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    1) Antihypertensive act by reducing heart rate.
    a. Propranalol.
    b. Sodium nitroprusside
    c. Prazosin
    d. Alpha methy dopa.

    2) The drug which shows toleraance.
    a. Barbiturate
    b. benzodiazepines
    c. Morphine

    3) Therapeutic level of lithium
    a. 1-5 mEq/L
    b. 5- 10 mEq/L
    c. 10 - 15 mEq/L

    4) Shortest acting opiod .
    a. Remifenl
    b. Morphine

    5) cough as side effect in
    a. Lisinopril
    b. Losartan

    6) True about lignocaine with adrenalinw.
    a) Faster onset of action
    b. Decreasesabsorption of drug.

    7) Carbamazapine use in psychatry
    a) nMania
    b) Prophylaxis for MDI

    8) Mood stabilizer
    a. Lithium
    b. Verapamil

    9) Antifungal which inhibit steroid synthesis

    10) Aromatase inhibitors uses.

    11) Drug not effective againest klebseilla.

    12) Not a first line antihypertensive

    13) Beta blocker used in cardiac failure.

    14) Drug used in Ca breast -- Aromatase inhibitor.

    15) Not a first line antihypertensive.

    16) Side effect of propone pumb inhibitor are all except.
    a. Head ach

    17) Drug not used in pulmonary oedema. -- Atenalol
    c. Rash

    18) Example of H2 recp antagonist.

    19) Drug not used in MRSA--- Imipenam

    20) Benzodiazepine - GABA rgic

    21) Tenia corporis -- Terbinafine.

    22) DOC Scabies -- Ivermectn

    23) Drug interaction -- covalent bond.

    24) Non competetive inhibitor - vitamine K

    25) Digitalis toxicity is PPted by all except. -- s

    26) Thiopentone - Barbiturate

    Q. Antihypertensive act by reducing heart rate.
    a. Propranalol.
    b. Sodium nitroprusside
    c. Prazosin
    d. Alpha methy dopa.
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    Therapeutic level of lithium
    a. 1-5 mEq/L
    b. 5- 10 mEq/L
    c. 10 - 15 mEq/L

    Sorry there seems to be a mistake in the choices...

    simply cut copy and pasted the question from the previous thread...

    a. 0.1 - 0.5 mEq/L
    b. 0.5- 0.10 mEq/L
    c. 1.0 - 1.5 mEq/L

    Here answer can be b. 0.5 - 0.10..

    In threpadi the therapeutic level of
    0.5 - 0.8 is considered as optimum for maintainence...

    0.8 to 1.2 is required for episodes of mania...

    Toxic dose is above 1.5 mEq/L..
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    wbpgmet 2008

    1. Councellor must have all except - sensitivity/sympathy/understanding?.
    2. Pleural fluid with decreased glucose - a/e - RA/Dressler syndrome/empyema/malignant pleural effusion.
    3. Shock lung characterised by – alveolar damage/interstitial thickening/
    4. Most common genetic mutation in cancers – P53/HPC/PTEN/Rb gene.
    5. Single USG - 6-8/9-12/16-18/? Week.
    6. Local anesthetics - mechanism of action – inactivates activated sodium channels/inactivated sodium channels /resting sodium channels /all.
    7. HPV causing cervical cancer - 16, 18.
    8. Cancer bronchus - caused by - hydrocarbons/thorotrost/ benzene/aniline
    9. Third heart sound - cause – athletes /mitral stenosis/LVF/Constrictive pericarditis.
    10. SIRS – criteria – WBC count > 20000/Temperature >38C or <36C / Heart rate >110 per minute/ PCO2 – 32
    11. Amino acid secreted from muscle & produces glucose in liver - arginine/glutamate/glycine/valine
    12. One lakh population in 20 villages with 500 with slides positive for malaria.api 0.5%
    13. Hepato renal syndrome -
    14. Folic acid supplementation is not required in – carbamazipine/phenytoin/gabapentin/phenobarbitone.
    15. Meningitis in 4 yr child – microscopy of CSF will reveal – Gm negative diplococcus/Gm negative coccus/ Gm positive bacilli/ Gm negative coccus.
    16. Bicornuate uterus - incomplete fusion/premature/cervical & vaginal /urinary tract abnormality.
    17. 16 IQ in 42 yrs – mental retardation – severe/mild/moderate/
    18. Type II Diabetes - associated with obesity/autoimmunity/
    19. Agar - Loffler's slope/LJ media/Mac Conkey's/all of the above.
    20. QT interval means – ventricular depolarization & repolarisation/ ventricular depolarization & atrial repolarisation
    21. SIADH – high urinary sodium/higher plasma osmolarity than urinary osmolarity/hypertonic saline is used/
    22. Smoking associated with all except respiratory alveolitis/small cell ca of lung/ histiocytosis x/diffuse alveolar damage
    23. Spiral injury - CT/MRI/X-ray/Myelography.
    24. Free radical injury prevented by a/e – Vitamin A/ Vitamin C/ Vitamin D/ Vitamin E
    25. Men 1 – does not include – pancreas/pituitary/parathyroid/adrenal.
    26. Release of leucotrienes & histamine from mast cell is stopped by - ziluoton/fexfofenadine/
    27. Fracture shaft femur in 2 yr child - closed reduction/open/external fixation/ gallow's traction
    28. Drug of choice in pre-eclampsia – alpha-methyl DOPA/Labatolol/Nifedipine/
    29. Cause of Heart failure in newborn - a/e - baby of diabetic mother/TGA/ASD.
    30. Ehler-Danlos Syndrome – defect in - glycoprotein/collagen

