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  1. Sun.

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    Q. Flouroquinolones have the following properties:
    a) they have good oral bioavailability
    b) interfere with bacterial folate synthesis
    c) can be given safely in children
    d) they inhibit bacterial DNA Gyrase
    e) drug of choice for salmonella infections
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    Q. The following drugs may inhibit hepatic microsomal P450 enzyme system:
    a) Cimetidine
    b) ketoconazole
    c) chloramphenicol
    d) rifampicin
    e) carbamazepine
  3. Rose.

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    Q. The vagus nerve:
    a) is a motor nerve
    b) is a sensory nerve
    c) is a mixed nerve
    d) comes out of skull through stylomastoid foramen
    e) supplies the muscles of tongue
  4. Rose.

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    The nerve trunk to a muscle contains:
    a) 60%sensory and 40%motor fibers
    b) parasympathetic autonomic fibers
    c) 40% sensory,60%motor and some sympathetic autonomic fibers
    d) parasympathetic and sympathetic autonomic fibers
    e) only motor fibers
  5. Rose.

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    The most important step in the treatment of acute epiglottitis includes which of the following:

    administration of antibiotics

    immediate lateral neck X ray

    blood gases

    airway maintenance

  6. Rose.

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    Among the four steps in the Manchester operatn for prolapse, which one of the following is the correct order in which they are done?

    1. Amputation of Cx
    2. D&C
    3. Fothergill suture
    4. Haemostasis

    A) 1 2 3 4
    B) 2 1 3 4
    C) 2 3 1 4
    D) 2 1 4 3
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    The following muscles of pharynx receive their motor innervation from the pharyngeal plexus via the cranial part of accessory nerve:
    a) Superior constrictor
    b) palatopharyngeus
    c) middle constrictor
    d) salpingopharyngeus
    e) all of the above
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    Causes of delayed puberty include

    True / False
    An imperforate hymen
    Congenital absence of the uterus
    Turner's syndrome
    Klinefelter's syndrome
  9. Roshan.

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    Thyroid hormone

    True / False
    Consists of T4, T3 and TSH
    Exerts its effect chiefly through T4 to which T3 is converted
    Is extensively bound to plasma proteins
    Acts on specific receptors in target organ cells
    Is stored in the thyroid gland on thyroglobulin
  10. Roshan.

    Roshan. Guest

    Dactylitis may occur in

    True / False
    sickle cell anaemia
  11. Roshan.

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    In a trial of a new therapeutic agent, the required sample size varies with the

    True / False
    Level of statistical significance required
    Level of acceptance of failing to discover a true effect
    Type of statistical test to be employed
    Magnitude of response expected
    Experience of the investigator
  12. Roshan.

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    Adverse effects of carbimazole include

    cholestatic jaundice.
    impaired renal function
  13. Rav.

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    A 33-year-old man presents with a 2-year history of knee joint stiffness and pain which typically becomes better during the day.

    One answer only.

    A Weight loss
    B Colchicine
    C Allopurinol
    D Naproxen
    E Blood culture and sensitivity testing.
    F Paracetamol
    K Gold
    L Laparoscopic surgery
    M Radiotherapy
    N Flucloxacillin before any investigation
    O Probenecid
    N Aspirin
  14. Rav.

    Rav. Guest

    A 32-year-old man presents with a 10-day history of a painful and swollen left knee. On examination he is found to have conjunctivitis. Two weeks prior to presentation he had complained diarrhoea.

    One answer only.

    A Weight loss
    B Colchicine
    C Allopurinol
    D Naproxen
    E Blood culture and sensitivity testing.
    F Paracetamol
    K Gold
    L Laparoscopic surgery
    M Radiotherapy
    N Flucloxacillin before any investigation
    O Probenecid
    N Aspirin
  15. Rav.

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    An elderly woman with heart failure is being treated is being treated with Chlorthalidone. She develops an acutely painful and red right toe.

    One answer only.

    A Weight loss
    B Colchicine
    C Allopurinol
    D Naproxen
    E Blood culture and sensitivity testing.
    F Paracetamol
    K Gold
    L Laparoscopic surgery
    M Radiotherapy
    N Flucloxacillin before any investigation
    O Probenecid
    N Aspirin
  16. Rav.

