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    hello sir/mam

    ihv jst pass final MBBS with 59%

    is i am abl to apply for dnb feb 2011 cet exam ?
  2. DNB


    DNB-CET is valid for 4 turns only, not 2 calendar years as it was earlier, so people who had passed CET in December 2009 can apply for a DNB seat till June 2011 inclusive.However, its not wise to postpone it till the last minute, as more & more medicos are applying for DNB day by day!
    DNB pass rate is ~30% so 2 attempts are usually required but atleast there's more chance of getting a desired branch than through AIPGMEE!

    Asha Paidhungat.
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    dear asha have been solving our queries for so long.i am really grateful to you.
    i am in first year of dnb now..though i have joined i am still getting scared regarding the pass percentage.i have heard people dont pass even after5 attempts....these things dishearten me a lottt...
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    Don't go with a fixed idea that you're not going to clear DNB, as that will only worsen the existing nervousness about DNB exam!Work sincerely & regularly, attend all teaching programs that are conducted in the institute.

    Start working on your thesis rightaway by discussing with PG guide.Take a topic in which you'll get atleast 20 cases in 3 years of residency.You've to initially submit a summary in standard format of how you'll do thesis.

    After completing DNB residency, do a plain unregistered post in a public sector/Charitable hospital for practical experience.It will give confidence.

    Asha Paidhungat.
  5. madsan

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    dnb results

    hi can anybody tell me the pass percentage in general surgery
  6. dr Fs

    dr Fs Guest

    can u please let me know about the pass percentage in DNB Ophthalmology, and which would be the best place to do it?
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    asha mam plz help

    i have finished my mbbs n write cet in june..i need ur guidance on the we start applying as soon as exam after june..are y there two channces to apply n then attend interviews in june n dec..r there intakes twice ayear...what r ur opinion of peadiatrics n dermatology in karnataka..plz advice...
  8. surfer

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    dnb o n g

    hello mam, i am a mbbs graduate and ve qualified cet dnb,
    i would be highly obliged if you could tell me about the further course of action to apply for dnb obs n gynae
    whats it like interview or a theory paper.
    i hail from north india ( j & k ) where should i apply for dnb o n g.....a different zone or north zone only ( i ve heard they send you in a diff. zone for exams )
    is the practical training good enough, do they allow dnb students to perform surgeries and develop surgical skills or not?
    is this dnb o n g equivalent to ms gynae n obs and would i become eligible for a further course in ART after dnb o n g or does it requires one to be ms o n g
    what are the things that a dnb obs and gynae can not do
    whats the pass %age in dnb obs and gynae
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    Look out for ads in local leading newspapers in June, for DNB admission in August.Choose 4-5 good institutes from NBE-accredited list & apply to each one separately.Aptitude test is conducted as per NBE guidelines. Some institutes hold OSCE/OSPE type of exam for it.

    Pass rate is ~30%, so be prepared for 2-3 attempts.You can appear for practicals only if you clear theory. The first attempt for practicals is immediately after clearing theory & the next 2 attempts must be within the following year. Only 3 attempts are allowed for practicals, after which you've to re-appear for theory.

    You don't get hands-on experience in corporate hospitals, so do a plain, unregistered, service post, after completing DNB terms. Alternatively, choose a charitable hospital in a metro city, where you're allowed to make independent decisions.A speciality hospital is good for concerned branch, e.g OBGY hospital for OBGY, Eye hospital for Ophthalmology, Bone & Joint hospital for Orthopaedics & so on.

    Asha Paidhungat.
  10. DNB plastic surgery (6yrs)

    Could u plz share any available information on DNB plastic surgery 6yrs that i heard is about to begin at some hospitals.
    Is it from this june that they will be starting the course ?
    Is it advisable to join a 6yr DNB course with such low pass percentage.?
    If at all one passes in an attempt or two what are the future prospects... won't the big shot hospitals favour Mch (plastic) for filling theirs vacancies.?