    31. Spontaneous bony ankylosis of hip joint is found in – Rheumatoid Arthritis/TB arthritis/Ankylosing arthritis/Pyogenic arthritis.
    32. Retromammary abscess – cause – Paget’s disease/Empyema nesessitans/ intraductal ca/lobular ca
    33. Magnesium sulphate - adjuvant/stabiliser/preservative
    34. Laryngocele – site – sacule of larynx/ventricle/
    35. OCP – benefits all excepts – Ca ovary/Endometrial CA/Fibroadenosis/Fatty liver.
    36. Thiopentone used in all except – Acute intermittent porphyria/malignant hyperthermia/
    37. Vasculitis causing bronchial asthma – Microscopic PN/Polyarteritis nodosa/CS syndrome/Wegeners granulomatosis.
    38. Kerniterus which drug is contraindicated – sulphonamides/
    39. M/c esophageal atresia – both upper end & lower end meets trachea/only upper end attached with trachea & lower end is blind/both are blind ended/upper end blind lower end communicates with trachea
    40. Wandering acetabulum – cause – CDH/TB hip/Fracture acetabulum/
    41. Picrotoxin used in barbiturate poisoning upto – respiration becomes normal/pulse returns/BP normalizes/corneal??
    42. Prerenal failure – which is not a feature - renal faiure index>1/
    43. Mulpiple myeloma - prognostic indicator – hypercalcemia/serum b2 microglobulin.
    44. Filariasis - target year – 2010/2015/2020/2025.
    45. Genital prolapse - m/c cause – mismanaged labour/
    46. Afterload reduction - which drug - digoxin/frusemide/dobutamine /captopril
    47. Pyrimidine - which amino acid is required for production – aspartic acid/glycine/
    48. Mirena is - Progesterone releasing IUCD/anti estrogen/ skin Implant.
    49. Surgical lobes of liver – Falciform ligament to IVC/gall bladder fossa to IVC/
    50. Preterm labour – which is not a cause – esophageal atresia/
    51. Pheochromocytoma - m/c secretion - Adrenaline/Nor-adrenaline/Dopamine/?
    52. Fluoroacetate inhibits - Isocitrate dehydrogenase/succinate dehydragenase/
    53. Scalp bleeding most dangerous from which layer – loose areolar tissue/aponeurosis/ skin/periosteum.
    54. Zinc deficiency - pellagra like skin changes/mental depression/dementia/sexual infantilsm
    55. PPH - drugs used - all except - Misoprostol/Mifeprestone/Synto/Synto
    56. JIA - ??? rf positive
    57. Enzyme replacement available in – gaucher disease/
    58. Fourth heart sound caused by - ventricular filling/reversed flow in vena cava
    59. Imprint abression is type of – pressure abression/ patten
    60. Pampiniform plexus formed by – testicular veins & cremasteric veins/ cremasteric veins & veins of vas/testicular veins
    61. Carotid massage causes – decreased HR & decerased aortic pressure/ decreased HR & increased aortic pressure/ increased HR & increased aortic pressure/ increased HR & decerased aortic pressure.
    62. Epistaxis - site all except - inferior turbinate/Little’s area/Poteror to superior turbinate/
    63. Dysphagia lusoria – cause – abberent blood vessles/
    64. Heart rate decreased by – propranolol/isoprenaline/dobutamine/
    65. Hydrocephalus all correct except – head size more/papillodema/diplopia/bulging & tense frontanelle.
    66. Disposal of refuse – best method when land is available – controlled tipping/
    67. Intermediate host is must for – E. granulosus/E. vermicularis/H. nana/
    68. 14 year - pneumonia/confusion/fever – causing organism – Legionella/Meningococcus/Str/ pneumoni
    69. Anterior segment seen best by – slit lamp/ophthalmoscope/
    70. Gamma ray – orbital electron/ linear accelarator
    71. Barr body not present in – normal female/kline felter syndrome/turner syndreome/
    72. Anticonvulsant where teratogenic effects are not reported - phenobarbitone/gabapentin/carbamazipine/valproate
    73. Foetal circulation is established how many days post ovulation - 7/14/21/28.
    74. Hand, foot & month disease – which is not true – coxachixe B/papules in hands & feet/
    75. Acute osteomyelitis – which is first radiological sign – soft-tissue swelling/periosteal reaction/sequestrum/?
    76. AIDS retinitis – cause CMV/toxoplasma/
    77. Gestational trophoblasting disease – mc site of metastasis – lung/liver/bone/?
    78. Collagen – hyaline cartilage is which type – 1/2/3/4.
    79. Prehn's sign - acute epididimoorchitis from torsion testis80. Sinus bradycardia – treatment of choice – atropine/isoprenaline/dobutamine/?
    81. Testis cancer – which is not marker – AFP/HCG/CEA/LDH.
    82. Vertebra plana – eosinophilic granuloma/hyperparathyroidism/mets from gut cancer.
    83. Cause of persistent sinus in chronic osteomyelitis – sequestrum/resistant organism/retained foreign body/intraosseous cavity?
    84. endosalpingitis – investigation of choice - Laparoscopy/HSG/Hysteroscopy/
    85. Acute ruptured appendicititis – intraabdominal abscess following laparotomy – cause – E. coli/bacteroides/streptococcus fecalis/
    86. USG – ectopic pregnancy – which is not found – free fluid in pelvis/solid adnexal mass/ intrauterine mass(?)/ non-vascularity…??
    87. gynecomastia - drugs causing all except - spironolactone/testosterone/cimetidine/finasteride
    88. Polkadots vertebra x-ray – granuloma/hyperparathyroidism/hemangioma/metastasis.
    89. Which vitamin is produced in human body - niacin/thiamine/riboflavin/folic acid.
    90. Latent strabismus is called - tropia/ phoria
    91. Pyogenic mycobacteria - M. Kansasii/fortuitum/ ulcerans
    92. Thyroidectomy - which is ligated first - superior thyroid vein/middle thyroid vein/inferior thyroid veiv/anterior carotid.
    93. Most accepted treatment for paraphillia – psychoanalysis/psychosurgery/ aversion
    94. Chronic Maxillary Sinusitis – which OT is not done – Culdwellluc/Maxillectomy/inferior turbinectomy/middle turbinectomy
    95. Heller’s operation is done for – Achalasia cardia/Congenital pyloric stenosis/
    96. Maximum number of bursae is associated with – knee/elbow/wrist/ankle joint.
    97. Early reversible shock is characterized by –oliguria
    [snip]. M/c site of long bone adamantinoma – femur/tibia/radius/humerus.
    99. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma – treatment of choice – surgery/radiotherapy/chemotherapy/surgery & radiotherapy.
    100. Oral Hypoglycemic Agent not causing hypoglycemia – repaglinide/glipizide/glimiperide/rosiglitaz
    101. Which is not a stimulant for production of 1, 25- di-hydroxy D3 –?
    Thyroid hormone/Parathyroid hormone/
    102. Iris – all true except – it is attached with lens/the aperture inside it is called pupil/attached with cilliary body/
    103. Needle prick with HIV positive patient – prophylactic drug to be administered – Zidovudine+Lamivudine+Indinavir/ Zidovudine+Lamivudine+Nevirapine/
    104. Human anatomical waste goes into which colored bag? Yellow/black/red/blue
    105. High false positive test is due to: high sensitivity/high specificity/high prevalence/high incidence
    106. Richest source of vit b1: groundnut oil/rice/milk/egg
    107. Ducis Tecum is – Summon/
    108. ATRIAL SYSTOLE COINCIDES WITH which phase of Ventricular Diastole: ISOMETRIC FILLING TIME/ Diastesis/early filling / late filling
    109. Premenstrual syndrome – which is not correct – patients ignore systemic symptoms/ beta endorphin level/ anti-progesterone medicastions(?)
    110. APH – cause of fetal blood – placenta previa/ abruption previa/ vasa prev
    111. Niacin is produced from – tryptophan/tyrosine/threonine/
    112. Carpal tunnel syndrome – which bone causes – Scaphoid/lunate/trapezius/trapezoid.
    113. Breast cancer – most important prognostic indicator – EP receptor status/histological grade/stage at the time of Dx/her-neu gene(?)
    114. Bilateral breast canver – lobular.
    115. Knock out drop or micky finn – Choloform/ chlral hydrate
    116. Hemolytic uremic syndrome – mc cause – shigella dysentery 1/salmonella typhimurium/v cholerie/
    117. Protozoal infection causing eosinophilia – ankylostoma/ascaris/criptococcus/
    118. Meningococcal meningitis – prophylaxis – rifampicin/ampicilin/erythromycin/
    119. HSV causing encephalitis – type 1/2/8
    120. Arnold chiari malformations -meningocele,myelocele........
    121. Captopril causes all expect – decreased potassium/decreased afterload/proteinuria
    122. NADPH is produced by all except – HMP/Cytosolic ICD/
    123. Maximum chance of restoration in – Isthmo-isthmic/
    124. Cherry red discoloration in – carbon monoxide.
    125. Cherry red spot in retina – CRAO/sialodosis/sandhoff ds/Retinopathy of prematurity.
    126. MCL is teared because – less mobile/more mobile/fixed with femur
    127. Which is not correct pair - Lingual lipase – acts in stomach/chymotripsin/
    128. Ketoconazole – side effect – adrenal insufficiency/ pellagra like skin lesion/
    129. Which is Noradreline-dopamine reuptake blocker – Buspirone/Zolpidem/olanzapine
    130. Lymphatics not present a/e – brain/internal ear/retina/liv
    131. Least common cause of pericarditis in children – Rheumatic fever/RA/TB/SLE
    132. swelling in knee joint without systemic manifestation – aspirate finds brown fluids – pyogenic/TB/ villonodular synovitis
    133. Antihistaminic used in motion sickness – fexofenadine/meclizine/
    134. PAS positive granules in lamina propria not found– Whipples disease/
    135. Creatinine is produced by which amino acid – aspartic acid/glycine/alanine/lysine.
    136. Klupke’s paralysis – level – C4/5, C5/6, C6/7. C8.T1.
    137. Rising sun sign – glomous tumour/acoustic neuroma/
    138. Recent cause of early abortion – brucella/mycoplasma hominis/toxoplasma/
    139. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – Chest X-ray finding – normal/upturned apex/cardiomegaly
    140. Spasticity – which drug is not used – diazepam/baclofen/tizanidine/amytriptriptyline
    151 . M/c site of fertilization – fimbriated end of uterine tube/ampulla/uterus/
    152 . which one does not cause hyperuricemia - ethambutol/pyrazinamide/probenecid/
    153. m/c systemic association of scleritis – RA/SLE/Systemic sclerosis
    154. Upper lobe bronchiectasis with - abpa
    155. Carcinoid syndrome – systemic features not found – flushing/bronchospasm/increased VMA/
    156. Optic tract lesion causes – bilateral AR pupil/unilateral AR pupil/Wernick’s syndrome
    157. loss of peripheral vision with intact macular vision – lesion in occipital lobe/optic tract/chiasma/
    158. Drug not helpful in SIADH – demeclocycline/vasopressin/
    159. Vault prolapse can be prevented by – Kelly’s plication/Postarior colpoperineoraphy/
    160. Groove sign of greenblatt – found in – elephantiasis /lgv/chancroid/donovanosis
    161. Laudanosine is a metabolite of – atracurium
    162. Ca gallbladder – which is not correct – 1st yr survival 10%, stage III means surgery + chemotherapy, more in western world.
    163. Old man with intestinal obstruction + hemoirroids + irregular bowel habit – cause – Ca colon/TB colon/Diverticulosis coli/
    164. Subendocardial infarct associated with a/e – aneurysm formation
    165. Leader quality a/e – breaking the bridges/
    166. 45 yr male with skin pigmentation/hypogonadism – hemochromatosis
    167. Cause of acute pancreatitis a/e – gall stone/alcohol/hypercalcemia/
    168. Most sensitive investigation for upper GI bleed – arterigraphy/endoscopy/
    169. Middle mediastinal mass a/e – ganglineuroma/brochial cyst/
    170. Warfarin toxicity – mostly during initiation of therapy/in toes & tip of hand/decreased protein C/start with UF
    171.testosterone not responsioble for - sexual differentiation/sexual maturity during puberty/spermatogenesis/gonadotrophin secretion
    172.sperm count - 1ml
    173.basement membrane collagen - 1/2/3/4
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    glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficient individuals

    Q. List of drugs and chemical agents which are known to be potentially haemolytic in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficient individuals

    A to C D to O P to R S to Z Pamaquin
    Pentaquine phosphate
    Phenylhydrazine hydrochloride

