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    I have just finished the MRCS EXAM successfully
    I take the part 1& 2 in January 2009
    And part 3 (VIVA and Clinical) in June 2009

    I am ready to answer any question about MRCS
  2. surg18

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    I am planning to appear by the end of this year in Dubai.
    Can u please answer the following.
    1. Does college make any difference?
    2. Do you need a Log Book during the exam?
    3. How important it is to read from Bailey?
    4. How many months are needed realistically to prepare along with training?
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    1) no need for log book
    2)college and the center does not make any difference (it is intercolligate exam )
    3) 4 month preparing is enough
    (for me 3 only and maily the last month and i passed from the first time
    40 For Bailly i like that book But..............
    read Viva book better read 2 viva books better than reading bailly
    and after that you may need to read very few topics in baily
    check previous exam questions
    i have put the question of Dubai april in forum checked it
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    by the way the above reply was by me .........................

  5. surg18

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    thank you so much
  6. sharkasir

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    :( PLEASE ITS URGENT!!!! :cry: how to start?

    I have just passed part A MRCS and I need to try Part B, so I just wonder if you have any good advices for me :!: ;
    I mean what material should I use? ANY good books? time for preparation? any course ? any paln? any common mistakes that should be avoided?

    Thank you in advance :roll: & waiting for ur kind replies :wink:
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    How to prepare for MRCS Part 3 (7 STEPS PLAN)

    1) Choose the center and date of exam and check the closing date of application Check the web site of 4 royal colleges :-
    A. The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
    B. The Royal College of Surgeons of England
    C. The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
    D. The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

    2) If you decide to take exam in other country than your residence then check the need for visa to enter that country ( the acceptance of your application does not mean that you will get visa)

    I prefer the following 2 books:-
    • Cracking the MRCS VIVA
    • Questions for the MRCS VIVA by Peter goodfellow
    Review the chapter of Anatomy and Physiology in any of Part 1 books (read any important topic that not present in the VIVA books.

    Try to check the Questions of the previous exam (you can find many in the web sites just write MRCS 3 VIVA QUESTION in Google search and you will find many).

    4) Read the book Surgical Short Cases for The MRCS by Catherine Parchment smith
    Practice clinical examination in the correct way during your job or with your friend or brother .

    5) Check youtube web site for videos of the following clinical examinations:-
    • Knee examination
    • Hip examination
    • Shoulder examination
    • Thyroid examination
    • Abdomen examination
    • Hand examination
    • Ulnar, Median and Radial nerves examination
    • Varicose vein examination
    • Vascular examination

    These are nice informative free videos and give the skills that are usually looked for by the examiner

    6) This is optional ……………..take a course in preparation for MRCS 3 (usually it is 3-5 days course around 500 £) find it in Google search

    7) In the exam do not forget the followings:-
    • Say Hello sir to the examiners
    • Say Hello to patient
    • Wash your hand with alcohol gel in the start and after every patient
    • Introduce yourself to patient (especially in communication skill bays)
    • Take permission of patient before examine him
    • Ask of any tender area before palpation
    • Take care of privacy and convenience of patient during the exposure (e.g. in hernia examination)
    • Thank the patient when you finish and COVER him if you already expose him.
    • This very important…..when you feel that you not doing well in one of parts or bays of exam DO NOT LOSS YOUR POWER try your best in the next bay because there is compensation between the bays in VIVA AND CLINICAL
  8. aiwa

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    hi dear,

    what abt going for any couse for viva or books are enough

    when you say three month or 4 mnth what should be the layout if one can spare 2-3 hrs /day

    did you prepare any notes or books are ok

    can we have the listing of some common topics sbject wise frm any book/

  9. mrcsjan

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    Hello. Congrats first!!

