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    Dear friends,

    We have a sizeable number of overseas doctors working in Queensland as registrars. Most of them start as Level 1 registrars inspite of having years of overseas experience.

    This is not permissible as per queensland health policy.

    We have had reports where doctors who worked as level 1 registrars eventually ended up getting paid for Level 5 after they complained.

    In fact, QLD health IIRM clearly states that

    Registrars level be increased as per their experience after graduation not counting internship and the next year (JHO year)

    This increased pay is supposed to be given to registrars from start if they deposit their experience certificates in payroll within 4 weeks >> otherwise it would be paid from the date those documents were deposited >>unless there are extreme circumstances.

    Our advice would be to

    1) Send written emails where ever you request a level change as per your experience. Verbal words are often dismissed and there is no record. Written emails have to be accounted for in future audits.

    2) If the hospital disagrees on flimsy grounds; you have two options : contact the AMA after getting a membership (ASMOFQ) or else you can even write a email to Ursi Schriber the QLD health director general.

    Of course, you cannot get paid at a level of advanced trainee if you havent passed the fellowship exams but the maximum you can get when you start would be level 4/level 5.

    Please do comment if you think this information has helped you

    AIPPG Support

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