if anyone got vmpf note let me know

Discussion in 'AMC Clinical Exam' started by ssssssss, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. ssssssss

    ssssssss Guest

    if sumebody can give me vmpf notes
  2. doc.u

    doc.u Guest


    yes u can have a copy of the note.
  3. ssssssss

    ssssssss Guest

    let me know how can i contact u
  4. brissiman

    brissiman Guest

    copy of vmpf notes

    can any one give me copy of vmpf notes I will be very greatful.thanx
  5. doc.u

    doc.u Guest

    Let me know your e-mail address.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    vmpf notes

    Dear doc.u, can I please have a copy of vmpf notes..thanks a lot.
    my id is rose123george123, thank you
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    amc clinical

    Can u plz email me the notes
    My email is iraj111 at hotmailcom
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    can you please send me a copy at rose123george123 at gmail dot com,
    thank you very much
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    would you kindly send a copy to christufarru at hotmail dot com

    I have plenty of recalls, books (pdfs) etc to share if u wish.

    Thanks for any help
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    please sent me copy of vmpf notes on drseema at rediffmail dot com
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    could you please send me a copy to valerika76 at yahoo dot com. Thanks a lot!
  12. guestagain

    guestagain Guest

    i also haev planty of recalls if anyone is interested

    can you please email me copy of vpmf nope plz?
  13. priya 66

    priya 66 Guest

    vpmf notes

    hi. If u don't mind, could u please email the vpmf notes to me too? highly appreciate it. thanks.
    priya _ 66 hotmail dot com
  14. drjain16

    drjain16 Guest


    Hi could you send me the vmpf notes too..will be great help..thanks, my id

    drjain2008 @ yahoo dot com...

    Thanks again
  15. Examtaker77

    Examtaker77 Guest

    Dear doc.u. Can you send me a copy as well to mike.joseph000@yahoo.com. I'd really appreciate that.
  16. clinicaldoc

    clinicaldoc Guest

    Dear doc.u, would you please kindly forward the materials for AMC clinical to my address too- sajhasamaj@hotmail.com
    You are doing so nice and kind job, God bless you. Many thanks
  17. michelle

    michelle Guest

    VMPF notes

    anyone want to share VMPF notes ? My email is drpanei16@gmail.com. I am really appreciate for your help..
  18. sums789

    sums789 Guest

    dear doc.u
    would you be able to send a copy of vmpf notes to me,my id is sums_789@yahoo.com
  19. e_l

    e_l Guest

    can someone please email me the notes too. thanks millions. my id is e_lasker2002@yahoo.com
  20. Ramshrs

    Ramshrs Guest

    Hi, Could I also have a copy of vmpf notes please. I would highly appreciate it. My email id is sht_ram@hotmail.com

    Thank you...
  21. hina1

    hina1 Guest

    HI.please i also want copy of vmpf notes.my email ID is eyes.5800@yahoo.com.au
    I will be very thankful.
  22. Dear Doc.u,

    If you do not mind...could I also have a copy of the VMPF notes? my email: xiaoqianwang123@gmail.com..highly appriciate!!
  23. Hello myself Dr priyanka
    I need clinical vmpf notes and dr wezel notes.
    can anyone give me? my email is pri22688nka@gmail.com
    Thank you.

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