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    Good news for DNB candidates!
    Latest Government Gazette has equated DNB with MD/MS & DNB-SS with DM/MCh for job, promotion & higher studies(Superspecialization)!

    Asha Paidhungat.

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  2. ritus

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    thanx a lot..........dats a relief!!!!!
  3. ritus

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    hello asha mam,
    i would be really happy if u can give me aome information regarding the pass percentage for dnb in obs n gynae.which is better between delhi and kolkata......which is the best place to try for dnb in o n g?i passed dgo last year.....plz help as im really confused!
  4. DNB courses

    Hello ritus,

    DNB OBGY has excellent prospects, in a hospital as well as in one's own practice, especially if one has a nursing home!

    Metrocities usually have latest technology & more intensive lecture series but in private hospitals one may not get much practical experience.Hence, one must work in a public setup after completing DNB terms!

    Both the places, Delhi & Kolkota, are good, but Delhi residents get more pay during DNB, than residents working in other states!Besides, being the administrative capital of all organizations including NBE & MCI, which are of utmost importance to us, Delhi has a slightly upper hand than any of the other cities in India, including Mumbai & Bangalore, to name a few.

    The best hospital to choose in any place is one which is primarily & almost exclusively one that is attending to patients of a particular subject!So for OBGY, hospitals like Fernandez hospital in Hyderabad are one of the best. If you get a seat there, you're lucky.Similarly, check the list for all such hospitals in Delhi & Kolkota, since you want a seat in one of these places.

    Asha Paidhungat.
  5. ritus

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    thank u so much,ma'am.what is true is the information abt dnb is so pessimistic dat im really scared to venture into it. Is it true u need to have connections to get into secondary dnb in delhi.cud u suggest a few of d best institutes in delhi where an outsider like me can get into without a backing? mam, do u think its bettr to prepare for md/ms than tryin for dnb!
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    It seems MCI is above GOI, and Parliament's /President's Gazette Notification as the MCI Inspectors have refused to accept Drs. with DNB even for the post of SR on 10 March 2009!!!!! Now what else they require
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    No future for any of the Doctors- compare yourself with your younger cousins/ family friends and you will get the answer.

    So dear friend don't just read this - do try to follow as out of us (all B grade Fools) one of my foolish friends have done PG Diploma in 2 subjects, then did his MD in one of the diploma subjects and DNB in second of the diploma subject.

    For last two and half yrs he was working as an Assistant Prof. in a Pvt Med. College, however, after the recent inspection of MCI he has beenbut asked to resign, SO CURRENTLY HE IS UNEMPOYED!! with 2 Diplomas and two MD degrees!!!!!!!!!

    It seems MCI is above GOI, and Parliament's /President's Gazette Notification as the MCI Inspectors have refused to accept Drs. with DNB even for the post of SR on 10 March 2009!!!!! Now what else they require

    However, after my MBBS; MD and DNB have joined my Family Business and i'm quiet happy as Luckily i did the right thing.

    So think all over again and then Decide but whatever you decide stick to it, the ABOVE ARE MY PERSONAL VIEWS and NOT TO HURT THE SENTIMENTS OF ANYONE PARTICULARLY the poor doctors brethern family/tribe.
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    Gazzet regarding DNB equality

    it appears, the latest gazzet regarding DNB equality to MD/MD/DM/MCH is only for Pharmacology??

    Please read it carefully and comment.
  9. ritus

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    hello asha mam,
    been waiting for ur comments......plz help!!!!
  10. DNB


    I've read that circular of Government Gazette on NBE website. I got the impression that the equivalence is for all specialities & superspecailities, for all purpose (job, promotion, further studies).

    If MCI is not accepting it, the matter maybe brought to the notice of MOHFW, for further course of action.In the interest of doctors & because our country needs more number of qualified doctors, I really hope that the matter is soon & amicably solved between MCI & NBE!

    Dr.Vikram Shetty of Bangalore has formed a group of DNB graduates & residents & has filed a petition.He maybe able to give more details about the problem!

    Asha Paidhungat.
  11. shruthi

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    queries on pass perentage

    dear madam,
    cud u plz give me some information regarding the pass percentage of primary DNB candidates wen it cums to peadiatrics and surgery.. wud like to pursue my course n in a fix regarding the subject of choice
  12. DNB courses


    Overall DNB pass rate is about 30%, so take up whichever branch you want to do, Paediatrics or Surgery!

    If you like surgical work, Surgery or its allied branch is a good choice.If not, take up any of the Medicine-allied subjects like Paediatrics, etc.

