Hematologic malignancy

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    Q. A patient with a Hematologic malignancy seeks your advice. She has read on the commercial internet that treatment with interferon might be helpful. Interferons are correctly characterized by which of the following statements?
    a- They are a group of complex phospholipids
    b- They are produced by virus-infected cells
    c- They enhance viral replication
    d- They cause Burkitt’s lymphoma cell lines to divide
    e- They have not been effective in the treatment of hairy cell leukemias
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    Answer: b. (Schwartz, 7/e, pp 349-350) the interferons are a group of glycoproteins first found as products of virus-infected cells that inhibited viral replication. Subsequently, they have been shown to have a variety of effects both on cells of the immune system and on malignant cells. Interferons cause Burkitt’s lymphoma cell lines to differentiate and lose the capacity to divide. Hematologic malignancies are very responsive to interferons; up to 100% of hairy cell leukemias show some degree of remission. Interferon α has been used in the treatment of chronic active hepatitis B and C with promising results in recent clinical trials.

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