I have the pastpaper for free to anyone need it

Discussion in 'MRCOG Forum' started by novalgin, Feb 19, 2005.

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  1. anupma

    anupma Guest

    Hi novalgin,

    am planning to take mrcog in march.will be thankful if you could send the papers on this address.

    thanks and goodluck
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

  3. Manju

    Manju Guest

    Please send me the past papers too, I shall be grateful

    Dear Dr

    Please send the qus to me also


    my email ID :ppiravom@yahoo.com
  4. zoza

    zoza Guest

    plz send me acopy and gazaki alah kol '7ir..
  5. Minaz

    Minaz Guest


  6. Minaz

    Minaz Guest

    Re: pastpaper

    E mail: minazmahaldar@gmail.com
  7. shamaelah

    shamaelah Guest

    hi Novalgin,

    im appearing for march exam, wud be really nice of you if you can mail the pastpapers at the following address drsji_2002@hotmail.com
    ill be grateful to you.Thank you
  8. satya

    satya Guest

    hi novalgin,
    could u please send me a copy too. thanks in advance.
    my email id is sathiyask@yahoo .com
  9. binu

    binu Guest

  10. hanimkmh

    hanimkmh Guest

    Past Papers

    This is very noble behaviour. You are earning lots of blessings and also making new frienships. I would be very grateful if you sent me the past papers. My email is hanimkmh@mooga.com
    Thank you in advance.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    dear novalgin,i will be greatful to you if you send me those pass pappers . my e-mail is drvikus@yahoo.com
  12. drshoaib

    drshoaib Guest

    please help me

    Hi dr Novalgin
    please send me past papers on following e -mail address
    I am realy inspired by your sympathy to other doctors.it is realy a great work in this greedy materialistic world.
    Dr Shoaib.
  13. dr a

    dr a Guest

    cheap minds

    rcog past papers cost only 20£.if u can spend 250£ for exam can't u spend another 20
    cheap minds
  14. happy

    happy Guest

  15. Novalgin

    Novalgin Guest

  16. bsethi

    bsethi Guest

  17. bsethi

    bsethi Guest

  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hi novalgin,

    can u pls send me the pastpapers,my id is vidbala@yahoo.com,vidbala@gmail.com.
    i had posted a request earlier with another person promising to send the pastpapers,but dint get anything.i hope i get a fruitful result this time.

    if u do help,thanks to ur helping mentality
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