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    A 45-year-old man has been treated for acute gouty arthritis on multiple occasions. Investigations show Hyperuricaemia.

    One answer only.

    A Weight loss
    B Colchicine
    C Allopurinol
    D Naproxen
    E Blood culture and sensitivity testing.
    F Paracetamol
    K Gold
    L Laparoscopic surgery
    M Radiotherapy
    N Flucloxacillin before any investigation
    O Probenecid
    N Aspirin
  17. Rav.

    Rav. Guest

    A 67-year-old labourer presents with pain on weight bearing and restricted movements of the left knee, especially worse at the end of the day.

    One answer only.

    A Weight loss
    B Colchicine
    C Allopurinol
    D Naproxen
    E Blood culture and sensitivity testing.
    F Paracetamol
    K Gold
    L Laparoscopic surgery
    M Radiotherapy
    N Flucloxacillin before any investigation
    O Probenecid
    N Aspirin
  18. Rav.

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    An 34-year-old man with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 32 presents with a red, hot, swollen distal interphalangeal joint.

    One answer only.

    A Weight loss
    B Colchicine
    C Allopurinol
    D Naproxen
    E Blood culture and sensitivity testing.
    F Paracetamol
    K Gold
    L Laparoscopic surgery
    M Radiotherapy
    N Flucloxacillin before any investigation
    O Probenecid
    N Aspirin
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    Best fluid that we can drink during exercise
  20. Rav.

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    Aprivous healthy 70 years old man made a nearly successful attempt at suicide by hanging.hes depression has been effectively treated with a trecyclic antideprssant. on examination,he hase an impairment of short and long tremmemory.he is well nourished,and routine hematologic and biochemical tests are normal.the most likly cause of his memory deficit is
    A-cerebral anoxia
    b-Post traumatic stress disorder
    C-Alzheimer diseas
    D-Psychogenic amnesia
    E-Thiamine deficiency
  21. Dass.

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    Which of these drugs does not use for treatment of insomnia?

  22. Tom.

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    Some Questions Tell Me answer;

    a) Incidence increases with age
    b) Incidence decreases after menopause
    c) Pain is often present
    d) Nipple discharge is always indicative of a benign --------------
    e) Family history of the disease is not important

    2. Regarding MALIGNANT MELANOMA:
    a) has no relation with exposure to sunlight
    b) The growth is usually centrifugal
    c) Amelanotic variety is the commonest
    d) Usually occurs before puberty
    e) The commonest site in females is distal part of lower limb.

    3. Regarding patients with BURNS of more than 15% of the body surface area:
    a) Require hospital admission
    b) Need adequate analgesia
    c) CVP line should be avoided
    d) Urinary catheterization chould be avoided
    e) Require blood transfusion.

    4. Regarding NODULAR GOITRE:
    a) It is always due to iodine deficiency
    b) It can cause primary hyperthyroidism
    c) It never cause tracheal obstruction
    d) Nodularity is reversible
    e) Medical treatment gives satisfactory results
  23. Tom.

    Tom. Guest

    1. PRIMARY AMENORRHOEA is due to:
    a) non canalization of mullerian ducts
    b) congenital adrenal hyperplasia
    c) polycystic ovaries
    d) Tubal blockage
    e) Steak gonads

    a) Uterine perforation
    b) Cervical laceration
    c) Asherman syndrome
    d) Endometriosis
    e) Amenorrhoea

    a) always bilateral
    b) asymptomatic
    c) caused by underlying carcinoma
    d) seen in labia minora
    e) always treated with antibiotics

    a) caused by flagella infection
    b) diagnosed by thick white curdy discharge per vagina
    c) a sexually transmitted disease
    d) presents with intense itching and strawberry appearance in vagina
    e) treated with canesten pessaries

    a) commonest site is ampula of fallopian tube
    b) more frequent on right side
    c) history of infertility is important
    d) Transabdominal ultrasound is sensitive than transvaginal ultrasound
    e) associated with pelvic tuberculosis

    a) majority of complete mole have male karyotypre
    b) Partial mole are commoner than complete mole
    c) Uterus is large for date
    d) Raised HCG levels are diagnostic.
    e) Chest x-ray should be performed

    a) is the commonest tumor of genital tract
    b) presents with menorrhagia
    c) treated with myomectomy
    d) causes infertility
    e) undergoes degeneration

    a) is associated with HPV
    b) majority are squamous cell origin
    c) Labia minora are primarily involved
    d) Biopsy is diagnostic
    e) Lymph node status is not helpful for prognosis