    A to C D to O P to R S to Z
    Listed in the British National Formulary 5.
    doses of up to 30mg weekly over a duration of 8 weeks lead to no undue harmful effects in black people of African and Asian origins
    Listed in Glucose-6-phosphate deficiency - a preventable cause of mental retardation by Singh, H. 20.
    drugs and chemicals that can induce haemolytic anaemia in persons with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency listed in Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency by Beutler, E.3.
    drugs that can safely be given in therapeutic doses to persons who have glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency without non-spherocytic haemolytic anaemia
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    1.function of ant. cruciate ligament:prevent the posterior dislocation of femur on tibia.
    2.which is not the branch of intracranial part of ICA:ant. communicating artery
    3.largest carpal bone(some says largest carpal bone in 1st row, but i dont remember that):ans of mine is capitate
    4.weakness of muscle of plantar aspect of medial side of foot,nerve involve:tibial n.
    5.stab injury in arm,inability to flex lateral 3 fingers,what is involved:median nerve of injury of facial nerve which leads to dryness of eye:ans most probably geniculate ganglion
    7.shortest colon:ascending colon
    8.epithelium lining the tonsil:squamous epithelium non keratinised
    9.which is not the derivative of neural crest:cauda equina
    10.ossification center which appear at the time of birth:lowerend of femur
    11.inversion/eversion occur at which joint:subtalar joint.
    12.which statement is false about thoracolumbar fascia:it lies posterior to the posterior abdominal wall muscles
    13.which of the following does not drain in submental lymph nodes: anterior palate
    14.wasting of intrinsic muscles of hand is due to injury of which nerve:ulnar nerve
    15.lig of berry attaches thyroid to:cricoid cartilage.
    16.slowest conduction speed is seen in:av bundle fibres
    17.contraction of individual muscle fibre is called:fibrillation
    18.functional unit of respiratory system: I DONT HAVE THE ANSWER YET(searched a lot)
    19.max absorption of water at which site: PCT
    20.chf and peripheral neuropathy is seen in deficiency of which vit.:thiamine of absorption of vit b12: ileum
    22.insulin helps in transport of glucose at:skeletal muscle
    23.release of insulin occurs through the help of which channel:ATP dep. k+ channel
    24.maximum capacity is of :veins and venules
    25.ovary secretes:eek:sterogen, progesterone and androgens
    26.co2 is carried maximally in which form:bicarbonate
    27.right side shift of O2 diss curve not seen in : Fresh frozen plasma
    28.both primary and secondary granules are seen in :Neutrophils
    29.true about albumin:high molecular weight and low molecular size.
    30.figlu test is done for:folic acid
    31.lipoxygenase pathway:leucotrienes
    32.rate limiting enzyme in glycolysis:pFK lengthy question about a x- linked disorder presnting with mutilation, mental retardation: ans is recycling of guanine and hypoxanthine
    34.which is basic amino acid:lysine and arginine/histidine
    35.lesch nyhan syndrome defect is in :hgprtase
    37.which diameter can be measured clinically:diagonal conjugate
    38.which is longest acting insulin i dont know the answer and options a pt of chronic hypertension which of the following will be decreased:a)renin,b)aldosterone,c)angiotensinII,d)...........
    40.a diabetic women shows sudden onset of paralysis of right side of face and left hemiparesis with left lateral gaze palsy,injury at which site:...........
    41.which is not the complication of spinal Anaesthesia : ans is tachycardia of accumulation of epidural aneasthesia:intrathecal,extradural,paravertebral,subarachnoid????????
    43.a pt taking drugs for sometime develops coombs positive hemolytic anemia,what is the drug?:methyldopa coombs test detect:antibodies in the RBC surface
    45.dopamine is drug of choice in cardiogenic shock because: it causes vasodilation on renal and mesenteric vessels.
    46.long acing beta blocker:formoterol.
    47.drug of choice in CML:imatinib mesylate
    48.phalen's test is done in :carpal tunnel syndrome
    49.MC site of myositis ossificans:elbow
    50.which doesnt drain in coronary sinus:ant cardiac vein
    51.least infection is seen in which sinus: sphenoid
    52.blood supply of sequestered lung is:descending aorta
    53.which is not derived from mesoderm:dilator pupillae
    54.spread of cancer from rectal cancer to which site: liver the patient of rectal adenocarcinoma,with normal chest x ray least useful investigation is :most probably CT scan of chest
    56.what type of injury of petrous bone will lead to facial n injury:longitudnal/tranverse(i m confuse in the answer)
    57.child present with clear discharge from ear with mouth breathing,what is the t/t: adenoidectomy with myringoplasty
    58.earliest nerve involved in acoustic neuroma:5th nerve
    59.a diabetic pt presenting with black nasal discharge: mucormycosis presenting with ............. and medial deviation of tonsil:: parapharyngeal abscess cause of epistaxis in child of 5 year:foreign body
    62.which volume remains in lung when the respiratory muscles relaxes:functional residual capacity
    63.good pasture syndrome which is involved:type 4 collagen
    64.hb remains normal and the amount reduces cause:chronic blood loss
    65.thickening and calcification of pleura in the diaphragmatic area,disease is: asbestosis
    66.motility of sperm aquired in :epididymis
    67.p 53 causes restriction in which phase:G1- S.
    68.what is the use of MgCl2 in polio vaccine:it stablises the vaccine in higher temperature.
    69.breast milk can be stored in refrigerator for: 24 hours.
    70.on examinations of retina changes seen in hiv pt cause is :CMV cause of intrauterine infections is:cmv and toxoplamosis.
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    JPPG 2008 Questions

    72.pencil thin cortex is seen in: scurvy
    73.which kind of epithelium is seen in ureter: transtitional
    74.superficial ring lies medial to inferior epigastric vessel is correct option in one question.
    75.preoccupation of illness: hypochondraisis
    76.a long question showing features of fat embolism: fat embolism
    77.brown tumor is seen in : hyperparathyroidism
    78.a pt going for denture ,dentist find a white patch in the buccal mucosa, what he should do: he should properly fir the denture
    79.shulphur granules contains: organism(I m in doubt whether it was there)
    80.a pt with vesicles on one side of face in the usual site of herpes zoster: ans is herpes zoster
    81.artery involve in hemiplegia: middle meningeal artery question regarding ACTH in which options contains dexamethasone suppression test.
    83.gamma glutamyl transferase is indicator of: alcoholism.
    84.whipples traid is seen in :insulinoma
    85.viper venom is equivalent to : abrus precatoriuos
    86.drug not used in h. Pylori treatment: cisapride
    87.MC site of squamous cell carcinoma: middle 1/3 question about diagnosis of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis
    89.ergometrine is used during: after delivery of anterior shoulder
    90.most common site of metastsis of choriocarcinoma: lung
    91.treatment of mentoposterior position: elective CS
    92.which neuron is not involved in visual pathway: some sup longitudinal tract
    93.lens is thinnest at : posterior pole epidemiological tool for Hep B.: HbsAg(ref park and mudit khanna)
    95.earliest sign of diabetic retinopathy: microaneurysm
    96.Assessment of fetal lung maturity not done by:ans was clear cut(options are shake test, phosphatidyl inositol test.L/S ratio, last one I don’t know)
    97.most common tumor of childhood: leukemia and lymphoma
    [snip].which is not the site of constriction of ureter: ischial spine
    99.auditory receptors are present in: organ of corti
    100.myringitis [bleep] is caused by: virus
    101.CSF rhinorrea is due to fracture of: cribriform plate long question regarding abnormality of sperms seen cause is :…………
    103.most common site of ectopic pregnancy is : ampulla
    104.seguence of parts of fallopian tube: interestitium, isthmus ampulla and infundibulum
    105.a 15 year boy present with epistaxis and conductive hearing loss cause: angiofibroma
    106.paracusis willsi is seen in : otosclerosis which injury the quality of speech is preseverd: U/L abductor palsy
    108.treatment with least recurrence: vagotomy + antrectomy
    109.nerve carrying pain in external hemmorhoids: pudendal nerve
    110.location of thryoglossal cyst: subhyoid(doubtful) long question whose diagnosis is scleroderma, treatment was asked.??????
    112.70 year old male with many diseases like diabetic nephropathy and presented with cholecystitis,t/t for cholecystitis??????????????////
    113.most common heart anamoly in child?????????? question regarding amount of bateria in baterial peritonitis???????????

    115.t/t of drug induced psychosis: benzhexol rabies if dog bites in palm and sole and there is oozing of blood ,it is of: type III presented with feathery margins and satellite lesion in eye cause: fungal infection
    118.DOC in enuresis:imipramine
    119.increased amylase level is seen in : malignancy
    120.zidovudine + nevirapine is: reverse transcriptase + protease inhibitor
    121.which is not the feature of ARDS: increase in PCWP. a case of hypocalcemia which is not found: may be increased alkaline phosphatase/low parathormone
    123.ECT is indicated in: major depression
    124.not a feature of UMN lesion: atrophy of muscles
    125.horner trantas spot is seen in : vernal cattarah
    126.eyes closed mind wandering wave: alpha waves
    127.treatment of pneumocystis carnii is trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole in case of patient not allergic to it is the correct option in a question regarding penumocystis carnii
    128.period of normalcy is seen b/w two psychotic episodes:schizophrenia
    129.delirium is a disorder of : thought
    130.gleasons staging is done in: carcinoma prostate
    131.rigor mortis first appear in : heart
    132.which is pathognomic of iridocyclitis: aquesous flare, nodules, mutton fats, all of the above.
    133.radial keratoneuritis is seen in : acanthamoeba, neuroparalytic keratitis, herper zoster, all of the above
    134.MC baldder tumor in childrens: rhabdomyosarcoma
    135.t/t of in situ bladder cancer: turbt+ intravesical BCG
    136.cause of death in rheumatic fever: endocarditis
    137.which of the following reside in muscles: trichinella spiralis
    138.cholangiocarcinoma is caused by: clonorchis sinesis
    139.gangrene is not found in………………… presented with epigastric pain , breathlessness, which artery is involved:right coronary artery question regarding osteomyelitis cause: staph aureus question regarding osteomyelitis of spine cause: TB/ staph
    143.correct about adenovirus: it is double stranded DNA virus question to choose correct about fungus::::::I don’t remember the options
    145.genital elephantiasis is seen in : LGV long question about poliomyelitis :eek:ption D was correct which contains pt presenting in 30 days(it was a REPEAT)
    147.poverty line lower limit in rural area: 2400 kcal
    148.DALY: disability adsjusted life year
    149.which is not correct is about base of lung: V/Q ratio is higher in base
    150.reiter syndrome: arthritis , conjunctivitis , iridocyclitis…..i don’t know the answer
    151.foamy cells are seen in : lprematuos leprosy
    152.child vaccinated with hep b vaccine which is found in serum: antiHBS
    153.MC cause of meningitis in child 6 months-2 years: H. INFLUNZAE
    154.MC finger print in India: loop
    155. in case control study we can measure: Odds ratio which of the following antibodies doesn’t pass from mother to fetus: Whooping cough

