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Discussion in 'USMLE STEP 2 CS' started by drwatson, Jul 18, 2005.

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    Hello everybody in the forum,
    I have just passed Step 2 CS. I appeared in the first week of June in LA. This was my second attempt. I joined Dr.Shwartz's workshop and I feel it was extremely beneficial to me for the exam. Few wrong notions about the exam made me unsuccessful in the first attempt.In my second attempt I tried to rectify the mistakes I made previously and confronted the SPs with confidence. The result is - I passed. I have experienced success and failures in the exam. I really understand the feelings of those who fail and the relief of those who pass.
    I know the tension,worries, anxiety,apprehension and fears associated with this exam. I have gone through this stage.
    If I can be of any help to anybody, you are free to send me an e-mail at ninthvibration@gmail.com.
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    hi can u please tell me is the exam doable,what preparations r needed,my exam is on friday,please help me,i want to pass.
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    how long does it take for the result?

    Hi...Congrats..do you have any idea how long it usually takes for the Step2 CS result to come?I took my exams on July 28th in Chicago center and am waiting for the results...
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    Hi, I took my step2 cs on July 8th in Phil. and I am still waiting for results. hopefully it will not take long.
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    hi congratulation
    what is Dr. schwatz s workshop
    I plan to take the cs exam in october, could u tell me the best way to study, what is the source
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