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  1. 5th disease caused by which virus?

    complications of rubella virus

    definition of polymenorrhea

    pregnant wth varicella wht u do?

    S1 [cardio], where do u hear it?

    treatment of venticulat tahicardia

    senario of pulmonary embolism wht u do next?

    senario of ALL

    senario of AML

    Bacterial vaginosis wht can cause in pregnacy

    causes of external otitis

    senario of AOM

    treatment of MI[except wht?]

    senario of PID

    causes of secondary hypertension

    senario of RA

    rash in a newborn, wht virus cause it?

    pulmonary edema n XR findings

    aniridia in a newborn wht examination u do next?

    associations of placenta preavia

    senario of eye injury

    sarcoidosis, how u treat?

    from surgery were questions of CA pancreas

    basal CA


    from rheumatology:


    newborn lupus

    discoid lupus



    sheihans, how u treat?

    progesteron injections, wht they cause?

    hi n salam, here i give u some more:[in a mixed way]

    senario of slipped femural epiphisis

    senario of Perthes dis.


    luteal phase, how is LH?

    antitrombotic treatment,wht do u check ; PT or PTT?

    DKA, findings after hydration

    where u hve mid systolic murmur?

    senario of gynec case wth tb

    peripheral neuropathy, causes

    senario of a pregnant wth HPV CA-high squamus, wht u do next?

    3rd grade block, wht r d findings?

    pregnant wth senario of appendicitis or pyelonephritis
    Crohn dis

    lead poisoning, wht r d findings, except 1?

    after elective correction of aneurysm, wht is the most common cause of death?

    high lower bleeding, wht investigation u do?

    acute pancreatitis, causes

    strictures of choledoc, most common cause?

    senario of jundice, give diagnosis

    necrotising fascitis,wht is bacterial cause[staf-strept]? from hospital? from skin entry? choose the best

    2 or 3 questions of short stature, causes, association wth anosmia, other diseases associated wth

    amenorrhea, senario of a 16 years old, wht is the cause

    osteosarcoma, peak age of appearance
  2. 1. 74 y/o man was taken by his neighbors due to not looking well for 1 or 2 days. O/E fever, confused and Kerning's sign was positive (they did not mention the sign but the definition like the leg is fully bent in the hip and knee, and subsequent extension in the knee is painful). which organism is responsible for the condition?

    a. H. influenza

    b. S. pneumonia

    c. M. tuberculosis

    d. Klebsiella

    e. ?? Listeria (if i remember correctly, but surely not N. meningitidis)

    2. what is the appropriate treatment of above condition?

    a. benzylpenicilline

    b. ceftriaxone

    c. metronidazole

    d. ???

    3. how cryptococcus meningitis is diagnosed?

    a. india ink

    b. microscopy

    c. virology of CSF

    d. ???

    e. ???

    4. a baby with slapped cheek. which organism is responsible?

    a. paramyxovirus

    b. B-haemolytic streptococci

    c. parvovirus b19

    d, e ?????

    5. a scenario of asthmatic attack. what would you give?

    a. low dose oxygen

    b. ipratropium bromide (with dose)

    c. salbutamol 500mg

    d. IV steroids

    e. ?

    6. abovementioned person with asthma frequently uses a drug for control of his symptoms. he c/o tremors in his hands.

    a. he should rinse his mouth everytime after taking that drug.

    b. this drug causes hypokalaemia.

    c. ipratropium bromide is as useful as the same drug.

    7. an elderly male admitted in psychiatric ward for some psychiatric disease. he was doing well but then suddenly he became confused. a medical officer finds out that there is a bulge in the lower abdomen.

    a. urgently arrange an US lower abdomen.

    b. urgently catheterize.

    c. urgent KUB

    d. e ???

    8. a person has ecg findings of HR 175, with QRS interval 0.08ms. how will you treat?

    a. adenosine

    b. atropine

    c. digoxine

    d. oxygen

    e. ?


    some more mcqs which i remember.

    9. a pregnant lady who has severe pain in his hands which reduces by dangling her hands out of bed. which condition is not associated with the disease?

    a. pregnancy

    b. cardiac failure.

    c. psiform fracture.


    10. tetanus vaccine is

    a. live attenuated

    b. toxin

    c. inactivated

    d. e ???

    11. a scenario of pregnant lady who developed SOB. which of these is least helpful?

    a. pulse

    b. BP

    c. V/Q scan

    d. Pulmonary angiogram

    e. ABG's

    12. A scenario where a lady starts feeling tiredness and she becomes extremely intolerant to cold. what investigation you will do?

    a. TSH

    b. thyroglobulin

    c. Free T4

    d. Free T3

    e. ?

    13. a scenario of Pneumothorax. what will you do?

    a. insert chest drain.

    b. insert large bore needle in 6th intercostal space

    c. insert large bore needle in 2nd intercostal space

    d. CXR

    e. ?

    14. a scenario of unstable angina which was treated by B-blockers. what is the function of Bb?

    a. veno-dilation

    b. something like increases release of prostaglandins

    c. helps clean the vessel aggregated by platelets

    d. e. ????

    15. another unstable angina mcq asking what is true?

    a. it increases the risk of MI

    dont remember other options.

    16. a person is given hep B vaccine. which test will show its adequate response?

    a. HBsAg

    b. anti-HBs

    c. anti-HBe

    d. anti-HBc

    e. HBV-DNA
  3. 17. a pregnant lady with abdomen that is larger than dates. dont remember whole question but the answer was polyhydramnios.

    18. 19. scenario of DM

    a. how will you diagnose

    b. how will you treat hyperglycaemia in emergency.

    20. same scenario but lab results of electrolytes were given and you had to calculate plasma osmolality.

    21. a question regarding prescription sheet where name of doctor, date and bla bla was written and you had to answer what are necessary parts of a sheet. i did not know the correct answer but made an educational guess. hope my guess would do something

    22. A neck lump in a child which transilluminates.

    a. Cystic hygroma

    b. Brachial cyst

    c. Something hydrocele in neck (frankly never heard of it)

    23. A scenario of bacterial endocarditis in a child.

    24. A leukaemia question in elderly.

    25. An elderly patient presents with more than 24 hour of left sided chest pain. Examination reveal a rash on the left side of chest.

    a. MI.

    b. Angina

    c. Herpes simples.

    d. Herpes zoster.

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