    Asha Paidhungat.
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    hi everyone
    i wanted to knw hw r the result % in dnb sur, med and ortho????
    and is there any chance n hope of results getting better after the notice frm gazzette???
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    subject to ritus's query

    hello there,
    myself new to this community.will be passing dgo from calcutta medical college this yr.looking for dnb in delhi/kolkata/north india.
    there is already list of accredited hospitals available on dnb site.u can check it.but they havent released advertisements for admission or dates for interview as per my knowledge.
    i hope we can get together n find something that will help both of us.
  15. Mullai

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    Regarding the gazette number

    Can you send the corresponding gazette number regarding recognition of DNB in par with MD/MS
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    congrats to all dnb :D
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    dnb vacancy in cmri

    hi ,
    heard from an insider that there is a dnb ob gyn post and a post of SR for DGO people vacant in CMRI,kolkata.
    interested sources can contact.
  18. where it is?

    hello dr,
    plz let me know the location of that gazatte in which it is notified that dnb is equivalent to MD/MS.
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    Hi madam...

    i am planning to do DNB General Surgery after that can i compete for MCH exams? :roll:
  20. DNB courses


    After DNB Surgery, you can Superspecialize through DNB-SS or MCh!
    All ads mention MS Surgery or equivalent degree as eligibility criterion!

    Asha Paidhungat.
  21. ritus

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    hello ashamam, wud b a big help if u tell me were 2 apply for secondary dnb in in delhi and a bit lost.......which hospital is supposd 2 b best for ong?......
  22. ritus

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    mam i meant in obs and gynae!!!!
  23. DNB courses


    There are many good hospitals in Delhi, like Sir Gangaram, Stephen's etc
    where you can see many good cases & latestprocedures.However, as they are private hospitals, you may not get much practical experience, but if you've done DGO from a public hospital, that will suffice.

    DNB pass rate is not more than 30%, so be prepared for a few attempts, but once you get the degree, its nationally recognized!

    Asha Paidhungat.
  24. com_med

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    specialization after MD Com med

    i have done MD in community medicine. i now want desperately to come back to clinical practice. is there any way i can practice medicine? is there any super specialization which i am eligible for after MD com med, either in DNB or DM? please help
  25. DNB courses


    Instead of Superspecialization, you can do DNB in General Medicine, as that's allowed.However, for that, you've to do DNB-CET first.
    There are various courses in several good branches.

    Distance Education PG diploma courses:-
    a)Community/Preventive Cardiology
    b)Maternal Child Health
    e)Hospital & Health Administration

    Campus Education course by Dr.V.Mohan, Chennai, is very good!

    DNB courses without CET:Not MCI-recognized under Ist Schedule/IMC Act
    1.Rural Surgery,
    2.Family Medicine,
    3.Maternal Child Health
    4.Hospital & Health Administration

    Asha Paidhungat.
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    Can i Do a superSpeciality in Peads or Intenal Medicine if i have a DNB peads or DNb med respectively . . . . basically wat are the courses i can take Abroad in US or Uk after Dnb Peads ??? plz reply
    am i elegible to study for some superseciality in us or uk after dnb from our country . . . plz plz do help me with this . references will also make me feel happy . . thx guys my first post here
  27. DNB courses


    You an surely do DM/DNB-SS after MD/DNB in Medicine or Paediatrics.Of course, there's a greater choice after MD/DNB Medicine, like Cardiology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Rheumatology, Nephrology, & Haematology.After Paediatrics, you can superspecialize in Neonatology.

    In UK, one has to clear degrees like MRCP, while in USA, USMLE/Board Exam is mandatory.I've heard that USA gives a concession of one step of USMLE if you've cleared DNB.People also say that if you do a Fellowship in a subject like Radiology or Geriatrics, you get a similar concession in USMLE steps.However, these possibilities are hearsay & I'm unable to get any authentic information to that effect!

    Clinical Research is an extremely upcoming branch.Almost every country needs people for that.Another good branch is Hospital Administration.

    Asha Paidhungat.
  28. docsandyy

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    i have passed my theory in resp. med. & appeared for practicals...

    now, my practical result is witheld. the reason told by them is that my thesis is under process. i have submitted it in last yr. june & it is still under processing!

    they are not giving any more details about it on phone... & refusing to connect to higher authority...

    i dont understand what to do...

    can u help me??
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    hello asha m'am..
    can you guide us regarding the percentage of passing for dnb anaesthesiology in mumbai?
  30. dnb courses

    Hello sandy,

    Don't get so disheartened!They check Thesis thoroughly & sometimes ask you to resubmit it, after which, results of your practicals will be declared!

    Hello guest,

    DNB in Anaesthesiology has pass rate of ~30% so prepare for 2 attempts!

    Asha Paidhungat.
  31. dnbs prepare for bad days

    forget good news,by all probability,now ketan desai the mci boss with help of central health minister is planning to make dnb and cps only fit for community hospitals,in all probability dnb board and mci is to reach an agreement soon on this issue,so u dnbs forget for ever ur dream for teaching in medical colleges.jai ho MD/MS. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  32. deepa.g

    deepa.g Guest

    queries regarding dnb

    maam i just wanted to know if an MCI unrecognised diploma candidate is eligible for secondary dnb?
  33. dnb courses


    If Diploma is recognized by a proper university, you're eligible for Secondary DNB!
    However, please note that unless they have got a primary candidate they won't take a Secondary DNB candidate!

