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Discussion in 'MRCS Forum' started by Stifner, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Stifner

    Stifner Guest


    i have book for MRCS 1 & 2 for sale


    Applied Basic Science for Basic Surgical Training
    (MRCS Study Guides)
    by A.T. Raftery (Author)


    Ess Revision Notes for Intercollegiate MRCS Book 1
    By: Mrs Claire Chalmers, Mr Sam Andrews and Mrs Catherine Parchment Smith
    ISBN: 1904627366
    Published: 03 November 2006


    Essential Revision Notes for Intercollegiate MRCS Book 2
    By: Mrs Catherine Parchment Smith
    ISBN: 1904627374
    Published: 31 March 2006


    Last Minute Intercollegiate MRCS: Applied Basic Science Questions
    By: Dr Samena Chaudhry, Dr Tahseen Chaudhry and Dr Sandipan Pati
    ISBN: 1904627641
    Published: 19 June 2006

    MRCS 1 & 2
    complete MCQ book


    pastest mcqs books


    all books are very low price

    if any body wants, plz contact me

    All book available in Pakistan and other all countries

  2. Johnson-987

    Johnson-987 Guest


    well i am from UK
    i want these books
  3. Dr.-Naresh

    Dr.-Naresh Guest


    kindly inform me about your contact number
  4. Dr. Shakir

    Dr. Shakir Guest


    if you have all these books so reply me

    i want to purchase these all

  5. none


    do you have any other book
  6. Regarding books

    hi, i am from AZ
    please send me all book
    and what is your price

    20911, NORTH, SMOKETREE,
    LAKE, HAVASU CITY. AZ. 86403.
    FAX: 928-855-3809.
  7. Diane Tobin,

    Diane Tobin, Guest

  8. Johnson--mpk

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    Hello and hi

    please let me know about these books price
  9. Stifner

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    Hello every one

    its my ID

    send me a mail then i'll reply ok dear
  10. hello stifner

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  11. stifner

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    MRCS part 3 books for sale

    VIVA Practice for Intercollegiate MRCS: Pt.3
    65 US$

    Principles of Operative Surgery: Viva Practice for the MRCS (Masterpass)
    65 US$

    Questions for the Mrcs Viva
    65 US$

    Viva Practice for MRCS
    20 US$
  12. siffner

    siffner Guest

    Hello every one

    Anybody want to purchase?
  13. Stifner

    Stifner Guest

    Where are all?

    Where are all?
  14. dr sadaf

    dr sadaf Guest

    mrcs in pakistan

    hi this is me dr sadaf.i want to ask yhat is mrcs available in pakistan.plz tell me its centre.
  15. Stifner

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  16. Stifner

    Stifner Guest

    Hello Dr. Sadaf

    Hello Dr. Sadaf

    still waiting for your mail
  17. Helloooooo

    Hi i am Dr. Saeed from Hyderabad, India.

    please guide me about your books
    and send me reply back

  18. Hello Stifner

    Are you there

    kindly reply me its urgent
  19. Guest

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    im dr faiq ifinnished part 1 and 2 mrcs is there any possibility to get job in australia.thanks

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