    157.cephalic index is done for: RACE
    158.which of the following is not zoonotic: scabies which of the following more false positive is seen: low prevelance
    160.max chloride leve: 600mg/l
    161.iodine level at consumer level: 15ppm
    162.osteosclerotic lesion is not seen in :multiple myeloma(mos Probably)
    163.most common inheritance of retinoblastoma: AD
    164.alpha fetoprotein is not increased in Trisomies
    165.which of the following drus will lead to polyuria and polydipsia as a complications: lithium
    166.why amoxicillin is better than ampicillin: it has better oral bioavailability
    167.which is incorrect about reye’s syndrome: it is caused to intake of ampicillin a pt of non small cell ca lung, hypocalcemia is caused by : PTHrP
    169.Ischemic necrosis of brain show: liquefactive necrosis
    170.a 3 year old child present with non productive cough, other symptoms are not very much significant and other familiy members have same presentation diagnosis: viral croup
    171.overexpression of t(14:18) or t(8:14) is seen in::::I don’t know the answer
    172.adhesion,rolling and transmigration is seen in leuckocyte movement
    173.egg i\on side appearance is seen in : TGA
    174.water lily sign is seen in : ruptured hydatid cyst
    175.warthin finkeldey cells are seen in : rubeola
    176.which not the complication of typhoid ulcer: stricture formation
    177.farmer’s lung which type of hypersensitivity: type III case of injury which will decide survival of part: vascular injury
    179.crushman’s spiral is seen in : bronchial asthma
    180.soap bubble appearance is seen in : giant cell tumor
    181.which is seen in epiphysis: osteoclastoma
    182.which of the following will not regress spontaneously: osteosarcoma
    183.a 27 year male present with colovesical fistula cause is: crohn’s disease
    184. C- ANCA-P is seen in : wegner’s granulomatosis
    185.centrilobular necrosis is seen in : acetaminophen poisoning
    186.FNAC will not helpful in: follicular carcinoma
    187.which is used for diagnosis of community level of iron deficiency: serum ferittin level presenting with burning epigastric pain, investigation shows sliding hernia,which is most useful investigstion for the plan of operation in this pt.: endoscopy
    189.which is correct about apoptosis: FADD activates caspases 8
    190.cause of thrombosis in pregnancy: anticardiolipin antibody
    191.least failure rate is seen in : OCP
    192.which will inhibit the microsomal enzymes: phenobarbitone
    193.which will leads to toxicity of theophylline: ciprofloxacin
  7. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    194.vaccine is available for which hep. : A and B
    195.treatment of carcinoma cervix stage 2 in a 40 year old multiparous woman :wetheims hysterectomy(ref shaws)
    196.which of the following is autoimmune: pemphigus vulgaris
    197.a child present with patchy hair loss with presence of broken hair stumps cause: tenia capitis.
    198.which is not true about cefuroxime: it is third generation cephalosporin
    199.hemorrhagic cystitis is seen in : cyclophosphamide
    200.which of the following measure the difference b/w desirable effect and adverse effect;; therapeutic index
    201.KF ring is seen in : descemet membrane
    202.which is not seen in wilsons disease: either nystagmus/ glaucoma
    203.optic disc pallor is index of : loss of vascularity (ref khurana)
    204.earliest sign in glaucoma: geographical contractions of isopters in all fields
    205.treatment of hep C is : interferons
    206.drug of choice of acute migraine: sumatriptan(REPEAT)
    207.which will not prevent the transfer of HIV from mother to fetus: Efavirenz
    208.MOA of flouroqunilones: acts on DNA gyrase presenting with hypertension, overgrowth of facial hair………. Cause: cushing’s disease one question which is not correct : ans is cyclosporin A acts on CD8 cells
    211.treatment of severe complicated falciparum:………..(acc to Harrison t/t of severe complicated falciparum which is multidrug resistant is artemesin,)
    212.diagnosis of pheochromocytoma: VMA questions about chylomicrons(I DON’T REMEMBER WAT WAS THAT, BUT IT WAS THERE I M SURE) brown colour is seen in :ANILINE question regarding cellulose, I don’t remember it too
    216. which is seen in dietary fibre: pectin
    217.which iss not the derivative of phenylalanine:melatonin
    218.what is the function of large part of ribosome in translation.??????????
    219.which is not found in plasma………………….please complete it???????
    220.once again there was a question about transferring and ferritin .complete this too????
    221.a newborn present with jaundice which investigation should be done:total and direct bilirubin
    222.which Is intermediate in fatty acid synthesis: malonyl COA
    223.which is correct regarding type II respiratory failure:low 02 and high pco2
    224.which of the following helps in conversion of prothrombin to thrombin: factor V, X and calcium
    225.C – peptide is related with INSULIN( checked)
    226.which combination of ATT is safe in liver failure: S+E
    227.which anaesthetic agent is safe in renal/liver failure: isoflurane
    228.SCH is :depolarizing blockers
    229.what is seen in hypothyroidism: short stature and short limb
    230.what is blood level of theophyline:…………..
    231.diff b/w restrictive and obstructive lung disease: timed vital capacity
    232.a 30 years old man undergoes RTA ,the cause of sudden death will be bilateral severance of which neve: either vagal or hypoglossal
    233.req of iron during pregnancy: 60-100
    234.which is not seen in SLE : lipoid nephrosis.
    235.few days post operative a pt develop delirium and unconsioucness, his serum sodium is 125 meq/l what should be done: restrict the intake of water( case of water intoxication) MOST PROBABLY
    236.which of the following will show higher rate of infection in first trimester:rubella
    237.what is the most common cause of first trimester abortions :chromosomal anamolies.
    238.which layer of retina doesnot regenerate: bowmans membrane
    239.tom smith arthritis is: septic arthritis of infancy
    240.which of the following is not hepatotoxic: chloroquine
    241.what is lowest frequency of sound which will lead to impairment of hearing:2000/3000hz(not confirmed)
    242.dose schedule of typho oral: day 1 4 6.
    243.which is not seen in meniere disease: conductive hearing loss
    244.endometrial biopsy is done in: premenstrual period
    245.which is not the treatment of pneumocystis carnii: erythromycin
    246.which is not the function of sebum: bacteriostatic
    247.a pt of MI is receiving ACE inhibitors and ….. what is to be given as prophylaxis: beta blocker an alcoholic,on examination it is found that the hepatocytes shows nucleus pushes to periphery and contains what: TGs
    249.what is the communicability of measles infection: 4 days before and 5 days after rash
    250.which bag is used for infected materials::most probably yellow
    251.what will happen in theophylline toxicity: seizures
    252.which is not the treatment of bronchial asthma: inhalational theophylline.
    253.MC complication of extracapsular fracture neck femur: malunion
    254.which is responsible for corpulmonale in a case of bronchitis: hypoxia
    255.what is the treatment of a thin walled lung abscess: antibiotics
  8. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    Q. Differential diagnosis
    Oropharyngeal Dysphagia
    peritonsillar abscess
    Pharyngeal diverticulum

    Esophageal Dysphagia
    1 Mechanical obstruction:
    intermittent( Lower Esophageal ring
    Progressive(Peptic Stricture or carcinoma)
    2. Neuromuscular Disorder:
    Intermittent(Esophageal spasm)
    Progressive( Scleroderma, Achalasia, or CVA, ALS)

    CNS ( Stroke, Parkinson disease, Amylotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Polio)
    Cranial Nerves: (Diabetes, Laryngeal nerve Palsy)
    Skeletal Muscle Disease( Polio, Dermatomyositis, Sclerodrma)
    Myasthenia gravis
  9. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    Q. Which is example for covalent drug receptor interaction..?

    a. NA - M1 receptor.
    b. ACh - M1 recp.
    c. Prazosin - alpha 1 recp
    d. Phenoxybenzamine - alpha adr..
  10. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    Q. In patients treated by radiotherapy of ca cx the MOST COMMON site of radn injury producing clinical effects is the

    a) small intestine
    d)sigmoid colon
  11. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    Q. for enzymatic estimation blood is not collected in
    b)sodium fluoride
    c)sodium citrate
    d)sodium oxalate
  12. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    1)all are true abt mekels diverticulum except?
    it does not have all 3 layers of intestine
    20% have heterotopic epitheium
    2 inches in diameter
    found in 2% of the population

    2)strawberry lesions in vagina found in?

    3)best diagnostic test for motility disorders of esophagus
    barium swallow
    esophageal manometry
    4th option??

    4) best diagnostic test for hirshsprungs?
    full rectal wall biopsy
    partial thickness biopsy

    5) tap water scotochromogen
    mycobac. gordonae
    mycobac. chlenoe
    mycobac. kansasi

    6) method of liver biopsy in a patient with ascitis and platelet count less than 50,000
    trans jugular approach
    plugged liver biopsy
    laparoscopic biopsy
    endoscopic biopsy

    7)aedes causes all except?
    yellow fever

    8)DEC supplemented salt was first introduced/tried in?
    daman and diu
    andaman and nicobar
  13. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    Kerala 2007 Questions Pathology

    1. bronchogenic ca squamous cell carcinoma mets most commonly to
    a. Bone
    b. soft tissue.
    c. brain
    d. Eye

    2. Mc malignancy of pancreas cystadenoca

    3. Most common cancer of pancreas

    4. Frame shift mutation is caused by

    a. deletion * and also deletion

    5. Nutmeg liver is seen in- Rt heart failure...
    * Rt heart failure *

    6. Protooncogenes are - involved in cellular growth and diffetiation...

    7. HLA B27

    8. Hyper A/C Graft reaction absent in

    9. PSGN
  14. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    doubtful ques in vd 2007 paper

    1.Which one of the following tracs is not a part of pons ?
    a. medial lemniscus
    b. lat spinothalamic tract
    c. ventral spinothalamic tract
    d.dorsal spinocerebellar tract
    not sure abt ans given.

    2.In a patient with acute MI the drug which definitely reduces mortality is
    a. beta blockers
    b.ACE inhibitors
    d.Ca antagonist.

    the ans given is u agree with this ans.

    3.monitoring of patients with hypothyroidism on treatment with thyroxine is done by testing
    a. T3
    d.all of the above.

    what shd be the ans c or d.

    4.the diagnostic finding of overriding importance in acute appendicitis is:
    a. normal rectal examination
    b. high fever
    c. marked leeucocytosis
    d. presence of localised abd tenderness.

    5.which of the following justifies surgery for uterine myomas during pregnancy?
    a. sudden enlargement of lesion
    b. pain
    c. necrosis and infection
    d. all the above.
  15. John.

