IMGs won HSMP appeal in COURT TODAY

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    Thanx to BAPIO.WE WON.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a landmark victory for International Medical Graduates as the courts have found not only that the Home Office did not carry out a Race Impact Assessment but also the Department of Health gave incorrect guidance to NHS employers on the way these doctors are to be treated ." said Dr Satheesh Mathew, Vice Chair BAPIO (Operations). "This judgement will mean that Indian doctors and other International medical graduates in the UK will not have to pay the price for the poor workforce management of the Department of Health." He added " However we also believe that all UK graduates must be guaranteed postgraduate training."

    Dr Ramesh Mehta, President of BAPIO, thanked everyone who had helped to fight the case. "The first person I would like to thank is Mr Rajendra Chaudhary whose guidance was crucial in this struggle. We would also like to thank Anthony Robinson of Linder Myers solicitors and our counsel led by Rabinder Singh QC. We also want to thank all the hundreds of doctors who contributed their hard earned money to make this fight possible" he said. He continued "We see BAPIO's role as one of advocacy for international medical graduates and ethnic minority doctors and also an organisation that will support these doctors both at time of difficulty and to acheive clinical and professional excellence."

    Dr Buddhdev Pandya OBE, Corporate Advisor to BAPIO, said he was overjoyed by the ruling. He had been instrumental in setting up BAPIO Action Limited, a limited company set up specifically to look into legal avenues for unfair treatment of doctors from the Indian subcontinent. BAPIO was set up in 1998 and represents the interests of about 25,000 doctors from the Indian subcontinent who work in the NHS.

    At this time of joy, BAPIO remembers with gratitude Dr Imran Yousaf who joined BAPIO in this struggle for justice and whose life was lost as a result of rules brought forth with no concern for their effects on doctors like him.
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    yeeeeeeeeahhhhh :D

    i'm absolutely delighted to see that the BAPIO won the case.... :lol:

    to tell the truth i am absolutely ashamed of myself as i was one of those people who have always played down the usefulness of the BAPIO Court case, and i was very dubious of any successful outcomes....

    thanks Dr Ramesh Mehta, thanks Mr Rajendra Chaudhary, thanks Anthony Robinson, thanks Rabinder Singh, thanks for the millions of overseas doctors who contributed their money to support this just fight for our own rights....

    it feels so good to know that there are people behind you, supporting you, fighting with you, and most importantly loathe any unfairness.....

    long live democracy

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    Appeal against judjement?

    Many thanks to BAPIO for a successful struggle. I also learnt that there is an appeal pending againts this beautiful judgement. If so when is the appeal going to be determined and what might be the likely results? Keep it up BAPIO and all IMGs :)
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    IMGs won HSMP appeal in COURT TODAY

    That looks like a great time Wish I would have been able to find a place like that to wheel when I was in Germany... Was that the CE area across from the base, or was it actually closer to laundstuhl??

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