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    hi. i am sorry i am raising a topic not related to this forum. i want info about MRCS, dates, fee, books, eligibility...and whether there is a separate exam for orthopods, as there is for opthalmologists.though not related to this forum, i have found the site so useful that i am sure somebody can come up with the answers. i guess it may be inappropriate to post the answers on this page, so i would be grateful if somebody could reply at my email id
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    If you want to do opth then you have to take mrcopth and not the mrcs. Ortho is covered in MRCS. Competition in opth is fierce so most hospitals with any repute will want you to have mrcopth before giving you a rotational job as an sho. If you want fees and dates check the royal college websites for edinburgh, london, and glascow.
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