i am 43 n passed mrcs 1 in 1st attempt

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    Listen carefuly if you can hear me
    this is a very easy exam believe me( at least 85% , which is enough for passing. leave 15% for tony blair to solve)
    1st relax n use your mind , if u r tense u cannot concentrate, n then u cannot remember. If nothing relaxes u try these homeopathic drugs :idea:
    acid phos
    kali phos
    mag phos consult 1st I use 1M potency once fortnightly. they also make u more alert. u can try lower potencies 1st. always make drug holidays say use 1 week leave 1week, but consult 1st :!:

    I studied for 3 months n last month i studied only pastest chan mcqs only I disagree with mjw for readin cusheri. I somehow agree with surg 0505 letter

    I am copying an email I wrote to my friend

    Dear Ahsan no need to get depressed on failing. just follow my advice
    read following only
    1 pastest intercollegiate mrcs applied basic sciences ( must reading 80 % mcqs were from this)

    2 snell's anatomy ( specially read topics mentioned in no 1)

    3 BRS physio ( specially read topics mentioned in the no 1)

    4 pocket robins 1st 200 pages thoroughly ( specially read topics mentioned in the no 1) and rest of the pages if u like.

    5 core moules pastest

    so everything revolves around no 1. believe me u won't regret. make a shake of no 1 and drink it at least 3times simultaneously reading the text books for topics.

    remember this is a very very easy exam only think smart. Don't overexert. use ur energies wisely. remember ur a human.

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