    Alternatively, how tough is it to get into an MCH plastic course after MS Surgery.
    i am dead sure serious about pursuing plastic surgery ... but which track to go along :
    MS, MCH
    MS, DNB-ss
    DNB, DNB-ss
    DNB (6yr)

    Plz help.
  11. DNB


    Personally I feel that its better to get MS/DNB degree in broad speciality before going to a superspeciality course like M.Ch/DNB-SS!

    Its better to have degree in a broad speciality, because otherwise you're just an MBBS Dr. if you take time to clear that 6 years Superspeciality!

    After MBBS, one maybe enamoured by particular branch, but the choice may change on completing MS, plus one has many more alternatives in case a particular branch is not possible!

    Asha Paidhungat.
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    Want a Guidance

    Hello, Ashamam, I have passed my mbbs. Most probably i will get PG admission with state Quota seats. I am planning for Diploma Radio. After diploma how can i get admission in DNB radio. Is there any way that i can get direct nuclear medicine after my diploma?Or should i have to do it after DNB radio??Is that DNB degree valid in United States?? Help me... :D
  13. drcarthick

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    Family medicine

    what are the prospects of doing DNB in Family medicine? Do we have to clear DNB part 1 for Family Medicine?
  14. Thankyou Asha ma'am.
  15. please help

    my question for Asha Mam is... can a doctor practice 2 specialities pathology andorthopaedics it legal if the docotr possess diplomas in both subjects.
  16. DNB


    A doctor can possess two diplomas or even two degrees but can practice only in one of them, as per MCI's directive.

    Asha Paidhungat.
  17. suppose i have MD in one subject and diploma in another subject... can i choose to practice the speciality in which i have diploma(a lesser qualification). and can i switch the speciality? is it illegal or unethical to practice 2 specialities simultaneously because legally speakijng an mbbs can\ manage all types of patients.....:?
  18. DNB


    I know a doctor who has Diploma in skin & MD in General Medicine.He only practices as a Dermatologist.

    Asha Paidhungat.
  19. DNB

    hi madam, i finished my intern in april 2008..thereafter i prepared for all india and state entrance, but i didn,t get any pg.. i ve cleared my CET exam.. now i tought of joining dnb coures..but everyone discouraged me to join this as the pass rate s very low and problem in please give me some valuable suggestion to decide my career in future... thanking U .SURESH :(
  20. smit

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    hello asha ma'am..

    i jus gav the first attempt of all my pg ent exams but didnt clear going to appear fr dnb-cet this jun..i want to do radiology or nuclear medicine..

    1. i hav heard that clearing dnb-cet is very easy as there is no negative marking and you just need to get 50% of the questions true is it ma'am??

    2. which is a better option doing dnb after a diploma from a public set-up or going for a dnb straight??is dropping a year for getting a diploma seat worth it??

    pls guide..
  21. DNB

    Hello smit,

    DNB-CET is easy to clear as there's no -ve marking.

    Secondary DNB is easier to pass than Primary DNB.However, you'll be registered for it only if a Primary candidate is available throughout the course & will even lose your registration if that candidate leaves halfway!
    A Radiology candidate is unlikely to leave DNB seat as its highly desired branch but the same can't be said about other less sought-after branches.

    In contrast, if you register for Primary DNB right after CET, you'll atleast clear within 3 attempts & will save 1 year as well, because you'll need 2 years for PG Diploma & another 2 years for Secondary DNB, i.e 4 years!

    Asha Paidhungat.
  22. smit

    smit Guest

    thanks ma'am..
    im glad to inform u all that i hav cleared dnb-cet:)
    ma'am..can u please tell me

    1) which are the good hospitals for dnb radio or nuclear medicine in delhi..

