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    Hi,I'm Sourav & I plan to join NHS.
    After ielts & plab(1&2) I've been told that I need a certficate of finishing foundation year awarded by the deanery of uk. I have also been informed that it is almost impossible to get ino this foundation year,being taken up fully by UK doctors. please advise as I'm very confused by there no hope to get a job in UK then?
    is it any different if I leave for UK after passing MRCP1?
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    hi there,

    ifyou are applying for training posts, you need these cirtificates. sometimes you may get lat foundation posts, which will help you to get into the system. now mrcp is available in india, so you can finish the exam in india as well.

    best wishes
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    i guess i must have a training post to do my MRCP? is it not?

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