    John. Guest

    AIPG08 ONLY Q & A
    (MOA-mec. Of action,MC-most common,A/E-all except,##-I M NOT SURE ABOUT ANS)
    *PLZ GV UR EXPECTED % IN MY THREAD NAMED % In Mock Test,nov Aiims07 & Ur Expectated % In Aipg08 )

    1. MOA of Paclitaxel-- increase microtubule polymerisation
    2. amyloidosis in dialysis---Beta 2 microglobin
    3. Vibrio cholera 0139--- does not have 01 antigen
    4. SYPHILITIC Aortitis-- calcification of ascending aorta
    5. m.c. seizure in neonate---Subtle seizure
    6. Crypt abscess-ulcerative colitis
    7. MOA Clomiphene---INHIBIT NEGATIVE FEEDBACK OF estrogen
    8. -BEST VIEW FOR c1 c2 fracture- Odontoid veiw
    9. Cervix cancer- hpv
    10. MC CAUSE OF Maternal mortality- haemorrhage

    11. DOC FOR Cml-imitanib
    12. MC PANCREATIC TUMOR IN Men-1 -- gastrinoma
    13. FUNCTION OF Apolipoprotein c --- lipoprotein lipase activator
    14. INV OF CHOICE FOR Interstitial lung ds- hrct
    15. Ab IN Cold autoimmune hemolytic anemia-donath landsteiner
    ##17. Probiotics- used in necrotising enterocolitis (WHAT WERE THE OTHR OPTIONS?)
    18. Spermatogenesis ---require low temp
    19. Erythropoetin--- does not cause reticulocytopenia
    20.m.c. cause Puberty delay - constitutional

    21. Ear ossicle joint- synovial
    22. Basement membrane degeneration- metalloproteinase
    23. Synovial sarcoma translocation- t(x-18)
    24. Hodgkin ds - cd15,30
    25. Hmp shunt- no atp
    26. Psychrometer- humidity
    27. Pancytopenia with cellular bone marrow-cong dyserythropoetic anaemia
    28. Penicillin in pseudomonas- piperacillin
    29. Bacterial index/dharmendhra--- leprosy/dharmendra
    30. Thyroid cancer m.c. - papillary

    31. Hmb 45 - melanoma
    32. Lepra-2 REACTION treatment OF CHOICE - steroids
    33. Okazaki fragment-- ds dna replicatiom
    34. Diffuse axonal injury- white matter lesions AT GREY WHITE INTERFACE
    35. Vitamin b12 and folic acid given together because-- folic alone unmask neurotoxicity
    36. Yaws- not sexually transmitted
    37. P53a/e- wild type causes cancer
    38. Phase 2 clinical trial IS FOR - efficacy
    39. Flumazenil- benzodiazepine antagonist
    40. EARLIEST SIGN OF Puberty IN girl - thelarche braest bud

    41. NOT A Zoonosis - hiv
    42. Rib notching- coarctation of aorta
    43. NEONATAL Alveolar proteinosis (REPEAT q FROM NOV AIIMS )
    45. Volvulus A/E- sigmoidoscopy is C/I
    46. Biliary obstruction-not by ancyclostoma duodenale
    47. Henoch schonlein purpura-girl with purpura and abdominal symptoms
    48. Genetic imprinting
    49. Drug contraindicated in renal failure-streptomycin
    50. female with acantholysis--Pemphigus vulgaris

    51. aml Worse prognosis- monosomy 7
    52. Prion -infectious
    53. Prion- most resistant to sterilisation
    54. Vaccine c/I in pregnancy-mmr
    55. low vision who--6/18 to 3/60
    56. Soil borne a/e - brucella
    57. Sarcoidosis- band keratopathy
    58. Ferruginous body- asbestosis
    59. Pick disease- tau

    61. Golgi body--- cell compartment decider
    62. Ipratropium bromide c/i- urinary retention
    63. Vein in paraduodenal fossa- inferior mesentric
    64. 55 yr with uterine atypia- hysterectomy
    65. Saturated fatty acids- palm oil
    ##66. Bilateral torticollis, heterotopic calcification A/E-prognosis IS GOOD
    67. NOT A SIDE EFFECT OF Tacrolimus- hirsutism
    ##68. Hirscprung, no meconium for 48 hrs- MANOMETRY
    69. bp measured by spyghmomanometer—DIRECTL Y PROPERTIONAL TO VELOCIT OF BLOOD
    70. T/T OF Bartholin abscess- EXCISON(REPEAT FROM PRETEST)

    71. Fatty yellow liver- arsenic
    72. MC ASSOSIATED ANOMALY WITH Coarctation of aorta- bicuspid valve
    73. Resistant malaria-drug used doxycycline (REF-HARRISON)
    74. Torsades de pointes- quinine
    75. Alkalisation of urine -BARBITURATE
    76. epispadias ASSOSIATED WITH-SEPRATION OF Symphysis pubis-
    77. Nigro protocol- ONLY anal chemoradiation IN PLACE OF SURGERY
    ##78. PRETERM Induction of labour- a/e heart ds
    79. SyntoMETRIN- not given in heart ds
    80. Isotretinoin used in acute promyelocytic leukemia

    81. Sensory supply from masseter goes to - mesencephalic nucleus
    82. Lachman test- BEST FOR acute knee injury
    83. Crohn disease- mycobacterium PARA TB
    84. Pollicisation- thumb reconstruction FROM FINGER
    85. Leukovorin-methotrexate
    86. Mullerian dysgenesis a/e- absent ovary
    87. Antiphospholipid syndrome a/e-PANCYTOPENIA
    88. Glucose 6 phosphate breaking enzyme absent in- muscle
    89. Von-gierke disease
    90. Biologically active calcium is- ionised

    91. Isolation use in- pneumonic plague
    92. HYPERLUCENCY ON X-RAY & OBSTRUTIVE PATTERN-Bronchiolitis obliterans
    93. Stabilises new clot- factor 13
    ##94. Placenta accreta m.c predisposing factor--- previous c.s. scar /CURRETAGE/PLACENTA PREVIA

    95. post partum haemorrhage--not used mifepristone
    97. Protein synthesis inhibitor- tetracycline
    [snip]. Thymoma - myasthenia gravis
    99. Most common site for bone graft- iliac crest
    #100. Allergic fungal sinusitis—ORBITAL PENETRATION

    ##101. Rh factor is- MUCOPOLYSACCHRIDE
    102. Water soluble vitamin- folic acid
    103. Streptococcos antigen shared with synovium - hyaluronic acid
    104. Photoelectric effect--outermost electron
    105. Live vaccines-2 cannot be given together
    106. Normal heart-denervation leads to tachycardia
    107. Neck penetrating trauma--platysma breach
    108. Nasal septum- no lacrimal bone
    109. Growth factor like protooncogene- sis
    110. Posterior mediastinal tumour- neuroenteric cyst

    111. Therapeutic index-safety
    112. Persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous--patau
    113. Enterococci a/e- sensitive to penicillin
    114. Death due to suffocation in a/e - throttling
    115. Drug of choice for supraventricular tachycardiaVERAPRAMIL
    ##116. Retinoblastoma with second primary osteosarecoma D/T A/E- P53 MUTATION>CHEMOTHERAPY
    117. Triple response-Axon reflex
    118. Congenital nephrotic syndrome mutation- nephrin
    119. Pneumocystis jevorici-- affects only immunocompromised >CULTURED FROM SPUTUM
    120. MC CAUSE OF Ocular morbidity in india – REFRACTIVE ERROR

    121. Alcoholic with acute pancreatitis with stone IN DISTAL PANCREATIC DUCT- DISTAL PANCREATECTOMY/LONGITUDNAL P.J./ENDOSCOP?
    122. Fat lady asymptomatic cholecystitis with stone with dyspepsia- LAP CHOLEY AFTER2 MONTH /T/T WITH IV ANALGESIC WHEN PAIN OCCURS/LAP.CHOLEY IMMEDIATE/
    123 BEST TEST FOR Diffuse oesophageal spasm -- manometry
    126 Tubectomy with highest recanalisation rate- isthmo-isthmic
    127. Posterior column TRANSMITS A/E- temparature
    128. TRIAL OF LABOUR c/I - previous classical cs
    129. Vocal nodule- voice therapy & PPI
    130. Locking of knee- tibia fixed.femur medial rotation

    131 Community health centre chc- 1 st referral
    132 Tuberculosis of ileocecal region a/e- applecore
    ##133 Nutritional surveillance a/e ---it is diagnostic
    134. Liver lobes resected LEFT TO FALCIFORM LIGAMENT- 2 and 3
    135. Diptheria prophylaxis- erythromycin
    136. Man with headache and son with leukemia-adjustment
    137. Panic attack- 25 yr man ,NO ECG CHANGES
    ##138. 1ST TEST FOR Erectile dysfunction in opd- sildenafil >CAVERNOSOMETRY
    139. Horizontal gaze controlled by- abducents
    140.. Special efferent A/E- facial nerve

    141. Type b impedance, CONDUCTIVE DEAFNESS,lymph node IN POST.GROUP- nasopharyngeal cancer
    142. Transverse lines nails, skin pigment- arsenic poison
    143. Right sided aortic arch-TRUNCUS ARTERIOSUS>tof
    144. Route of sperms-- straight-rete-epidydimis
    145. CRESENTIC glomerulopathy A/E- ALPORT
    146. Ring sideroblast- myelodysplastic syndrome
    147. Sarcolemmal protein a/e --perlocan
    148. Diploic veins A/E—APPEAR BY 8 WKS
    149. Cavernous sinus tributary A/E-- deep MIDDLE CVEREBELLAR VEIN
    150. Intractable glaucoma- melanoma of ant iris

    151. Sibling with cah, present preagnancy management- steroid WHEN DIAGNOSIS OF PREGNANCY then cvs
    152. Health is only central government responsibility- false
    154 PATCHES OF GREY HAIR………………..-----alopecia areata
    155. Heparin in pregnancy- calcium prophylaxis
    156. Mitral stenosis ist sign- ELEVATION OF LEFT BRONCHUS>double ATRIAL shadow
    158. Premenstrual symptoms d.o.c.- ssri
    159. Phosphorylase b inactivated state by- atp
    160. Pulmonary hypertension first sign- upper lobe vein dilatation

    161. Migratory thrombophlebitis in a/e- /prostate ca
    162. Mip-2 in lens--- water out
    163 Concurrent list a/e-- resposinble for mangement of medical education and profession
    164. Digastric muscle A/E-STERNOCLEIDOMASTOID
    165. Not a COMPOSITE muscle- RECTUS FEMORIS
    166. Abdomen trauma hemodynamically stable rib fracture NEXT STEP- imaging
    168. Lateral corticospinal tract –PAIN,TEMP.
    169 Extramedullary spinal tumour A/E-EARLY UPPER MOTOR N. LESION
    170 Uro surgery bladder spasm given a/e- ipratropium

    171. Conus medullarisA/E- absent knee jerk
    172. Hiv patient on anti retroviral plus hip pain 6 months- AVASCULAR NECROSIS(OSTEONECROSIS)
    173. ENDOSalpingitis investigation- hysterosALPINGOGRAPHY
    174. Gfr measurement- dtpa
    175. Peptide chemotherapeutic- bleomycin
    ##176 Bilateral gas in infant under diaphragm- PERFORATION OF STOMACH
    178. CARPOBasal index- sex
    179. Equal duration of interview eliminate which bias-RECALL BIAS
    180. 6 yr old with 2 yr hematuria,no other abnormality-iga