    9. VAGINAL PROLAPSE is caused by:
    a) Bladder extrophy
    b) Chronic bronchitis
    c) excess of vitamin C
    d) Menopause
    e) Chronic Constipation

    10. Pelvic ultrasound is helpful in the diagnosis of:
    a) Endometrial carcinoma
    b) Asherman’s syndrome
    c) Ascites
    d) Ovulation detection
    e) Endometriosis

    11. Pelvic ultrasound is helpful in the diagnosis of:
    a) Endometrial carcinoma
    b) Asherman’s syndrome
    c) Ascites
    d) Ovulation detection
    e) Endometriosis

    a) is common in the second decade of life
    b) is locally malignant
    c) has sun-ray appearance on x-ray
    d) metastasizes by Lymphatics
    e) is radio resistant tumor

    a) Potassium is the principle cation content in extracellular fluid
    b) serum potassium is increased after extensive tissue trauma
    c) Most patients with gradual hyperkalaemia are asymptomatic
    d) Administration of potassium should be rapid
    e) small intestinal obstruction is the frequent cause of ----------depletion

    14. OPEN WOUND:
    a) Treatment of open wound is only by antibiotics
    b) in abrasion there is no damage to nerves or tendons
    c) Crush and degloving injuries require immediate ----- cover.
    d) In degloving injuries skin necrosis appears slowly [/b]
    Give me suitable answers.................
  24. Romy.

    Romy. Guest

    The lymphatic drainage of cervix is as follows except
    a. Glands of parametrium
    b. Hypogastric glands
    c. Glands of Cloquet
    d. Lateral sacral gp
    e. Superior lumbar gp
  25. Micky.

    Micky. Guest

    Cortisol has all of the following except:

    1, decreasing the sythesis of gluconeogenic enzymes in liver
    2, decrease the uptake of AA by muscle
    3, decrease the uptake of glucose by muscle
    4, increase liver glycogen synthesis
    5, increase the output of glucose by liver
  26. Micky.

    Micky. Guest

    Which one of the following statements best describes a type II statistical error?
    A.The p value fails to reach statistical significance
    B.A study fails to reach an appropriate power
    C.The null hypothesis is rejected when it is true
    D.The null hypothesis is accepted when it is false
    E.The alternative hypothesis is rejected when it is tru
  27. Micky.

    Micky. Guest

    A study compares the sensitivity of two tests for colorectal cancer. The first test has a sensitivity of 85% whilst the second test has a sensitivity of 91%. What type of significance test should be used for comparing the two results?ia
    A.Wilcoxon matched-pairs
    B.Mann-Whitney test
    C.Student's t-test
    D.Chi-squared test
    E.Pearson's test
  28. Micky.

    Micky. Guest

    Vitamin D causes which one of the following:
    A.Increased plasma phosphate
    B.Decreased plasma calcium
    C.Decreased osteoclastic activity
    D.Decreased gut absorption of calcium
    E.Decreased renal tubular absorption of calcium
  29. Micky.

    Micky. Guest

    Which one of the following is least associated with hypercalcaem?
    B.Primary hyperparathyroidism
    C.Thiazide diuretics
    D.Squamous cell lung cancer
    E.Monoclonal gammopathy of uncertain significance
  30. Micky.

    Micky. Guest

    A 19-year-old female with a history of anorexia nervosa is admitted to hospital. Her BMI has dropped to 16. She has agreed to be fed by nasogastric tube. Which one of the following electrolyte disturbances is most likely to occur?
    C.Metabolic acidosis
  31. Micky.

