle? GN associated with HIV?- focal segmented GN
    49.MC symptom of glomus tumor?trinitus
    50.a person working in hot environment who consumes more h2o without salt likely to develop:heat cramps
    51.lewy bodies seen in-parkinsonosim
    52.clouding of consciousness seen in-delirium index for nitrogen-3,5 index safety mechanism-prevent wrong attachment of cylinder
    55.drugs not useful in emergency in pregnancy-nifedipine
    56.drugs that causing malignant hyperthermia-succinyl choline
    57.tau protein seen in?alzeimer’s disease
    58.koplik spots seen in?measels
    58.person ate food yesterday and after 6 hours started vomiting so which organism involved in it?stapyllococal food poisoning
    59.failure rate of sterilization? =0.1
    60.sudden painless loss of vision seen in retinal detachment due to?= vitreous hemorrhage
    61.which drugs are not used in severe persistent asthma?short acting b2 agonist tumor of urinary bladder?
    63.half life of cobalt?5.4 years
    64.lactic acid is produced by?skeletal,smooth or cardiac?
    65.Duration of lochia?3 weeks
    66.TOC of inevitable abortion less than 10 week-suction and evacuation
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    Variant of B
    Drugs that cause orthostatic hypotension ??
    Duffy blood resistance which type of ...p.falci/vivax/ovule
    All are phc functions except tt of major illness and surgery
    Maternal and child health programme introduced in which year...1971/1985/1991
    Maddox test positive in ...hypermetropia/myopia/pseudomyopia
    Protein synthesis ....smooth muscle retinaculam/rough endoplasmic retinaculam /mitochondria/cytoplasm

    Accomodation maximum in
    children/young/adult/old age
    Which is less imaging modality f-MRi/SPECT/PET-CT
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    Fnac is useful in all except follicular

    Hypovolmic shock managed by crystalloids

    Housemaid knee inflammation due to prepatelar bursi

    In kwashiorkar which changes not seen..increase in apetite/growth increases/edema/mental apathy

    In clasaroom table and desk ,students are advised to sit properly to avoid hyperextension of neck comes under specific protection/secondry/tertiary

    Impairement of consciousness is seen in schizophrenia/subdural haemorrhage /alzheimer

    Drug of choice in diptheria ampicillin/cotrimoxazole/amphotericin/erythromycin or doxycycline or streptomycin cant remember exact which one these in this ques.

    Candiasis is dimorphic fungi/bacteria/virus/prions

    mc tumor/ca of penis sq.cell ca/papillary/Basal cell ca

    One que.from trematode(all of the following are trematode except)

    In buerger dieases which is affected ......

    In systemic scelrosis antibody present anti nuclear/anti ds DNA/anti ss DDNA

    Ànaphlyxasis leads to which shock septic/hypovolmic/cardiogenic

    One ques. Frm standard deviation value 200 variant affected 10 so the std deviation value 2.0/0.87/1/0 like that

    In sympathetic opthalmitis which is injured optic nerve/optic chiasm/cilliary body

    Amacrine cat reflex

    2,3 DPG leads to stereorotation in O2 dissociation curve which changes seen o2 curve toward left/right/no changes

    Lpection is what ?? Monosaccharides/aminoacids/cholesterol

    in imaging study with PET which ions is absorbed or used glucose/calcium /phosphate/hydrogen exactly sense of ques.
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    1)nephritic syndrome include all except..?
    2)complications after total colectomy..?
    3)doc for c.difficle..?
    4)mecanism of actionn of tetanus toxin..?
    5)smapthetectomy is useful in all conditions except..icon_confused.gif
    6)m\c cancer in pennis..?
    7)antibody secreted in lungs...?>
    8)ovulation occur at which stage of mentrual cycle..?
    9)best contraception in working woman..?
    10)a question abt PLAGUE.?

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