    181. child with anal atresia and passage of meconuria –SIGMOID COLOSTOMY
    182. effect of exercise on cerebral blood flow-- no change
    183. Hepatitis carrier- follow up
    184. what helps in lymph drainage from foot –LEG MASSAGE
    ##185. upto what level does bronchial artery supplies blood- respiratory bronchiole/TERMINAL
    186. Tb osteomyelitis A/E- ABUNDANT PERIOSTEAL REACTION
    187. Most common teratogenic CNS infections-- CMV and toxoplasmosis
    188. Meningitis in elderly a/e- GRAM NEGATIVE BACILLI
    190. Enteric fever a/e- amikacin

    191 ac pancreatitis preferred route of nutrition -post jejunostomy feeding tube
    192. FEMALE,25R,SpherocytoES,INV.- coombs test
    193. Graft vs host ds A/E- gvhd moRE common With plasma components then whole blood
    195.LEAST IMP IN Non communicable ds- SPECIFICITY OF ASSO.
    196. T/T OF PERFORATED Necrotising enterocolitis-PUT PERITONEAL DRAIN
    197. Acute cholecystitis- bladder invisible on hida
    198. trauma in region of pancreas,DISTAL STMACH,DUODENUM --Whipple procedure
    199. Whipple disease seen are- histiocytosis IN LAMINA PROPRIA
    200. Recurrent abortions a/e --torch

    201. Iceberg-- apparent and non apparent disease
    202. what is the correct age of surgical treatment in a child with microtia- 5 YR
    203. Low radial nerve palsy- no weakness of brachioradialis
    204 not included in IMNCI- neonatal tetanus
    205 -No langerhans cells in lungs
    206 G6pd hemolysis a/e- pyrimethamine >CHLOROQUINE
    207 . Floatation test can be negative- atelectasis
    210. Tetracycline A/E- not teratogenic

    211 Splenectomy on child on ventilator itp, when to give platelets-withLIGATION of splenic pedicle
    212 Ocular neurofibromatosis causes--glaucoma
    #213 Cerebellar astrocytoma a/e-poor prognosis
    214-INCRESED CHLOMICRION & VLDL RENANT Familial hypercholesterolemia--type 3
    215. Action of Bradykinin –MEDIATES Pain
    216. Chaperones- protein folding
    218. Cvs sampling a/e --neural tube defect
    219. Flared ribs-- rickets
    220. Pyelonephritis & uti CAN BE DIFFRETIATED B A/E-- >(10)8 BACTERIA

    221. Testicular feminisation syndrome A/E- ABUNDANT pubic hair
    ##222. Cushing- high adh
    *223. C3 normal glomerulonephritis
    *224 Staph saprophyticus
    *225. Methicillin resistance a/e
    226. Recommended dietary allowance rda a/e- take care of needs of ALL PEPOLE
    227. Carboxylation- vit k
    228. Penicillin g A/E- EFFECTIVE AGAINST BOTH G+ & G-
    229. DOC 4 NEURO(CNS) syphilis- procaine penicillin >BENZATHINE
    230- Std, 5 day sloughing ulcer- chancroid

    231 Not a Complication of hemithyroidectomy-- Low Ca
    232 Pralidoxime MOA? Reactivation OF ACHESTERASE
    233. Cervix cancer staging- no ct scan
    234. ACHLASIA CARDIA on xray
    235 propofol--c/i in porphyria
    236 MALIGNANT hypertension histology A/E-- hyaline arteriosclerosis
    237.contrast allergy-- anaphylACTOID
    238. train of 4- nmdr
    ##240. ALL ARE DISADVANTAGES OF calender method EXCEPT- ???

    241 true about lactation mastitis.—ABSCESS CAN FORM & MAY REQUIRE DRAINAGE
    242 LEAST CONTAMINATION for urine collection IN-- suprapubic aspiration
    243 trus in prostate--- biopsy >VOLUME
    244 MC posterior mediastinal tumour.. neurofibroma
    245 best guide to operate in blunt thorax trauma—CHEST TUBE OUTPUT
    246 anal fissure IS diagnosed by--- HISTORY & SUP.INSPECTION>anoscopy
    247 not true about congenital adrenal hyperplasia –BOYS DEVELOP SYMPTOM AT PUBERTY
    248 male with sudden death at basketball found hypertrophied septum.. repeat Q - HOCM
    249 hitselberger sign loss of sensation in external auditary canal- acoustic neuroma
    250 standard deviation is for.-DISPERSION AROUND MEAN

    251 complete family size..tfr
    252 abortion sticks - mechanism - repeat Q - stimulation of uterine contraction
    253 polychlorinated hydrocarbon is..—eneldrin
    254. Severe hypertension preeclampsia -NIFEDEPINE>labetelol >METHYLDOPA
    255 Reactive oxygen intermediates- nadph OXIDASE
    257 - CYCLOSPORINE ??
    ##258. Tubectomy with least failure- hulka clip /UNIPOLAR CAUTERY
    259. TERM Dementia precox WAS GIVEN BY- kraeplin
    260 Secretin a/e -increases acidity of bile

    261. Most radiosensitive phase- g2m
    262. Vas deferens blood supply- superior vesical
    263. Facial colliculus at which level- pons
    264. AntifungalA/E--CLOFASAMINE
    265. Genital wart immunomodulator used- imiquimod
    266. Urine discoloration IN A/E quinine
    267 m.c. occupational cancer- skin
    268. Rape, vaginal epithelial cells- lugols iodine
    269. Not an Antidepressant- Resperidone
    270. Ebbe estlander flap- lip

    271 Kawasaki disease- 25% coronary artery aneurysm
    272. Not a cancer- FIBROMATOSIS
    274. Hereditary haemochromatosis A/E-DESFERRIOXAMINE IS THE T/T OF CHOICE
    275. Post traumatic stress disorder A/E-NUMBNESS OF EMOTIONS
    276. MC CAUSE OF Conn syndrome- adrenal adenoma
    277. Meniscal tear location repair preffered- OUTER1/3
    278. Coronary ligament in knee joint –B/N MENISCUS & TIBIA
    279. Diptheritic colitis like poison- mercury
    280. H5n1- bird flu

    281. Dying back neuropathy IN A/E-GBS
    282. Blood supply cruciate ligament- MIDDLE GENICULAR
    283. Compound not seen in photoreceptor complex matrix- MIMECAN
    284. Gomez criteria A/E-BASED ON HEIGHT
    286. boyndi ring-- choroid plexus
    287. detoxification of drugs all except..Ans is . cytochrome oxidase
    289. delayed prolonged bleeding by.. ENDOTHELIAL RETRACTION
    290. MC BLOOD TRANSFUSION reaction..ANS IS febrile nonhemolytic reaction

    291 transport of neutrl substane across plasma membrane-- porin
    292 Rossetes- retinoblastoma
    293. antigen presenting cell A/E-ALL EPITHELIAL & ENDOTHELIAL CELL CAN ACT AS APC
    294 alpha 2 haptoglobin
    295 suture absorbable A/E---- proline
    ##297. Active management of 3rd stage of labour? MASSAGE OF UTERUS/OXYTOCIC WITHIN ONE MINUTE
    298 Calcium bids to ? Troponin C
    299. Chronic regional pain synd? Anhidrosis
  16. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    Q. What is the Type II Hypersensitivity?

    Ans:Type II Hypersensitivity

    Type II hypersensitivity is also known as cytotoxic hypersensitivity and may affect a variety of organs and tissues. The antigens are normally endogenous, although exogenous chemicals (haptens) which can attach to cell membranes can also lead to type II hypersensitivity. Drug-induced hemolytic anemia, granulocytopenia and thrombocytopenia are such examples. The reaction time is minutes to hours. Type II hypersensitivity is primarily mediated by antibodies of the IgM or IgG classes and complement (Figure 2). Phagocytes and K cells may also play a role (ADCC).

    The lesion contains antibody, complement and neutrophils. Diagnostic tests include detection of circulating antibody against the tissues involved and the presence of antibody and complement in the lesion (biopsy) by immunofluorescence. The staining pattern is normally smooth and linear, such as that seen in Goodpasture's nephritis (renal and lung basement membrane) (figure 3A) and pemphigus (skin intercellular protein, desmosome)
  17. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    Some CONFUSING questions of ALL INDIA PRE PG EXAM ,2008

    1-About live vaccines:-

    Park says (16th edition, pg95:-
    "When 2 live vacc. are req, they should b given either simultaneously at diff. sites or at an interval of atleast 3 wks."

    "Live vacc usually provides durable immunity but not always as long as that of natural infection"

    So, what can be the ans.? ( also Park mentions that apart from polio, in some countries measles 2 doses are given routinely.Yellow fever vacc. is not valid for life-long.
    Typhioral is given for 3 doses)


    3-Mudit Khanna says the MC Cause of ocular morbidity is cataract.

    4-By reading Swartz & Wintrobes, the ans. for the platelet infusion in case of splenectomy for ITP, appears to be
    'post-splenectomy immmediately'

    5-Hallucinations are not seen in PSTS.
  18. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    Q. which of these symptoms constitute a neurovegetative sign of depression?

    a. guilt

    b. hopelessness and helplessness

    c. decreased concentration

    d. suicidality

    e. decreased appetite

    Q. a diagnosis of depression is made, and he is started on an antidepressant. WHich symptoms can be expected to improve most quickly?

    a. guilt

    b. hopelessness and helplessness

    c. decreased concentration

    d. suicidality

    e. decreased appetite

    Q. which of the following is a reasonable statement to tell the patient in helping her decide on ECT?

    a. ECT is physically uncomfortable

    b. ECT will likely enhance response to antidepressant treatment

    c. In some subtypes of depression, ECT is considered first line of treatment.

    d. ECT has little effect on blood pressure

    e. Disruption in memory is uncommon
  19. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    Q. a 6 month old girl is brought in by her grandmother for a routine visit. The PExam is normal except that hte baby had not gained weight as expected. Prior to this visit, the baby had been gaining weight appropriately, The grandmother reports that the baby likes to eat and is generally happy and playful. On further questioning, the grandmother describes fairly chaotic mealtimes at home and says that the baby does see to drool a bit.

