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    [ pg study in abroad
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    hello guys,
    Most youngsters dream of studying abroad and many of them
    have what is called the `American Dream’. But the challenge
    with study in USA is that it is often financially beyond the
    reach of many Indian students. Whether a student wishes to pursue
    graduation or post-graduation degrees in the US, there are
    several opportunities in the form of scholarships available.
    For more information I found new informative website on that site all the top universities detail information is available just check this link http://www.msmbainusa.com/usa-university-search.php
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    It is true that many Indian students have the dream of pursuing their PG in abroad. However, many have the idea to practice in India after getting a Medical Degree from the foreign University. The professionals who hold a foreign Medical degree and wish to practice in India have to take up an exam called FMGE. Those who clear this exam have the license to practice in India. At present, the difficulty to clear this exam has increased. Therefore, it is better to pursue a PG degree in India itself, if she/he has the idea to practice in India.

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