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    FRACGP exam:

    Anyone has experience in FRACGP ?

    Any tips in pasing the FRACGP ?

    Any good books recommended ?

    Thank you !
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    You cannot sit FRACGP until you complete one year in Australian General practice so sitting overseas you cannot do this exam.You ought to find an area of need job here first.
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    There are doctors who sit FRACGP exams in offshore centres like Malaysia, Hongkong and newly added is Fiji. Just correction, please don't mind. :D
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    Australian experience is not compulsory for FRACGP exams,found this from RACGP handbook 2007:-

    Assessment of general practice experience
    In order to establish eligibility for the college examination, intending applicants may
    require assessment of their Australian general practice experience or both their
    Australian general practice experience and overseas general practice experience.
    The college recognises general practice experience in the United Kingdom, Ireland,
    Canada, USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Africa and Singapore as
    being equivalent to that in Australia. Candidates with overseas experience must

    Overseas general practice time assessment
    Intending applicants who have overseas general practice experience must have their
    general practice experience assessed prior to enrolling in the college examination.
    This assessment usually takes approximately 6 weeks, but may take up 3 months
    depending on circumstances and the number of applications, so please allow for
    this time as part of the enrolment process.
    Applicants must complete the application form for approval of overseas general
    practice experience and submit it together with the required application fee. The
    fee for assessment of overseas general practice experience is:
    $500.00 (GST free) for nonmembers
    $300.00 (GST free) for financial associates.
    A $150 re-assessment fee will apply to all applicants who request a re-assessment
    after the final assessment confirmation letter is forwarded.
    General practice experience, both in Australia and overseas, is assessed according to its
    equivalence to the definition presented in the definitions section of this handbook.
    For enquiries regarding the approval of general practice experience and to obtain
    an application form, please contact the RACGP Assessment Department on freecall
    1800 626 901 or via email at
    provide full details of the nature of their overseas general practice experience and
    how it is similar to that in Australia, to enable the college censors to assess its
    equivalence to general practice in Australia.
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    Well,I am in Australia and had my experience assessed by RACGP but won't be able to sit FRACGP till I complete 1 year in Australian Gen Practice.

    Yes they have exams in Malaysia and Hong Kong but non-citizens or those not working in these countries or those citizens not in GP training programs in these countries are NOT ELIGIBLE.
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    Grateful for Guest's reply. Would you like to share your knowledge and experience of preparing/passing FRACGP for our members in AIPPG forum ? Included :-

    1. Recommending FRACGP resources, books, tapes/DVDs
    2. Any curriculum ? or guidelines ?
    3. Any past years questions ?
    4. How to prepare well for exams,any tips, and how to avoid pitfalls ?
    5. Any way to get familiarize with exam methods ?
    6. Can MRCGP books be helpful in preparing the exams ?

    Thank you very much
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    Once you are in Australia and working,govt has programs to assisst OTDs in preparing for fellowship and a lot of other courses are available.The best book recommended for FRACGP is General Practice by Prof John Murtagh.

    The bottomline remains 1 year Australian experince.You can be exempted from this if you hold MRCGP,Amedical Board in Family Medicine,MICGP(Ireland),MMed in FM (Singapore) or MMed in FM from South Africa.No other exemptions apply.

    MRCGP books are not helpful for written part at leat.Clinical part is almost same as that of MRCGP so books on this part might be helpful.The best preparation tool for clinical part is Australian experience.
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    Thank you Guest !

    How about these books for preparing FRACGP:

    1. Anthology of Diseases;

    2. Anotated MCQs (both 1 & 2 are from AMC, of which RACGP is its college)

    3. Clinical Cases for General Practice Exams(Susan Wearne)

    4. Textbook of Family Practice (Robert E Rakel)

    Thank you vey much, you kind response is fully appreciated.

    best regards
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    can any one plz tell me the process of speciality in general medicine.

    and what is masters degree in medicine means in australia

    after amc registration which is the best way to continue further studies to obtain speciality in general medicine.

    and about the FRACGP IMPORTANCE its addmission process

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    When your formally accepted into RACGP training scheme and after paying an appropriate fee you will be able to access different courses and programmes that will assisst you with the fellowship Exam.

    The difference between AMC and Fellowship exam is that you have to write answers not to choose the bset option from the steam. It is more comprehensive than AMC. Anyway contact GP Australia they will help you.
    Go to their web site:

    GP Australia
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    hi out there, i would really appreciate some advise...if i do the vocational training programme ,MAFP/FRACGP in malaysia do i still need another one year training in australia,or can i apply to work there at once???
    i am considering this programme versus australian medical boards.
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    I am waiting for GP Clinical assessment/State Interview Panel runs by GP Workforce Tasmania to get registration in AON/DoHA in Tasmania. Anyone who already becoming a GP in AON/DoHa can tell me what will they ask in GPCA/SIP?contact me : Thank you
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    the bottomline of passing the fracgp is HANDS ON EXPERIENCE IN GP PRACTICE IN AUSTRALIA
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    Passing FRACGP for overseas doctors NOT WORKING in Australia is impossible as the context of exam is General Pracrice in Australia,so experience in Australia is a must.
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    hi, anyone in the forum can share their experience in the VTP program and how he/she went about to prepare for the exam? Heard that the most recent exams took place only last weekend! Anuj
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    if you have got MRCGP could you get your qualifications assessed by AMC and get FRACGP with out doing the exam?
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    With MRCGP UK,you can start work but will have to pass FRACGP at the end of the day.It's a difficult exam anyway.Before job,you will have to pass PESCI (clinical interview).
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    If you have MRCGP UK, you do not need to do any exams to get FRACGP, you just need to apply to RACGP once you find a job in OZ. But if you got MRCGP(INT) you still need to sit for the exam.
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    If you hold MRCGP(UK) you dont need to sit for an exam to ger FRACGP.

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