frcr hipe?

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    hi, what is the advantage of writing frcr for a radiology resident from india. will they become eligible to work in india. do they get jobs or fellowships. is it advantageous to do a fellowshio there and return to india. frcr is such a hipe i want to know why?
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    first learn to write the spelling of HYPE properly then try to write frcr
  3. well

    well Guest swear and to call some1 names you can spell everything correctly.......that unfortunately the very nature of us........we pick up the bad things from them to the spot but in denial about the good things. :)
  4. Guest

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    There is absolutely no advantage, except filling the coffers of the royal college and paying the monthly subscription to use the letters FRCR.
    It might be useful if you work in the gulf, but there are many arabs now with FRCR. Its absolutely no use in india, just an worthless appendage.
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    Well writing any exam helps you brush up your knowledge.If FRCR has not much advantage in India it could very well help you revise your subject which is a good thing indeed. Unfortunately in India, we do not have the Medical Council making it mandatory for all PG doctors to revalidate themselves every 5 yrs which these western countries do...this not only helps one stay updated but builds your professional confidence too. Besides, once you are armed with something like FRCR, you have more options available in case you plan to move to the west in the I dont think it'll be a wasted effort..we must not do these courses with money making as the sole objective.No knowledge has ever gone waste.

    I guess that should answer your query.
    All the best :)
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    If you want to refresh your knowledge go to RSNA or attend courses, but doing the FRCR is waste of time and before you know you will be sucked into it and wasting money and time. More over now having a FRCR you are not eligible to apply in the UK. Beware of FRCR courses in India.


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    what made you take FRCR then? you must have been aware of the supposed
  9. Guest

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    what made you take FRCR then? you must have been aware of the supposed "uselessness" of this fellowship then why did you go for it?
    From what I see in the papers, foreign qualification only adds to your vaslue...and I have experienced it in my professional life too..a person witrh FRCR is treated above the MD /DNB holders...although it may not be officially on paper
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    If you read the FRCR degree, it says that you fulfill the criteria to apply for consultant job which is useless if you are not working in the uk. More over the doors are closed for all non-uk/eu graduates.
    I was surprised to see so many FRCR courses run in india, obviously some one is making lots of money of the gulliable like the plab courses.
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    FRCR is never a waste of money nor time.. all say md,dnb is above every thing... reality is different ... planning to go abroad or work in pvt hosp in India frcr does count a gulf they are paid almost the double...MCI wants ur MD, No one else in the world is bothered about Indian medical council...
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    can anyone tell me how much bucks do v hav to pay to maintain frcr degree?
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    You fools,
    FRCR is a well reognised qualification in most of countries except few and is also given some preference in countries who dont recognise it.Its worth doing to prove that you are a world class radiologist. If your aim is only to make money..better you would have done clinical subjects. Do you know a referring doctor for US,CT or MR gets more money than the radiologist reporting it ?
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    Dear advise
    You assume that you are smart and others are fools. I wonder what's your motive in persuading everyone to take FRCR course are you running one of the courses. You can prove that you are a good radiologist by publishing papers or presenting in conferences. Just mugging to get the FRCR course does not prove that you are a good radiologist. FRCR is recognised in few countries, but it does not guarantee you a job unless you are resident of that country. Dont waste your time and money in doing the useless FRCR course.
  15. pat

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    As in every case, there r some advtges and some disadvtges. Advtge-good academic examination changes ur radiological approach, jobs in australia singapore and less likely in uk, probably some preference in corporate hosp in India. Disadvtges-takes at least 1 year, approx expenditure 300-400k INR.

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