Gave CS on 19th July in Atlanta

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    Gave CS on 19th July in Atlanta

    I took my exam in atlanta on 19th July. The cases that came up were the very usual as we practice in FA And UW. I practiced from FA and managed to do only the sample cases from UW. I think that was enough for the exam. Unfortunately, I just studied for 6-7 days.

    I was unable to figure out the change after 16th July change. I guess, i will find out after the result. My exam experience was quite similar to what has previously been described by other examinees. I felt nervous in the first encounter and also missed a few things but as time passes, you just get the hang of it.

    Few things that I did:

    I made sure to address the SP by his name as soon as I entered the room, and then introduced myself. For example: "Knock Knock, Mr Ingram....... ( SP Replied - yes.. ) , Good morning, I am DR XYZ, How can I help you today." I felt that by doing this at least I remembered to address him by his name and get one tick on his checklist. Ofcourse, you all will have your own ay of beginning an encounter. Also I tried to ask him about his work / study while I was washing hands. At the end of each encounter, I told the SP if he/she had any questions and if he/she feels to ask some questions later, he can always contact me again. The SPs are very professional and also seemed nice. Also, if one of the SPs is rude or irritated, he is doing so because he is asked to, not that he is upset with you. All in all, the exam is over for me for the time being and I hope I pass but I am nervous as I missed a few things in examination. Lets see what happens.

    My experience in Atlanta: At airport, after the immigration, Airport coaches take you to the terminals, where you collect your baggage. Right there is a sign which says Taxis/ Hotel shuttles. The shuttles are parked in a pink section which is very clearly marked at the arrivals area in the airport. At this pink section, you will wait for your respective hotel shuttle to arrive. Also, if you intend to book a hotel when you reach atlanta, just where the baggage claim is, there is a free phone for numerous hotels in atlanta, just call them, ask fares and go to them via their shuttle. I stayed in Wellesley Inn Hotel. It was very close to Airport and was quite a nice, clean place and served good breakfast and had KFC, Mc Donalds and Subways just next to it. For meat eaters it is ideal place, as fo me, I was quite contended with the fish burger at Mc Donalds. On Phoenix Boulvd, where the exam centre and Days Inn/ Ramada Inn hotel is, there is a Mc Donalds.

    this information is for ppl who are concerned about food like I was. Also, there are calling cards available at hotels. I am sure there will be loads of cards but the hotel where I stayed had one card for 10$ which gave me 40 mins to UK. That was more than sufficeient for me.

    I stayed for just 3 days, so I did not move around much. Anyways, thats all I can think of right now. Good luck to all for Match.

    I have never washed my hands so many times as i did on my exam day.
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    Stept CS

    I had exaclty thesame experience with you---- from start to finish.

    I must say that I wont be surprised if the 15mins alloted to the actual patient encounter is reduced to 10minutes; as many of these young folks finished way before time in almost every encounter. Each time I came out people were already typing. I was wondering if there was something I was doing wrong.

    What do you think? Do you think the encounters can be concluded in 10minutes?
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    Thanks for sharing your experience. It was very detail oriented and helpfu. Here is my 2 cents!

    The main problem in passing step 2 cs is that i think we don"t know what are the criteria on which we are monitored.

    my experience is that i studied for 2 weeks and the last 7 days made me pass when i met a friend who had taken usmle source coaching. He allowed me to see the cases with him. We also practiced together and found out and corrected our mistakes. so practcing is the key.

    there are a few points and sp marks u
    bad average good excellent

    history of chief complaint (1-5 point for this depending on the cheif complaint)

    pamhugsfoos each carry 1 point (so around 7 points for them)

    so we have to place a lot of importence on pamhugsfoss. Usmle Source uses this approach using PAM HUGS FOSS in all the cases which is very useful

    now on ur manners
    1 point for knocking on door
    1 point for behaviour in general ( was he nice)
    1 point for washing hands
    1 point for draping
    1 point for asking permission before examination
    1 point - were u able to understand him

    and finally 1-4 points for proper physical examination( which i doubt sp knows a lot abt)

    finally there is a q like do u like the doctor and will u like to visit him again

    so guys u have to practice according to this. sp has to be happy with u and u should cover his points rather than being an excellent doctor.

    this may sound an exagerration but i think even a non medico can pass thsi exam becuz it is not a test of ur medical knowledge but ur behavior. The Mnemonic based approach can really make the difference since most people fail in data gathering! Best of luck for you guys!
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    Hi there,
    I wanted to ask one thing about cs - is there difference is passing rate or exam pattern in different centers - e.g some centre may be more IMg friendly and so on...
    What should be our criteria for choosing a centre - just the staying arrangement and all those practalities or anything else ?
    U guys have been there, done that please help me..

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