Herald patch:Solitary patch with peripheral scalling

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    A chicken pox
    B bullous pemphigoid
    C pilyriasis vesicolor
    D pilyriasis rosea
    E erythema nodosum
    F Stevens Johnson Syndrome
    G pemphigus vulgaris
    H erythema marginatum
    I henoch-schoinlein purpura
    J erythema multiform
    K measles

    1.Herald patch:Solitary patch with peripheral scalling, most commonly found trunk.
    2.Target lesions: concentric rings due to a cell mediated cutaneous lymphocytotoxic response.
    3.Thick walled bullae. Immunofluorescence studies show linear staining of IgG along the basement membrane.
    4.Thin walled bullae. Immunofluoescence studies show intracellular staining of IgG within the epidermis.
    5.Target lesions with extensive mucous membrane involvement.
    6.Umblicated vesicles,pustules and crusts. Rash distribution is centripetal
    7.Koplik’s spot on mucous membrane of cheeks

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