    1. which fo the following dsm iv eating disorders is the most likely diagnosis?

    a. anorexia nervosa

    b. bulimia nervosa

    c. pica

    d. rumination disorder

    e. feeding disorder of infancy or early childhood

    2. which of the following tests would be most helpful in making the diagnosis

    a. serum lead level

    b. calculation of the percentage of expected weight that child's weight is

    c. 24 hour video monitoring

    d. complete blood count

    e. esphageal ph measurement
  20. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    Q. while reading a new psychiatric journal you find an article on a screening test for depressed patients. The authors have shown that high scores correlate with an increased risk for suicide . Nine months later anther group undertakes a study that demonstrates thatmale patients consistently score higher than do female patients, and that when this is taken into consideration, the increase in suicide rate vanishes. The authors of hte second study state that this limits the usefulness of the screening tool.

    1. the authors of the screening test indicated that their test was useful because of its

    a. internal reliability

    b. test-retest reliability

    c. content validity

    d. predictive validity

    e. discriminative validity

    2. the authors of the second paper faulted the usefulness of this screening tool because of its lack of

    a. internal reliability

    b. test retest reliability

    c. content validity

    d. predictive validity

    e. discriminative validity
  21. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    Q. What is true about fistulas?

    a) It is a communicating track between 2 epithelial surfaces
    b) It is lined by granulation tissue
    c) It is a blind track leading from the surface down to the tissue
    d) A kind of ulcer
  22. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest


    a.emergency laparotomy
    b.laparoscopy with biopsy
    c.urgent fluids/blood
    d.CT scan
    f.peritoneal dialysis
    h.full blood count..

    1. 60 year old male patient with previous history of pain in the calves and decreased pulses in the legshas suddenly developed pain in the back and BP decreased with increase in pulse rate

    2. 24 yr old male has recently finished his exams and has been partying with friends, now complains of vomitting blood and malena

    3. 66 yr old male gives history of chronic blood loss PR and decreased weight and increased acidity

    Ans : 1. d. 2. a. 3. b.
  23. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    Q. Regarding immunology, which of the following is correct?

    a) Natural killer cells are a subset of T cells
    b) B cells produce first Ig M and later Ig G
    c) Ig E is involved in mucosal protection
    d) Opsonization…

    B cells produce first Ig M and later Ig G
    natural killer cells are nonT and nonB cells

    In infections, IgM is first produced, then IgG appears weeks later. IgG is the most common antibody in blood.

    Q. A 72-year old man with a history of non-small cell lung cancer now complains of lethargy, constipation and thirst for the past few weeks. What is the most likely problem?
    a) SIADH
    b) Ectopic parathormone production from the cancer itself
    c) Metastasis to the brain
  24. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    Q. A patient complaints of headache, vomiting & papilloedema. Which of the following is the most likely cause?

    a) Giloma of the frontal lobe
    b) Tumour obstructing the 4th ventricle
    c) Pituitary tumour

    Q. All of the following are risk factors for breast cancer, except?

    a) Early artificial menopause
    b) First pregnancy after 35 years of age
    c) Early menarche
    d) No breast feeding
    e) Cancer of the other breast
  25. Javed.

    Javed. Guest

    Q. What is the most common method for detecting early stage ovarian cancer?

    a-Evaluaation of vague gastrointestinal symtomss
    b-Palpation of an asymptomatic mass during routine pelvic examination
    c-Screening CA 125
    d-Screening vaginal ultrasound
  26. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    Q. Following is correct about Glycogen storage diseases except:

    1. They are all autosomal recessive
    2. They can be diagnosed by enzyme assays, glycogen tolerance test, glucose tolerance test, liver and muscle biopsy
    3. Liver transplantation is an option for treatment
    4. Presentation include Hypoglycemia, growth retardation, myoglobinuria, muscle cramps, seizures, hepatomegaly, lactic acidosis.

    Ans: 1. because there are some x-linked glycogen storage dis
  27. R.dass

    R.dass Guest

    Q. What is the most common type of dislocation of patella?
    a. medial
    b. lateral
    c. superior
    d. inferior

    Q. Ideal anticoagulant in a sample of blood for bacterological study.
    a. EDTA
    b. Citrate
    c. Oxalate
    d. Mechanical ?
  28. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    NIMS 08 Orthopaedics Questions :-

    1. neutrophils carries which virus - mumps/measles/hiv/influenza
    2. the fraction of drug available for action- first pass metabolism/bioavailability/absorption
    3. septic shock - order of the mediators --- IL1,IL6,TNF
    4.periosteal stripping, vascularity present ? gustilo anderson classification - IIb/IIIa/IIIb/IIIc
    5. tinels sign is negative in which sunderland lesion - grade 1/2/3/4
    6. Croup is caused by parainfluenzae
    7. normal bohlers angle - 0-15/20-40/60-65
    8. cochlear implants - snhl/cond. hl/ mixed hl/ total hearing loss
    9. otoacoustic emission - cochlea/vestiibule
    10. osteaogenesis imperfecta - gradual hearing loss
    11. antidote- specific antagonism as opposed to physiological action- paracetemol-acetyl cysteine/propranolol-glucagon/OP-atropine/diazepam-flumazenil
    12. ECG -q wave MI- non q waveMI - ecg is very senstive/less sensitive / more specific
    13. ENMG in nerve regeneraton - fibrillations absent/present
    14. what attaches to navicular - tibialis posterior
    15. tinitus and masking
    16. tyreatment of choice in # NOF in 60 female - hemiarthroplasty
    17.osgood shattler disease
    18. blindness WHO is lessthan 3/60 ..i.e., counting fingers at 1m/2m/3m
    19. PQLI
    20. Fat embolism rash - chest + axilla+retina

    21. swellling of sternoclavicular jt. + acne+ pustulosis --- SAPHO
    22. soleus muscle - ???
    23. plantar reflex absent, weakness in knee and plantar flexion - lesion is l4l5s1/ l5s1s2
    24. what are the structures superifcial to neurovascular bundle of sole
    25. C5 lesion triceps jerk absent/ biceps weakness/ supinator jerk absent
    26. sternomastoid and trapezius which parts of accesory upper / lower in terms of root values
    27.does sympathetic system transmit pain...
    28. pelvic fracture figures given .. types of forces acting
    29. what are premalignant - Multiple OC/ fibrous dysplasis /
    30. what are pre invasive lesions of vulva - lichen sclerosus/ pagets/bowens/ intraepithelial neoplasia

    31. tumor in 10 yr boy sheets o f small round cells , perivascular calcification- osteosarcoma / ewings
    32. 21 year -multiple swelling around knee since childhood- one swelling is painful since 6 months - primary chondrosarcoma / secondary chondro sarcoma
    33. newborn apgar 3 at 1 min bag and mask ventilation 10 min cyanosis , irrregular breathinhg , scaphoid abdomen - tracheoesophagel fistula/diaphragmatic hernia
    34. evanteration of bowel from the side of umbulicus - omphalocele
    35. 1st MCP joint is a - - saddle / condylar/ plain
    36. which marks the end of epiphysis -- zone of provisional calcification
    37. 1st rib attachments except - - scalenus ant./med./post./subclavius
    38. iliacus/obturator internus / glut. med. -- actions
    39. torticollis
    40. dysuria, dysparuenia, dribbling of urine in 35 yr female with no nuerological deficit - urethral caruncle / urethral fistula/ incontinence

    41. atp synthesis - glyceral3 phosphate
    42. which enzyme is stored in vesicles in tyrosine to epinephrine synthesis
    43. vancomycin/erythromycin/metronidazole - mech. of action.
    44. cavernous sinus thrombosis
    45. multiple myloma - - pathognomonic lesion mri / osteolysis by plasma cells
    46. distance between heel strike of one leg to same leg - styep length/ stride length
    47. position of MCP joint immobilistaion - -0 / 15/45/90 degrees
    48. neonate is HIV ELISA positive - IgG of mother/ HIv virus in neonate/ neonate produces antibodies
    49. earliest deofrmity in Rheumatioid arthritis
    50. neonate bil. choanal atresia -- its is a emergency/ neonate obligatory nasal breather

    51. branch arising from trunk od brachial plexus
    52. ophthalmia neonatorum.. can lead to blindness/ infective in origin/ can be prevented
    53. priapism is seen in - - cantharide /arsenic/ratti posioning
    54. wrist drop in seen in which workers -- dye industry / battery industry/ aniline
    55. painful arc - first 15 deg. painful/ supraspinatus tendinitis/acromial nipping of structures
    56. FABER test is for - - ischiofemoral ligament/ ant sacroiliac joint/
    57. medial meniscus question - - palpalble mass/ tenderness in joint line
    58. medial collateral ligmant of knee - ???
    59. tragus wall distance --- cervical spine rot./flexion thoracic spine flexion/
    60. patella dislocates every time knee is flexed --- cong. disloc./recurrent / habitual

    61. blastomere division- emrbyo size no increase/ blastomere size decreases
    62. long standing pain, increases on weight bearing .- plantar fasciitis/ ankle jt. osteoarthritis
    63. seminiferpus tubules are stimu;lated by - testesterone and FSH/ thyroxine/ LH
    64. manual compression of uterus -- per vaginum -- ??
    65. mech nism of action of bisphosphonates - inc. the absorption of ca/ dec the excretion/ inhibit the osteoclast
    66. cell cycle -- mitogens/mitosis/ dna replication - correct order
    67. feotal circulation - ductus arteriosus ?? diagram
    68. young over weight pain in the hip - transient synovitis/ SCFE
    69. psuedomyostatic contacture - arthritis/ fibrosis/ ??
    70. performance = motivation +/-/*/ ??

    71. pugilistic attitude - - antemortem burning/coagulation of proteins
    72. T piece - diagram
    73. cramer wire splint - diagram
    74. chovstek sign diagram
    75. tension band wiring diagram
    76. right kidney anterior relation s diagram
    77. epidemic is due to all except - giardia/ cryptospora/cyclospora
    78. power of study in RCT - - table given -
    79. goniometer measures
    80. meralgia paaresthetica -

    81. clinical features of GOUT
    82. most reliable in gustafson - transparency of root
    83. diagram - ludwigs angina which spaces effected
    84. ludwigs angina following denta l sepsis - strept. mutans
    85. diagram - what are the liniung of nose/trachea/bronchi/bronchilole/alveoli
    86. diagram of freqeuncy and intensity of various colics- biliary/ureteric/intestinal
    87. diagram - traction - - balanced/ fixed/ skeletal / skin
    88. finger extensor apparatus+flexor tendons insertion --
    89. NOF - diagram - label - basicervical/subcapital/ intertrochanteric
    90. ITP patient on treatment - hip pain - AVN/arthritis/??