    Micky. Guest

    A 25 year old male student presents with the chief complaints of rash. There is no headache, fever, and myalgia. A slightly pruritic maculopapular rash is noted over the abdomen, trunk, palms of hands, and soles of feet. Inguinal, occipital and cervical lymphadenopathy is also noted. Hypertrophic, flat wartlike lesions are noted around the anal area. Laboratory studies show the following:
    HCT 40%
    Hgb 14 g/dL
    WBC 13 000/uL
    Segmented neutrophils 50%
    Lymphocytes 50%
    The most useful laboratory test in this patient includes which of the following:

    a. weil-felix titer

    b. syphilis VDRL test or EIA

    c. Chlamydia titer

    d. Blood cultures

    e. All of the above
  32. Micky.

    Micky. Guest

    1.Which one of the following life events has been shown to be most highly correlated with an increased incidence of medical and psychiatric illness?
    1) Death of a parent or child
    2) Death of a husband or wife
    3) Marital separation
    4) Retirement
    5) Personal injury ?

    2.Which one of the following is the most effective method of treatment for patients with pathological gambling disorders?
    1) activity group therapy
    2) self-help group therapy /
    3) family therapy
    4) psychodrama
    5) individual therapy

    3. Which of the following is the most common cause of hypertension in a 25 year old woman?
    Cushing's syndrome
    oral contraceptives ?
    primary hyperaldosteronism

    4. All are true for psychosis EXCEPT
    a) Reality testing is impaired
    b) Insight is absent
    c) Part of personality is usually involved
    d) Hallucinations & delusion may not always be present
  33. Enabel.

    Enabel. Guest

    Which of the following factors might increase a person's risk of sexually transmitted infection (STI)?
    A. Age.
    B. Sexual behavior.
    C. Socioeconomic status.
    D. Race and ethnicity.
    E, All of the above
  34. Dass.

    Dass. Guest

    1. The 'P' value of a randomised controlled trial comparing operation A (new procedure) & operation B (gold standard) is 0.04. From this, we conclude that ?
    A) Type II error is small and we can accept the findings of the study
    B) The probability of false negative conclusion that operation A is better than operation B, when in the truth it is not, is 4%
    C) The power of study to detect a difference between the operation A & B is 96%
    D) The probability of a false positive conclusion that the operation A is better than operation B, when in truth it is not is 4%

    Answer: D

    2. As a part of space-research program, a physiologist was asked to investigate the effect of flight-induced stress on blood pressure. Accordingly, the blood pressure of the cosmonauts were to be measured twice: once before the take off, and once after the space craft entered the designated orbit around the earth. For a proper comparison, the pre-flight blood pressure should be recorded in ?
    A) The lying position
    B) The sitting position
    C) The standing position
    D) Any position, as long as the post flight recording is made in the same position
  35. Dass.

    Dass. Guest

    If the prevalence of diabetes is 10%, the probability that three people selected at random from the population will have diabetes is?
    A) 0.01
    B) 0.03
    C) 0.001
    D) 0.003
  36. Dass.

    Dass. Guest

    After applying a statistical test, an investigator gets the 'p value' as 0.01. It means that?
    A) The probability of finding a significant difference is 1%
    B) The probability of declaring a significant difference, when there is truly no difference, is 1%
    C) The difference is not significant 1% times and significant 99% times
  37. Roza.

    Roza. Guest

    An investigator wants to study the association between maternal intake of iron supplements (Yes or No) and birth weights (in gms) of newborn babies. He collects relevant data from 100 pregnant women and their newborns. What statistical test of hypothesis would you advise for the investigator in this situation ?
    A) Chi-square test
    B) Unpaired or independent test
    C) Analysis of variance
    D) Paired t-test

    Answer: A
  38. Roza.

    Roza. Guest

    The eye condition for which the World Bank assistance was provided to the National Programme for Control of Blindness (1994-2001) is ?
    A) Cataract
    B) Refractive errors
    C) Trachoma
    D) Vitamin A deficiency
  39. Roza.

    Roza. Guest

    When a diagnostic test is used in "series" mode, then ?
    A) Sensitivity increases but specificity decreases
    B) Specificity increases but sensitivity decreases
    C) Both sensitivity and specificity increases
    D) Both sensitivity and specificity decrease
  40. Roza.