    2)ma'am i have heard that seats for radio and nuc med open only in jan in true is that..

    pl guide as ur guidance is of great value..
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    hi asha mam,
    i have cleared dnb cet recently and am intrested in medicine and allied subjets .i stay at hyderabad.can u please help me how to proceed from dis stage .awiting ur reply desperately
  24. DNB


    Ads for DNB August session are already appearing in leading newspapers so apply to 3-4 NBE-accredited institutes in metro cities.While Charitable institutes give more hands-on experience than Corporate hospitals, the latter have more referrals & latest equipments.

    Asha Paidhungat.
  25. Sri2010

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    DNB General Surgery after MRCS

    Dear Asha Mam,
    I Passed DNB CET in june 2010. I am currently working as Surgical registrar in Uk after passing MRCS in 2007. My contract expires in July2011.I am planning to join DNB in Aug2011. Are they still taking DNB candidates in GOVT Medical college hospitals?. Does DNB board allow that?.Thank you very much for your guidance Mam.
  26. Dr Mac

    Dr Mac Guest

    DNB admissions

    Dr Asha P
    Is there a stay order to DNB admissions this year ????
  27. anugaraga1

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    dnb psy

    hello ma'am .. i have completed mbbs.. i m writing dnb cet this dec.. pls guide me about the hospitals providing dnb psychiatry in bangalore n hyd .. thanku..
  28. jayvshah

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    hi asha madam!
    the new rules for dec 2010 cet says that the cet passing score wull be valid only for the january 2011 session!!
    i have cleared my dnb in june 2010 with 204 marks out of 360.
    my passing certificate says that it is valid for 2 years till june 2012.
    but i heard that there are change in rules!
    is that true?
    and if yes than can i apply for january 2011 session or not? with my june 2010 marks?..
    and what do you think about my score of 204?
  29. DNB


    I'm afraid that once you appear for December exam which has different rules for admission, June scores may become invalid.Still, check with NBE.

    Asha Paidhungat.
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    hello asha mam. this is my first post in this forum but following you for long time which have build my confidence of taking dnb. i m interested in doing dnb general medicine

    this time it suppose to be a central councilng. so my question is how do we know which college or hospital has better

    My second question is being a north indian is it ok to take admission in south india like karnatak,andhra,tamilnadu and kerala in branch like gen.medicine or is it going to be tough because of language barrier.
  31. dr-hammad

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    dnb ophtho

    Dear Asha Mam.. plz help me. i ve scored 187 in dec 2010 dnb xam. can i get dnb in ophtho ny whr in india.. n is thr going to be a central councilling this tym..plz help me. i wil be grateful..
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    i got 203 in dnbcet 2010dec can i get any clinical branch in ap kindly reply me please
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i got 203 in dnbcet 2010 dec can i get any clinical dnb seat in ap or kerala kindly help me
  34. dr.dude

    dr.dude Guest

    hi mam,could u plz tell me the good colleges for dnb general least 10-20...counselling is on head.
  35. Guest

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    hi can any body plz tell me list of good colleges for dnb radio
    what is passing %age
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    Hello AJP mam,
    I have completed FCPS(Medicine) and have registered with MMC and Indian Medical Register(IMR By MCI).I have certificate of additional registration from Maharashtra Medical Council too.Can I practice outside maharashtra?As per my knowledge once you are registered with the MMC/MCI you can practice but not sure the current status after the court verdict although the DNB board has accepted my application for the DNB part 2 exam.subsequently I came 2 know that MMC has stopped doing additional registration for the the same now a where do my FCPS stand?
    Dr prashant
  37. Guest

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    Both MMC/CPS can tell you latest position of FCPS recognition by MMC. You can perhaps check that on MMC website too, otherwise its best to visit their office for the same.Try to get a written letter from them, if its possible to do so.

    Asha Paidhungat.
  38. PURPLE

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    Hi All,

    Could anyone please let me know the pattern of councelling. What all are they asking/varifying during the councelling? How long will be the councelling etc... Ineed to plan my travel accordingly, so it will be so helpful to me if some one can help me with these....

    Regards & best wishes..

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