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Discussion in 'MRCS Forum' started by rabia islam, Jul 18, 2005.

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    I passed my MBBS finals recently,I have plans to sit for the MRCS exams.What do I have to do?And how long do I have to wait till I can sit for the exams.How much would it cost me?What documents do I have to submit?If there is anyone out there who can help me I will really be grateful.And can i apply directly in new-delhi or abu-dhabi?If so where are the offices?
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    ya..this is the


    this is Dr.raza from pakistan. i have alrrady applied for the MRCS part 1 going to be held in New delhi on 16th Jan. 2006.

    if u are interested just message me..i'll let u know.
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    Well if you are eager to help you can start by answering the questions I have already posted then if i have any more queries I shall contact you.Thanks
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    how to apply


    would be better if u mail me on my e-mial.

    yup i have applied for the Glasgow which got centers in delhi and abu-dhabi but i opted for the delhi as it is near to our country and the cost is less. exam fee is 190 pounds. u just need your attested degree copy. download form from the net. and just send it to the college in london.

    anyways goodluck...raza
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    the poor guy is really desperate!
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    yup .. i agree with u buddy ... a knight in shining armour waiting to help damsels in distress..

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