Higher Surgical Training in deaneries in UK

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    MRCS - (It is just a certification to apply for Higher Surgical Training in deaneries in UK)

    1) Qualification required to take the exam - DNB surgery or MS General Surgery?

    2) Can i take the exam while doing my MS General Surgery? - YES preferably part A in 2nd year and Part B in 3rd year.

    3) Part A of the EXAM - apply through any of the RCS website

    2 papers - Applied Basic Sciences (Preferred textbook - Raftery) 2 hrs with single best answers
    Basic principles of Surgery ( Prefered MCQ book Passtest) 2hrs
    with EMQs

    Cost - 480 British pound sterling(for RCS Eng)

    Centres in India - Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, pune
    Max- 6 attempts

    3) Part B -

    Cost - 870 British pound sterling

    Oral -
    three sections each of 20 minutes
    each section has two parts of 10 min each

    Part 1 Applied Surgical Anatomy
    Part 2 Operative Surgery
    Part 1 Applied Physiology
    Part 2 Critical Care
    Part 1 Applied Surgical Pathology
    Part 2 Principles of Surgery

    The examiners may use prosections, bones, live models, images (X-ray, CT, MRI) or photographs.

    Clinical and communication skills - 4 cases each 15 min

    Communication - information giving and information gathering is tested each about 10 minutes given to candidate to take history and 5 minutes to present.

    After passing both part A and B we have to apply to various deaneries in UK for a speciality training post

    Speciality training(paid) will be for 4-6 years after which we get CCT( Certificate for completion of Training)

    After getting CCT we are eligible to sit for FRCS exit exam.

    FRCS is the degree required to practise as a Surgeon in UK.

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