    Roza. Guest

    The preferred public health approach to control non-communicable diseases is ?
    A) Shift the population curve of risk factors by a population based approach
    B) Focus on high risk individuals for reduction of risk
    C) Early diagnosis and treatment of identified cases
    D) Individual disease based vertical programmes
  41. Roza.

    Roza. Guest

    visual acuity used as cut of for differentating normal from abnormal children in school vision screening program in india/?
  42. Roza.

    Roza. Guest

    Active immunity offered by tt is effective in nearly:
  43. Roza.

    Roza. Guest

    Mechanism of action of amiodarone is best explian in?
    A. Blocks potassium channels
    B. Shortens QT interval
    C. Blocks sodium channels
    D. Opens sodium channels
    E. Blocks calcium channels
  44. Romy.

    Romy. Guest

    Narcolepsy is charecterized by
    a. Suddenly falls asleep during the day time
    b. Cataplexy
    c. Sleep paralysis
    d. Hypnagogic hallucinations
    e. All the above


    1. Audible thoughts
    2. Voices heard arguing
    3. Voices commenting on one's action

    1-One of the following is clinical features of a large pulmonary embolism
    a. Pleuritic chest pain
    b. Haemoptysis
    c. High fever
    d. Collapsed neck veins
    e. a&b

    2-In patients with a proven pulmonary embolus
    a. Only 10% have clinical evidence of deep venous thrombosis
    b. Arterial blood gases are normal in 50% of patients
    c. Low molecular weight heparins are as effective a heparin infusion
    d. Thrombolysis should be considered if evidence of haemodynamic instability
    e. All above

    3-Causes of pulmonary embolism:
    a. Venous thrombi, factor V Leiden, air embolism
    b. Amniotic fluid embolism, fat embolism after blunt trauma
    c. Long bone fracture
    d. All of the above
    e. a&b

    4-The following statements are correct about Pulmonary thromboembolism (PTE) Except:
    a. Pulmonary angiography (selective) is the most specific can detect 1-2 mm emboli
    b. ELISA level is elevated
    c. CXR: focal oligemia ,enlarged right descending pulmonary artery
    d. CT scan of the chest with IV contrast effectively diagnose large ,central PTE, may fail to detect the peripheral located emboli .

    5-The classic ECG features are described tachycardia and S1Q2T3 right axis division

  45. Gibbs.

    Gibbs. Guest

    The extent to which the effect found in a study can be taken to be real and caused by the identified independent variable is termed

    a) Internal validity
    b) External validity
    c) External Reliability
    d) Replication
    e) Ecological validity
  46. Walker.

    Walker. Guest

    1- Stony dullness in all except:
    a) Pleural effusion
    b) Empyema
    c) Pleural thickening
    d) Parenchymal disease with pleursal thickening

    2-The following are cardinal rules of percussion except:
    a) Movements should arise from wrist
    b) Move from abnormal to normal areas of percussion note
    c) Direct percussion should not be done outside medial 1/3 of
    d) Lesions more than 5cm below cannot be detected

    3-In collapse the changes are:
    a) Reduction in lung volume but normal air volume
    b) Reduction in both air and lung volume
    c) Increase in air but decrease in lung volume
    d) Increased lung and air volume.

    4-Amphoric BS is heard in all except:
    a) Bronchopleural fistula
    b) Tension pneumothorax
    c) Large superficial communicating cavity
    d) Collapse with patent bronchus

    5- Pseudoclubbing is seen in all except:
    a) Hansens disease
    b) Vinyl chloride workers
    c) Hyperparathyroidism
    d) Leukaemia
    e) Mesothelioma
  47. Walker.