    Asha Paidhungat.
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    i passed dnb cet in dec 2004. earlier the nbe site said that as one time measure one can join till jan 2010 this still applicable bcoz now this is no where on the site.
  35. dnb courses


    This is applicable even now, as a one-time opportunity, for all candidates who cleared DNB-CET on or before December 2007, with its validity until January 2010 (inclusive)!

    Asha Paidhungat.
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    thank you. could you plz tell me the pass percentage of dnb opthalmology in delhi? and out of dnb ent and djavascript:void(0);nb eye which has better options.
  37. Dr. Avinash

    Dr. Avinash Guest

    I have just cleared my DNB practs after appearing it for the third time..all the while i was under the impression that the academics we had at mumbai hospitals r very good for me to pass the practs..unfortunately i flunked twice...then i came across a private teaching at mumbai..He makes u present cases and discuss all the cases very much in detail.....the doctor gives u personal attention and discusses the topic in detail...he also tells u how to present the case confidently. I realised that i m not the first one to pass with his help..most of his students have cleared with him in the first time--this includes all the repeaters also...i have benefitted immensely and so thought of helping all u others.i know the pain of failing twice and dont want the remaining to undergo the same...very few people know about him...the doctor`s name is Dr. Nikhil Shah at kandivli..i m appealing to all the repeaters and freshers-- that this shall definitely help u all to pass the practs...please suit urself.
  38. Dr. Amar

    Dr. Amar Guest

    please provide the contact number of the person, will be very thankful to u
  39. timiresh

    timiresh Guest

    request info on dnb

    hello asha ma'm
    and hello all else
    am new to this forum

    can u please tell me which institute in india is good for dnb nuclear medicine
    and is the pass percentage of dnb nuc med :?:
  40. timiresh

    timiresh Guest

    sorry i meant what is the pass % for dnb nuc med
    and will it be better if i join JR ship in the same institute b4 applying
  41. Guest

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    asha maa`m---i want to know one very impt thing.i have almost completed my first year of DNB obs gyny from kolkata hospital(MCI recognised).due to some personal reason i have to leave kolkata.i want to know whether transfer is possible in any other state.plz reply
  42. Dr. Nick

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    Why depend on someone... start our own...!

    Ok i m with all of u... i have seen some of the doctors expressing concern about the scenario after DNB degree. My suggestion is that instead of going after government and teaching jobs where we will be compared to a MCI graduate, why not start our own hospitals or clinics... where only DNB graduates will be employed. Starting locally in cities we can form a network nationwide and will offer the best services with the latest treatments. We all know how good we are... so there is no need to show it to anyone... we will show our skills to the people of the country by our services. Govt can create obstacles only for our employment not for our practice... we are free to practice. This is one of the ways we can defeat our discrimination. If we plan starting from now we can provide a good future for the forthcoming generations of DNB graduates for whom the uncertianity wont be there. I know it looks too ideal but all great things start with such ideas. It is my personal dream to start such a network of hospitals with DNB graduates and offer our service to the citizens of our country. If there are any supporters for this idea i will be happy to discuss!!!
  43. Guest

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    dr nick i agree with you---why not---we should start right away----and as a starting i will work only with DNB doctors cos i believe they are better than people who did pg in places like bihar;north east;south;cow belt----UP--rajasthan---haryana etc

    i have seen pg doctors in rajasthan who haven t seen a laparoscopic procedure in the whole 3 years o training
  44. Dr. Nick

    Dr. Nick Guest

    nice to hear that there are people who think prospectively... actually i m planning for such a hospital here at my hometown.
  45. capri731

    capri731 Guest

    superspecialisation after DNB Orthopedics

    Dear Asha Mam, I have done my D.Orth,DNB Orthopedics.I wish to pursue further study in the form of MCH courses after that. I would want to know that with above qualification I am eligible for what MCH courses and wth which universities
  46. fresher

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    hey all....
    im new to doin in 2nd yr mbbs at present....n im really confused about dis....
    hw is DNB different frm MD/MS?
  47. Rocky07

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    Hi friends can ne one plz suggest me a good institute wth good passing % to do dnb surgery in mumbai pune or hyderabad
  48. Guest

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    Can you give a valid source for the same
  49. Guest

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    asha maam..i have joined dnb gen medicine.. i have to decide on a thesis topic.i want to do a simple topic which does not consume much of my time either in cardio or and where can i find good topics for thesis?i am not able to get any sources...and a way to develop on the ideas...
  50. dr confused

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