how long you have to study for step 3

Discussion in 'Step 3' started by nbrwn, Oct 3, 2006.

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    How long does it take to prepaire for step 3 if I am going to study every whole day?
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    The best answer is, it depends.

    How well did you do on the other Steps?

    What PGY are you?

    What is your residency?

    Did you do a transitional year? Peds? OB? ??

    I did a transitional year, and am now in my last year of anesthesia residency.

    I hit the mean on steps 1 and 2 with about 4 weeks studying for each.

    This time I studied for about 5 whole days and hit one standard deviation above the mean.

    I think it is an advantage to take it later in your residency, IF you continue to deal with all ages and all systems, like we do in anesthesia.

    If you are a new intern, or you are, e.g., an ortho resident, you need to spend more time.

    In any event, all the info you need is in Crush Step 3 and the vignettes of first aid.

    Good luck.

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