i passed my part1 too!!!

Discussion in 'MRCS Forum' started by surg0505, Sep 30, 2005.

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    hi guys . i took my part1 in london. i did clear my exam. i didnt find much time. i studied for 10 days. mainly did mcq's . revised for 3 days flat. and suprise suprise i did clear my exam. so those out there who dont have time, try and study as much as u can, but u must put ur heart in while studying, and u will suceed by the grace of god. god bless. good luck chaps and chapies.
  2. Dr.O

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    Wow amazing feat! MashAllah. Could u tell us where did u study from? Thanx
  3. dr shah

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    congrats...btw i paseed my exam studying for around 10 days as well...funny enough i didnt have any mcq book either...person supposed to post me didnt...i did the pastest free course initially and then did the text books including snells (almost all a general reading but thorax n head n neck thoroughly) BRS physiology( resp, and acid base only) and pathology small robins( cell, inflamation and hemostasis) and thats it..trust me u need a basic knowledge instead of ALOT of mcqs...everything comes from the books...like everyone says about studying for 6 months and doing only mcqs i went to expect to fail but i did the paper in around 2 hours beacuse i knew the answers(almost all)..so key is to gain as much basic knowledge as u can and practise mcqs so u know wt the pattern is PLUS lots and lots of prayers..:)
    good luck to all
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    Can Someone tell?

    hii gyuz

    congrats to all those who have passed the exam...but Good luck to those who are appearing with me in Jan. But its my first attempt,,i am a bit scary,,Although i have read the whole course except few things

    Kindly can someone solve my problem...That whether the core and system moudules are necessary for the exam or Not?

    Please clear the point as few people say they are useless....i have read Snell,,,Raftery,BRS,,HighYield Patho and Physio,,,,also doing alot of MCQs ,,please help me....


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