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    topic now is:

    Would you consider our life style better than that of our fore fathers?
    What are the factors to help you to take this decision?

    You should write at least 250 words.

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    It is just for our reference.
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    this is my first essay on
    could you cosider our life style better than that of our forefathes?

    Ofcourse,there is dramatic change in the life style of ours than that of hundred years back.The credit goes to the development of latest technology, advancement of science, modernism and awareness
    First of all ,i think the art of living is progressed a lot.In old times at the age of 60 people is considered old and usually the age of death is inbetween sixty to eighty whereas now people used to live more and at the age of sixty they arestill standing on their own feets .This is due to awareness of health issues and everyone struggles to live fit .secondly ,the eating habit is changed a lot . we dont have to spend hours of time in kitchen for cooking as the readymade food are available which we can cook in five minutes. so that made our life more easy .moreover its time consuming.Another change is due to advancement of modes of transport and means of entertainment.we dont have to stand in long ques to wait for public transport as own transport is cheaper and easily assessible.Everyone is having television and internet.
    The last thing ,is change in the thinking .our forefathers used to live for their childrens only.They earned and saved everythg.But now we are living for us.Earning and spending on our enjoyment and in parties.The negative aspects of it is change in behaviour, love,peace is gone and people are selfish, egoist and they just want to think about themselves now.Everyone is running to become rich.
    To conclude i would say,our lifestyle is quite advanced than that of our forefathers and as we are telling that the older generation is quite boring.while later in few years our children goin to be far advanced than us. so basically its generation gap between two we should have to remember the basic thing that we are human being

    kindly plz check my essay and rate it and tell me my mistakes and also where i can improve and also if possible wat would be the better version of this topic
    thanks a lot
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    topic is:

    Would you consider our life style better than that of our fore fathers?
    What are the factors to help you to take this decision?

    I highly appreciate for your feedback towards my below essay. I thank also for rating my essay (1-9).

    Essay :

    Life style changes every time influenced by people mindset and technology advancement. As we know that our forefathers lived with their old styles with much relied on earth, so that they just thought how to survive. They owned simple tools such as for killing enemies, looking for foods, clothing, etc. The lifestyle is shifting now, it becomes modern and sophisticated.

    Comparing to forefather, people needs and wants are increasing shortly. No satisfactions can be achieved only for simple tools. According to this situation, people will search for many innovations that can fulfill their expectations. Experts always dedicate their knowledge and experience to create new things. Finally, life becomes much easier to face by their innovations.

    Many samples can be shown for today lifestyle which is better than fore fathers. First, transportation side. Previously, transportation could only be done by walking through forest. It was very dangerous and took much time. No facilitations were available at that time. It is different right now, we can easily go to our destinations by car, train, airplane, etc. It is much more efficient and safer. Second, cooking side. Fore fathers cooked by using fire and wood from the forest, it took time and inefficient. For the time being, technology advancement causes many innovations for the cooking stuffs. We have many sophisticated tools, such as microwave, gas stove, etc. Third, housing side. Before, forefathers got accustomed of staying in the forest with simple housing. This housing style was fragile since unable to stand for rain, hurricane, etc. Today, we have many modern housing styles and strong enough to face for earth challenges. Actually, there are still many samples that can figure out our life style is much more sophisticated and make our life much easier for this time.

    Based on the above paragraphs, I really think that our lifestyle is better than that of our forefathers.

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