    91. heparin induced thrombocytopenia - - ??
    92. fat embolism - thrombocytopenia/hypercholesterolemia/??
    93. graph given -a peak in 1st hour + peak in 2-3 hr + peak in 1-2 weeks - - blood loss/infection/mortality/fat embolism
    94. dermatomyositis - thickened subcutaneous nodules at elbow/knee - - gottron/rhematoid naodules
    95. isokinetic exercise - - load same / lenghth same/ static exercise/ angular velocity same
    96. # in distal; 1/3rd of radius- - imobilsed in supine/ biceps and pronator cancel each other
    97. central chemorecerptors/ hypoxia - -increse in respiration...
    [snip]. inflammatry proptosis- panophthalmitis - ??
    99. torticollis - chin deviated to one side / failure of devlopment of SCM
    100. diagram - citric acid cycle

    101. sensitivity of MRI and CT on soft tissue extension/ cortical breech
    102. breast lump .. aspiration white material-- ??
    103. young female - fragmentation and sclerosis of humoral head and same in scapula - inv is bone biopsy/ mri of cervical spine / ??
    104. doppler direction and flow of blood is by - platelets/ leucocytes/RBC
    105. in polio viremia - virus is carried by - - ??
    106. in equinus gait - - heel strikes/ first/ paralysis of plantar flexors/
    107. MC site for genital TB - FT/cervix/endometrium
    108. first change in peripheral smear after booldloss - increase in reticulocytecount/microcytosis/??
  29. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    Q. Phobias are due to which of the following defense mechanism?


    primigravida fully dilated with vertex presentation.
    Q. A primigravida is fully dilated with vertex presentation. The head is well rotated and the station is +2 . there is late deceleration on foetal heart monitoring . If the pelvis is adequate , the most appropriate management in the case would be :
    a. Waiting for spontaneous delivery
    b. Forceps delivery
    c. Vaccum extraction
    d. Caesarean section
  30. Guest.

    Guest. Guest

    Q. recommended treatment for splenic trauma below 5 yrs of age....
    1.laparotomy and splenectomy
    2.nonoperative treatment and observation in hospital
    3.laparotomy suture of spleen and autotransplant
  31. Guest.

    Guest. Guest

    Q. About “Core group” to help alcoholics and addicts. WOF is correct---

    a) Ask opinion and help from non-professionals
    b) Co-operation and skill should be increased among members of the group.

    Q. Schizophrenic patient has good prognosis if they had---

    a) Prolong onset
    b) Affected symptom
    c) Family history
    d) If all the relative help in psychotherapy
  32. Joseph.

    Joseph. Guest

    Q. A lonely man was found to be semiconscious and had bilateral six nerve palsy. Likely diagnosis is---
    a) Alcoholic toxicity
    b) Delirium tremen
    c) Wemicke’s encephalopathy

    Q. Panic disorder: Exept---

    a) Is equally frequent in men & women
    b) Patient should avoid trigger factors
    c) Starts in the 20’s
  33. Johny.

    Johny. Guest

    Some questions without answers

    Q. Thought content in schizophrenia is characterized by which of the following:
    1. phobias
    2. hallucinations
    3. illusions
    4. delusions

    1...1,2,3 only
    2. 1,3 only
    3. 2,4 only
    4. 4 only
    5.All of the above are correct

    Q. A 20 year old mulliparous female has smoked 25 cigarettes per day for the last five years. Which of the following statements is/are correct pertaining to her pregnancy outcome.

    1. infants weight is less in smokers
    2. perinatal mortality is increased
    3. the incidence of abruptio placenta is increased
    4. low birth weight is related to the duration and number of cigarettes smoked

    1. 1,2,3 only
    2. 1,3 only
    3. 2,4 only
    4. 4 only
    5. all of the above are correct
  34. Johny.

    Johny. Guest

    Q. Anorexia Nervosa will have all except?

    a) Flight of ideas
    b) Hypokalemia
    c) Lanugo hair
    d) Mainly seen in females
    e) Depression

    Q. The Mental health Act was introduced approximately 20 years ago. Of the following, which is true?
    a) It is the same in all States & Territories in Australia
    b) It can save lives
    c) It takes away the individuals freedom
    d) It can be involuntarily imposed on everyone
    e) It needs six people to impose it
  35. Yue.

    Yue. Guest

    Q. What is the percentage of aged population in India?


    Q. Which of the following tumors grows to the largest size?

    Mucinous cystadenoma
    Serous cystadenoma
  36. Yue.

    Yue. Guest

    Q. a 8 yr old boy present with upper GI bleeding. On examination, he is found to have splenomegaly; there are no signs of ascites, or hepatomegaly; esophageal varices are found on UGIE. Most likely diagnosis;
    Tracheoesophageal fistula
    Tetralogy of fallot
    Respiratory distress syndrome
    None of the above
  37. Yue.

    Yue. Guest

    Q. In which of the following conditions is there de’ja’vu?

    a) Occipital lobe tumour
    b) Temporal lobe tumour
    c) Frontal lobe tumour
    d) Raised intracranial pressure
    e) Korsakoff’s syndrome
  38. Yue.

    Yue. Guest

    Q. Which of the following is correct regarding “Baby Blues”?

    a) Is present in more than 50% of women
    b) Postpartum blues lasts for at least 3 months
    c) Predisposes to postpartum psychosis
    d) She requires antipsychotic medication
    e) She requires ECT
  39. Yue.

    Yue. Guest

    Q. WOF is formal thought disorder?

    a) Thought echoing
    b) Over inclusiveness
    c) Delusions
    d) Hallucinations
    e) All of the above
  40. Abrahim.

    Abrahim. Guest

    Q. 72 yo woman 3 yr. hx. of small amt. urine loss when coughs or sneezes. no pain on urination. HTN tx. w/ HCTZ. Appendectomy at age of 10. 3 children, uncomplicated pregnancies. exam shows moderate cystocele. most likely cause of urinary symptoms?

    1. chronic incfection,
    2. large intravesical calculus,
    3. obstetric trauma,
    4. PCKD,
    5. spastic neurogenci bladder.

    Q. Pat. in chronic pain. Too much pain meds causes resp. depression. Pat. asks to be given lethal dose of pain meds. Increasing narcotics needed to control pain. What do you do?

    1. reduce dosage to not impair respiration
    2. give nec. amt pain meds despite resp. impairment
    3. give dose nec. to control pain and add centrally acting stimulant
    4. appeal to faily to convince pat. to tolerate a bit more pain

    Q. 62 yo female pain and swelling x 1 day of right knee. no hx. trauma or joint disease. HTN tx. with HCTZ and DM2 tx. w/ glyburide. Sexually active w/ husband only. temp. 98.6, bp: 140/84, pulse 80. exam shows edema, erythema and tenderness to light touch. Effusion is presnet. Likely mechanism?

    1. immune complex deposition
    2. inflamm. rxn to antisynovial AB
    3. inflamm. rxn to monosodiium urate crystals
    4. Gonorrhea infxn,
    5 Strep. pneumo. infextion

    Q. 19 yo woman 39 weeks gestation in labor. contraction every 2-3 min. 4cm dilated 80% effaced. requests epidural for pain. Ten min. after epidural pat. becomes nauseated, diaphretic and vomits. BP 60/palpable. Fetal heart shows sustained fetal deceleration. Cervix is now 8cm dilated. Next best step?

    1. ephedrine,
    2. mag. phos,
    3. nifedipine,
    4. oxytocin,
    5. terbutaline
  41. Jack.

    Jack. Guest

    Q. A 36 years old engineer is due to give an speech soon and is reluctant to be exposed to people. At the same time, he does not want to sign cheques or write anything in public. He also thinks his boss is controlling what he is doing although he knows that there is no motive for that because he is a very good worker. He realizes there is no reason to act this way. Lately he has been avoiding to go to the canteen with his mates and takes alcohol to cope with the situation. What he is suffering from---

    a) Social phobia
    b) Agoraphobia
    c) Antisocial personality disorder
    d) Panic disorder
    e) Paranoid disorder
  42. Jack.

    Jack. Guest

    Q. What is incorrect concerning Gille de la Tourette syndrome?

    a) Associated with tics
    b) Patient is not distressed by the tics
    c) Patient utters obscene words in less than 10% of cases
  43. Jack.

    Jack. Guest

    Q. WOF is most likely associated with Bulimia?

    a) Cachexia
    b) Induced vomiting
    c) Hallucination
    d) Sexual disorder
    e) Disturbed body image
  44. Kaal.

    Kaal. Guest

    Q. A person with hypnologic hallucinations:

    a) A feeling of insects crawling over the skin
    b) Usually occurs at the beginning of sleep
    c) Seen in schizophrenic patient
    d) Seen in amphetamine entoxication
    e) Seen with cannabis use
  45. Rose.

    Rose. Guest

    Q. lady w/ RUQ pain for last 24 hrs. TC13000, amylase 800, alk phos 160, SGPT 56, SGOT 60, serum bilirubin normal...Dx?
    1) acute cholecystitis
    2) acute pancreatitis
    3) acute inflammation of appendix
    4) acute hepatitis
    5) choledocholithiasis
  46. Rose.

    Rose. Guest

    Q. All the following can cause serotonin syndrome except?

    a) Haloperidol
    b) L Tryptophan
    c) Clonazepam (benzodiazepine)
    d) Moclobemide
    e) Dextromethorphan
  47. Rose.

    Rose. Guest

    Q. Defense mechanism have been classified as mature andimmature. Which of the following is an immature defense mechanism?

    a) Projection
    b) Sublimation
    c) Identification
    d) Dissociation
  48. Rose.

    Rose. Guest

    Q. Which of the following would give a better prognosis in Schizophrenia?

    a) No precipitating features
    b) Abrupt onset
    c) Schizoid personality
    d) Drug abuse
    e) With affective symptoms
  49. Dass.

    Dass. Guest

    Q. Halucination of miniature object or animal crawling occurs in

    a) Schizophrenia
    b) Generalized Epilepsy
    c) Delirium Tremens
  50. Rose.

    Rose. Guest

    Q. Concrete interpretation of a proverb is characteristic of?

    a) Dysthymia
    b) Depersonalisation
    c) Dementia
    d) Delusional disorder
    e) Depression

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