IELTS 7.0 in Viet Nam ( 27/Sep/2008) 6.5 8 6.5 7 - Debrief.

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    First and foremost, I'd like to express my thanks to this Forum which really encourage me alot to achieve the acceptable score to continue my MBA journey. It is not really high score when compared with other friends here like 7.5, 8 or even 8.5 as overrall score. But for me this is really a good job by self-study approach. :p

    I've practice IELTS from 6 months ago, however only concentrated on the test about 2 months regarding the date I registered to the IDP center :roll: (pressure run behind me ) , then I just asked my friend to study intensively.


    Cambridege: 1-6 ( please practice all )

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    IELTS Insearch

    IELTS Practice Plus

    IELTS Preparation & Practice

    IELTS Practice Test 1 & 2

    IELTS Practice Now

    IELTS Secrets

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    Ielts to success


    Apart from familarize yourself into test patterns, you can visit BBC,ABC, or CNN for improving your listening skills.

    Practice books with discipline on right answers, i.e double check your answers and give the strict assesment, this is my mistake on the preparation. In the real EXAM, I made 2 silly mistakes and lead to 0.5 downgrade on my listening module: I put 2 words : " Practical works " and " Fieldworks " :twisted: :cry: :( with plural form, I don't know why I do like that...hic...poor me.

    After leaving the exam room, I supposed that I don't have any wrong answers in Section 1, 2, 3, only worrying about the section 4 with some guesing due to the strange topic about manufacturing history to make the perfume with un-familar vocabularies. But few days later, discussed with my friend I recognized I made unacceptable on Section 1, 2, 3 as mentioned due to carelessness. hic.... :oops:


    Try to finish all practice in books recommended, especially in Cam 1-6, the difficulty level is quite similar to the real EXAM, a little bit easier. Usually, I have 32-35 correct answers in Cam 1-6, however in real EXAM I did good job , I think I had 4 sentences wrong.

    Be careful with True/False/Not Give or Yes/No/Not Given, I can say this is the most tough kinds of questions in IELTS accordance with Heading Matching. But, please remember this slogan: " Give the apple to the monkey, not other fruits if Monkey ask for Apple" ->Practice and practice as your breath.

    In the real exam, I had challenges with Passage 3 with many tough questions, at that time I still have about 25+ minutes to finnish, however for Heading Matching too difficult and Sentence Matching as well, however after 15 minutes stuck, I moved to last session with Gap Fill job, achieved this session first and come back to accomplish the rest of Pass 3 with some uncertain answers due to Paraphasing style of questions.

    Thanks god, I did that with 8 Mark in Reading.


    This section is my nightmare actually, because as a technical guy with score in litterature at highschool around 6.5 something, I really hate this subject and don't put alot of effort to practice. Thanks to this Forum and my friends who really encourage me to write down the essays not only thinking in my, I did about 4 own essays - > 6.5 overall. :D

    Task 1: Intepretate 2 tables about number of studens studied at particular School ( can not remmember the nam) in 1997 and 2000, => quite easy. ( I wrote about 180 words )

    Task 2: Some schools should support students from rural areas , what is your point of view ? agreed or disagree ?
    ( This is crazy part , I did write about 400+ words with request one more paper ) :), I don't know why I have alot of ideas but I think i can not score high because of organizing and spelling, I don't have much time to double check grammars and spellings. -> 6.5 is my score : is okie with little effort.

    speaking :

    Nearly no practice on particular topics, only comming exam date knock my head, I hang out with my friend to talk something by drinking coffee and talking, however it is okie for me because I have chance to practice english frequently with colleagues. But my recommendation is : try to write down particular topics like: Artist, Education, Career, Environtment, Goverment, history, Holidays & Festivals, etc...I haven't practiced alot on those ones, therefore at the exam date, when the examiner asked me about Scupture and artist, in one second a little bit worried due to limited vocabularies in mind, however try to speak fluently and keep your pace normally with the interviewer. Keep your good eye contact and body language. -> score 7.0 :wink:

    Again, practice whenever and wherever you can .

    Conclusion: Give your deadline for exam to motivate yourself with intensive studying time, 2 months is enough for IELTS test to achieve 7.0. ( Keep your mind be optimistic :). ) Practice your weak areas, and learn in group is best.

    My experience, I registered ACCET for studying 2 months with 500 usd cost :twisted: , however after 1 month I were foreced to leave that class due to frequent absence ( Not my fault, because the policy is : each student can not be absent 3 days, terrible for me because I have to travel alot with business, but trust on my: Self-study is the best way , however remember to participate IELTS Forum: WWW.AIPPG.NET/FORUM. :wink: 8)

    Thanks this forum, my next steps are GMAT, LoR, SoP, Application for enrollment Sep/2009.

    Thanks for invaluable experience from all of you which make my dream closer. 8) :D :)
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    I am so shy before you.
    I am vietnamese too.
    I have just attended an exam for enroll an IELTS class and it is terrible.
    4.5 for listen, reading even less than that.
    I fall in sleepy with so long readings.
    listening also.
    I fall into sleepy after only 10 minutes of listening.
    Who can help me to be over this?

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