    Walker. Guest

    1-Which of the following leads reflect the inferior MI:

    V1 - V4
    V5, V6, I, aVL
    II, III, aVF

    2- ST depression is detected in the following situation

    Hypertrophy with strain
    Digoxin toxicity

    3- ST elevation can be found in:

    digoxin toxicity

    4- The prolonged PR interval and a RBBB pattern shows:

    Aortic Stenosis

    5-saddle shaped St segment in all lead except AVR
    represent :

    anterior MI

    6- ECG: LVH, LAH reflects:

  48. Jack.

    Jack. Guest

    112 yrs girl with neck pain,rash photophobia,
    investigation of epilepsy,choose single most likely diagnostic test
    a.blood culture
    b.ct scan
    chest xray

    2.neurological abnormalaties
    a.vertebro basilar infarct
    b.cerebral infarct
    c.sub arachnoid haemorrhage
    dcerebral haemorrage
    f.cerebelo pontine haemorrage
    g.hyper calcemia
    i.polymyalgia rheumatica

    1.elderly wakes up in the morning numbness rt hand blurred vision,rt eye,drop attack

    decision making in head Pathology
    a.consult neuro surgeon
    b.iv 5ml per kg 50 %manittol
    c.burr holes
    d.observation and discharge
    e.urgent ct
    f.discharge with skull x ray
    50% dextrose
    i.pyremethamine and sulfisoxazole

    1.40 man rta gcs 11 bruise on left temporal region
    2.25 man smell of alcohol,glucose 5mmol,left pupil dilated gcs 7 nearest consultant 2 hrs away
    3.30 man drunken brawl unconcious,after resurcitation breathinbg becomes deeper and then shallower,pupil constricted then dilated ct done
    4.17 yrs boy,rta,rhinorrhoea,periorbital oedema,gcs 5
    5.50 man iv drug abuse,sever confusn,headache.ct ring enhancing lesion pulse 60,bp 150/100 wasted.

    prophylaxis for meningitis.
    c.reassure now stable after resurrcitation and rx,had b day party yesterday. calls is concerned about her son as his best friend has meningitis care workers
    4.husband whose wife has meningitis
  49. Gilbert.

    Gilbert. Guest

    1. typhooid carriers are detected by a/e
    a isolation of bacteria from urine
    b isolation of bacteria from bile
    c V i antigen
    d widal test

    2. hemoglobin estimation a/e
    a drabkin method
    b sahli
    c spectrophotometric
    d wintrobes method

    3. sulphur graqnule are seen in
    a rhinoscleroma
    b actinomycetes
    c candida
    d listeria monocytogens



    5. true abt libman sach endocarditis
    a along line of closure
    b either side of valve
    c friable
    d organism seen

    6. brain tumour arising from arachnoid villi
    a medulloblastoma
    b ependymoma
    c meningioma
    d glioma

    7. diffrence between leukemia n leukemoid reaction
    a TLC
    b leucocyte alkaline phosphatase
    c ESR
    D immature cell

    8. diffrential diagnosis pancytopenia with cellular bone marrow a/e
    a megaloblastic anemia
    b myelodysplastic
    d congenital dyserthropoietic anemia

    9. transparency of cornea maintained by a/e
    a mitotic figure in central cornea
    b wide separated collagen band
    c hydration of cornael epithelium
    d unmylinated nerve fibre

    10. hormone replacement ture a/e
    a decrease risk of death d/t CAD
    b decrease osteoporosis
    c decrease urinary urgency , incontinence frequency
    d adding progestins protect againstt endometrium and breast c/a
  50. Dreamy.

    Dreamy. Guest

    1. Which is not a feature of Hypokalemia -
    (a) Disappearance of T wave
    (b) Wide QRS complex
    (c) Ist & 2nd degree heart block
    (d) ST segment depression

    2. Generalised low voltage complex in ECG not found in -
    (a) Emphysema
    (b) Incorrect standardization
    (c) Myxoedema
    (d) Hyperpituitarism

    3. Acute Rheumatic Fever is frequently associated with all except -
    (a) Idionodal Tachycardia
    (b) Second Degree AV Block
    (c) SA Block
    (d) Prolonged QT interval

    4. What is the possibility of Paroxysmal Atrial Rhythm in a young patient without obvious evidence of heart disease -
    (a) WPW Syndrome
    (b) Hypothyroidism
    (c) Hypopituitarism
    (d) Hypercalcemia

    5. Which electrocardiographi c effect found in Hyperkalemia -
    (a) Bizzare intraventricular conduction disturbance
    (b) 1st and 2nd degree AV Block
    (c) Normal QRS complex
    (d) Increase QT interval

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