    I want to sit for part 1 in jan 2010 in dubai .. i really need you to tel me hw to get started i bought raftery applied basic sciences.. i am also doin my training and i heard i have to go thru snell & a physiology book and pathology.. someone else said raftery is enough with questions. plz plz help me on how to start i want to increase my chances of passing from the first time..

    thanks alot..
  10. surg1

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    books for mrcs a

    Hi ,
    Could someone please tell me which books does one need for MRCS part A-?(1&2)
    Thank you
  11. guest 2009

    guest 2009 Guest

    mrcs part a exam

    Pls help dada, gave MS 3 years ago, now wanna do MRCS exams. pls advise how much time for prep and what books
  12. MRCS after MS(ENT)

    I have passed MS(ENT) in 1999.Now I want to sit for MRCS.Please guide me step by step.My queries are as under.
    1)Do I need to give PLAB/IELTS before appearing for MRCS?
    2)How do I register?
    3) Do they send the study materials or do we have to buy them on our own?
    4)Since I am appearing for any exam after such a long time when do you suggest I should take my Part 1?
    Please reply at the earliest.Earnestly waiting for your guidance.
  13. Deido

    Deido Guest

    Pre-requesites for MRCS

    Greetings all..
    I want to know what do i need to apply for the MRCS exam..

    Do i need certain years of experience ? do i need a certificate for this ?
    Do i need a post-graduate degree first before MRCS ? or just the MBChB?

    I really need these answers so i'll be grateful for any reply...thanks in advance.
  14. dr. bushra

    dr. bushra Guest

    mrcs3 guidance

    i appeared in mrcs 3 exam from glasgow centre,cleared my viva but remain in clinicals and communications.want to know what books should i refer to?both in clinicals and comms.
  15. Deido

    Deido Guest


    Hello Dr. Bushra
    It seems that u r from egypt..my name is fady..and i want to ask u something about mrcs....how many years of experience should i have before entering the mrcs ? or can i do it just after graduation ? should i complete my residency first ?
    i'll be grateful if u answered me...

    Rabena ma3ak :)
  16. whynotI

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    hi,im ug student i have many query abt FRCS can any one help

    hi im doing my mbbs in china im indian student.can i give FRCS..wht is this it wil give scholarship or wht? im not clear at all abt this can anyone guide me about this...min.qualification..money invested.
  17. dr. bushra

    dr. bushra Guest

    mrcs-3 quiry

    no mr. Fady. i am not from egypt.i am from pakistan.i have cleared my viva from glasgow but not the clinicals/communication? can any one tell me how to prepare for communication?is there any book for cases regarding it?if yes then plz let me know.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hello sir
    i m interested in giving mrcs exam in ent from pakistan.i want some information as how to proceed.
    i will b thankful

    Dr.Anwar ul haq
    m.b.b.s frm peshawar
  19. sid2010

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    Good to be in the MRCS forum...

    I have completed MRCS from Edin in 2005. wroking in Trinidad and Tobago as Registrar in Surgery.

    My questions are:

    1.In how many countries is MRCS considered as post graduate qualification? by that I mean will it help you become Consultant

    2. Does US recognise MRCS as post graduate experience or qualification?

    3. Is anyone out there used MRCS as post grdaute qualification to acquire Fellowships in USA.

    MRCS is unfortunately a dying degree and my advice to people who are taking it as a sole qualification ....make sure you make all enquiries before as few countries DO NOT consider MRCS as a post grad qulification, but as an ADDITIONAL DIPLOMA...


  20. Dr Butt

    Dr Butt Guest

    mrcs exam take in Pakistan

    Hello, I want to take MRCS exam part 1 in Pakistan. Can anybody guide me as to what is the application procedure and whether any centre takes MRCS exams in Pakistan in year 2010 or year 2011?
  21. dr abc

    dr abc Guest

    Salams all,
    can you please say me what are the textbooks and question books recommended for MRCS part paper 1 + paper 2
  22. IMRCS Part A

    Hey there..i'm preparing for IMRCS part A n i'm gonna sit 4 the exam in september 2011 n have set a 3-month preparation time but donno which books should i use n which r jst too much so plz i need an advise about that..

    one extra thing..among the books i already bought is the "Essential revision notes for intercollegiate MRCS" which r 2 books n i have no idea which one is needed for part A or if both r needed..

    thanks a million

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